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Copyright 1997, 1998 by Benjamin Rowe All rights reserved. Thanks to Mr. Clay Holden and the John Dee Publication Project for the illustrations of the seven Ensigns of Creation, for the illustration of the sigils of the 91 Parts on the Great Table, and for the Enochian typeface used in various other illustrations. Thanks to Scott M. for scans of the seven tables from which the Tabula Bonorum is formed.

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The 91 Parts of the Earth on the Great Table The 91 Parts of the Earth on the Great Table In addition to its regular hierarchies, the Great Table contains the names and sigils of the 91 Parts of the Earth as imposed by God of Liber Scientiae. Where the angelic hierarchies described previously are derived from the Tablets by following uniform divisions, the names of the Parts are derived in such a way that each covers a uniquely-shaped area. The natures of the Parts are equally heterogeneous...

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Sigil Ameth

The outer ring of the Sigil contains 40 pairs of letters and numbers. These were presented in sequence to Dee and Kelly in most cases, the presentation of the letter was preceded by a Latin phrase beginning with that letter. All the letters together were accounted as the greatest name of God. The numbers sum to 440 the Archangel Michael completed the presentation of the outer ring by displaying a number 1, surrounded by many concentric circles. Adding this 1 brings the total of the numbers...

Sigillum Aemeth

Enochian Ensigns

Origins of the Magick The Dee Diaries_ 1 Period one The Heptarchia Mystica _3 Equipment Ring, Lamen, and Holy Table_3 Equipment The Ensigns of Creation _6 The Heptarchic Hierarchy The 49 Good Angels_7 The Kings, Princes, and their ministers _8 Period two Liber Loagaeth and the Angelic Alphabet_11 Usage The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set_28 Relation ofEnochian to the Necronomicon_30 Relation ofEnochian to the biblical Book of Enoch _30 Enochian magick and the apocalypse _30 Appendix A The...