Discover The Secret Of Immotality

Discover The Secret Of Immortality

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O Agni, Holy Fire! Purifying Fire! You who sleep in the wood, and ascend in Shining flames on the altar, you are the heart of sacrifice, the fearless wings of prayer, the divine Spark hidden in everything, and the glorious soul of the sun!

Vedic Hymn

Often the question is asked to what end does the Golden Dawn devote itself?

To quote Israel Regardie, "Initiation means to begin, to start something new. It represents the beginning of a new life dedicated to an entirely different set of principles than those . . . held by 'homo normalis'. Initiation is the preparation for immortality. Man is only potentially immortal. Immortality is acquired when the purely human part of him becomes allied to that spiritual essence which was never created, was never born, and shall never die. It is to effect this spiritual bond with the highest, that the Golden Dawn owes its rituals and practical magical work." (The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, 1983, Falcon Press).

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