Stage One Initiation

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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Initiation here simply means a willingness to follow the seven-fold Way. It is the opening of the gate that leads to the path, the first part of which is downward or 'shadowed'.

Thus, the first stage may be said to be an acceptance of certain hidden forces (within ourselves). To undertake the Grade Ritual first find a suitable outdoor locality - if possible within the vicinity of a stream/river or lake.

The ritual should be undertaken on the night of the Full Moon. You will require the following items:

Civit perfume/oil Silvers/white colored candles Square of parchment Silvers pin Quill-type pen.

The ritual is begun at sunset. Bathe in the stream/river/lake and afterwards rub the oil into your body. You may if you wish then change into a black robe. Then, in a comfortable position (the position itself is not important only that it is comfortable for you) visualize for several minutes the following symbol or 'sigil':

Following this, light the candles (which are best placed in lanterns if outdoors), prick your left thumb with the pin and, using the pen, inscribe the following sigil on the parchment with the blood:

Shows this parchment to the West, then South, then East and North, saying at each point: 'With this sign I begin my quest!' Then burn part of the parchment in one of the candles and then cast the remains into the river/stream/lake. After raise your arms and visualize the moon (or look at it if it is visible) imagining energy flowing down from the moon to you - visualizing the energy as filaments, silver in color, which spread from the moon to engulf you, surrounding you with light.

After the visualization, extinguish the candles. The ritual is then complete.

The following day (or as soon as possible thereafter) begin the workings with spheres. For this you need a Tarot pack (see III- The Tarot if you wish to use the 'sinister ' one recommended for the seven-fold Way) as well as somewhere to undertake the workings. Ideally, the workings should be done in a room/area used only for magick, this place being furnished according to your own taste with impedimenta suggestive for the Occult - for example, there might be an altar covered with a black cloth on which is kept a crystal sphere (or tetrahedron), candles of various colors, the Tarot pack itself and so on. What is important is that you choose the furnishings and feel comfortable with them - they should be suggestive of the hidden world of magick. A few items, well chosen, are much more effective in creating the right atmosphere or aura than a whole collection of artifacts. Aim to keep the area of your working incensed - using an incense appropriate to the sphere you are dealing with (see Appendix I). Also, when working, use only the light of candles.

Workings involving the seven spheres are basically exercises in meditation. The workings begin in order - that is, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Each working should last about an hour, and be begun after sunset. Only one working should be done on any one day.

To begin a working, assume a comfortable position and then chant or vibrate three times the word appropriate to the working (see table below). Then concentrate on the sign below4 or 'unconscious' symbolism of that sphere as represented by the appropriate Tarot card (for example, for the Moon: 18 Moon). Imagine yourself as part of the landscape depicted.




Magickal Working



Horned Beast




Inverted pentagram

Ceremonial ritual




Trance; sex




Oracle; dance



Inverted septagon




Star Game

Star Game



(See also 'Alchemical process' in Appendix I)

(See also 'Alchemical process' in Appendix I)

'Unconscious' symbolism.

'Unconscious' symbolism.

Thus, for instance, for the card 18 Moon you should imagine yourself in the desert, walking along the path toward the crumbling towers. You walk between the towers and see the scorpions on the half-buried book. Then you might decide to pick up the book and see what it contains, or peer into the towers where the hunched, dark, shapes are hiding or continue long the path toward the mountains. You might do all these things - the choice is yours.

Following this, you concentrate on the next image, the Ego5 stage (for the sphere of the Moon this is 15 Lucifer) - visualizing yourself as part of the image. Then you move onto the next image, the Self6 stage (13 Death, for the Moon) and the procedure is repeated.

Each working is a journey into the archetypal world of hidden and higher consciousness, and you should undertake each journey in the spirit of adventure and as something real. Dream yourself into the worlds depicted - stop and converse with the beings you meet, discover where a path leads, what is over the horizon and so on.

You must make a conscious effort to change the images in succession - that is from the Unconscious to the Ego and the Self.

Unconscious Ego Self

Spend as much time as you wish with each image, but always complete the sequence and always make a conscious decision (when using the last image) to end the working - saying 'It is complete and I return to the world of my home.' As soon as possible thereafter write an account of what you felt and experienced.

A successful working should leave you with a feeling of loss - with the ordinary world appearing rather devoid of interest, and rather dull. After writing your account of the working, spend at least half an hour relaxing. Then leave the working area, bathe and change into other clothes. It is often helpful if you undertake the workings in a robe bought or made specifically for he workings and rituals of the seven-fold Way.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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