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The LHP is essentially internal magick because such magick means the use, by the individual, of the Dark Pathways that link the seven spheres of the Tree of Wyrd. There are no light pathways since the pathways by nature imply a flow of energy and such flow can only be directional. Directional energy means Change, in the causal -the emergence of Chaos through a 'gate'.

For a long time, the nature of the LHP has been misunderstood. The traditional definition as magick used for personal/destructive/negative purposes is meaningless because it assumes a framework of moral opposites which does not, in reality, exist in relation to magickal energies. All evolution of consciousness is a magickal act - an expansion of the acausal into the realm of the causal. From the 'traditional' moral/Nazarene point of view, all such evolution, of necessity, becomes 'evil' and partakes of the nature of a 'serpent' in accordance with a certain primative, and childish, creation myth.

It is a misfortune that for a long time this simple fact has been, in most magickal circles, obscured by silly systems like the 'Qabala' with its notions of a Dark side of the Tree. No Dark side exists, because what actually exists (the seven Gates) is dark of itself because it presences non-Being. The bifurcation of the Qabala (exemplified by systems like the 'Nightside of Eden') leads quite often to severe problems if systems deriving from it are used by individuals in the manner of internal magick - as a means of increasing consciousness.

The pathways which link the even spheres are re-presentatic of the acausal and as such symbolize that which is normally (at least to 'everyday' consciousness) hidden. What is hidden becomes revealed and made present, in our phenomenal world, by the magickal act. That which is revealed is Chaos, non-Being. These acts are revealing destroy everyday or 'ego' consciousness and as such are the essence of true Initiation.

It is because they are (or should be) understood as only the beginning of the sevenfold way of internal magick that those using these Dark Pathways are free from the problems of bifurcation of identity that arise with other systems.

The essence of the genuine LHP - and this includes the Dark (or sinister) Tradition and traditional Satanism - is the use of magickal energies to enhance the evolution of the individual. Such evolution cannot exist outside the LHP as a willed act. Evolution is willed, as a magickal act, via experience: by revealing the acausal, by confronting it (usually via symbols) and finally by integrating it. There is no other way.

I The Septenary System

From an initiated viewpoint, the seven spheres are seen to form a three-dimensional pattern where every sphere is linked to every other twice, although in a physical representation (e.g. a model) the two-fold nature of the connecting paths are shown only for Moon/Saturn, Venus/Mars and Mercury/Jupiter.

This three-dimensional structure is considered to lie enclosed within a double-tetrahedron: the sphere of the sun being in the center of the base where the tetrahedrons join. The uppermost tetrahedron signifies the acausal aspect, the lower, the causal aspect, and the three angles of each side are symbolized by the nine combinations of the three alchemical forms; that is, by the symbols of the pieces of the Star Game. As in the Star Game, the acausal aspects are an exact reflection of the acausal - the latter being shown in the diagram below.

Thus, it is possible to see and understand the relation between the spheres, the pathways and the nine angles in their dual aspect.

Each sphere is tripartite in nature - the , and aspects, which - for an individual - signify the Unconscious, the Ego, and the Self, represented by the appropriate Tarot image (see 'Naos'). Basically, these three stages (in the evolution of consciousness) represent a progressively greater intrusion of acausal forces.

In essence, the seven spheres represent how the acausal ( ) merges into the causal ( ) and thus there are two ways of 'seeing' this representation -

the and the where the 't' symbol shows the difference depends on time, being acausal (or 'alchemical') time and linear time. The whole system thus may be said to be a map - a symbolic representation - of both the unconscious, and the consciousness.

There are two ways of viewing this symbolic representation: the and the . The is a progressive or linear approach; the a unified or 'wholistic' one, and understanding of the Septenary requires both.

The is basically the evolution of consciousness: from unconsciousness, via the process of individuation*, to integration and thus Adepthood and beyond. The representation is basically a symbolizing of the acausal forces themselves: a symbolizing of the energies present when the causal and the acausal intersect. Our consciousness is only one such place of intersection. All life is regarded as possessed of some acausal energy - that is, it is a place where and intersect. The degree of this intersection (its 'intensity') depends on the type of life - the more evolved the life, the greater the degree of intersection.

In exoteric terms, the symbols by which we as individuals sense these two types are those dependant on the five senses: color, incense etc. (thus the 'scales of color', incenses etc. associated with each sphere) as well as the 'mythological' symbols where the various attributes are combined to make a numinous image which to a greater or lesser extent represents the energies (the 'gods/goddesses/demons' etc.). These mythological symbols may themselves be represented in a linear way - that is, involve action, as in a specific myth or story.

In esoteric terms, the symbols are purely abstract - that is, only symbols (such as or , ). This is so because these abstract forms make accessible those areas of consciousness which are mostly . The exoteric symbols are merely an attempt to use forms in an attempt to clarify and understand forces. But to understand energies on their own level it is necessary to use those areas of our consciousness which are 'nearer' than , and such levels or areas become used when abstract symbols are used. This is one reason why the Star Game is used so frequently - it accustoms the mind to work on these higher cerebral levels, such levels being the province of the genuine Adept.

Thus, the Star Game is used until it becomes almost 'second nature' to think in terms of its symbols, their transformations and the movement of symbols from level to level. This develops a new way of thinking - one appropriate to an evolution of consciousness. This type of thinking is built upon the foundation of individuation -that is, from the consciousness developed when the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept I successfully undertaken.

The two most important representations of acausal energy manifesting in our causal universe are those of the 'individual' (symbolized by ) and the 'aeon'

(symbolized by ). Both are represented by the seven spheres and the pathways -and the symbols (both exoteric and esoteric) appropriate to these. Both and describe how energies flow , and this flow (or 'current') is described by the following transformation:

This transformation simply expresses the evolution of consciousness (for ) or the progression of Aeons (for ) since is often regarded as the synthesis beyond thesis ( ) and antithesis --the Tao beyond the Yang ( ) and the Yin ( ).

For this transformation is the seven-fold way - the journey from Initiate via

Adept to Immortal. For , it is the evolution of our species - from the first Aeon (often called the pre-hyperborian) to the present Aeon. The seven Aeons - according to traditional Satanism - are listed below.

From a magickal point of view, the Septenary and its associated symbolism both exoteric and esoteric, enables1 insight and understanding into both and , and also shows how energies may be directed to change : in 2 terms of and 3 . The Star Game may be used to bring about such changes according to the desire of the magickian (see Chapter IV).



Magickal Working


Horned Beast


7,000 -c. 5,000 BC




5,000 -3,500 BC



Trance; Sacrifice

3,000 -1,500 BC



Oracle; Dance

1,000 BC -500 AD


Inverted Pentagram


1,000 AD -2500


Star Game symbols9

Star Game & beyond

1 Is essentially internal magick.

2 Is external magick.

3 Is external magick and is aeonic magick.


Regarding Aeons, two important facts should be borne in mind. First, the last five hundred years or so of an Aeon show a marked decline in the magickal energy associated with it, and it is during this time that the energies of the next Aeon gradually become evident (at first usually only to Adepts). These energies may be increased (or decreased) by aeonic magick worked by those who understand the forces involved. Second, each Aeon is associated with what is called a 'higher civilization' from which the Aeon usually takes its name. Within the physical confines of this higher civilization is the (usually sacred) place where the magickal energies of the Aeon are pronounced - and this because such a place is usually a physical gate where the causal and the acausal meet. For instance, the center associated with the Hyperborian Aeon was Stonehenge; that of the Hellenic, Delphi.

Aeons, according to the genuine sinister tradition, represent real - as opposed to mythical - magickal energies. Hence the absence, in the list above, of the fanciful pre-histories normally associated with so-called 'esoteric' histories. Aeons, quite simply, represent significant upward and evolutionary trends in our consciousness. Thus, for example (and according to tradition) the Hyperborian Aeon corresponds to the invention of the wheel, the discovery of the basics of astronomy and the beginnings of what we know as 'internal magick'.

Appendix II - Visualization Techniques

Successful hermetic magick depends to a large extent on the abilities of visualization and vibration, and before any workings are undertaken practice in both should be undertaken.

Two techniques to develop your powers of visualization (and thus concentration) are recommended. The first involves spending about a quarter of an hour a day for about a week visualizing in detail the four sigils drawn below. Spend about three minutes visualizing each sigil, by drawing the sigil first and then closing the eyes to see it in the mind. When you can with ease visualize the sigils without first drawing them, try to construct each one 'in the mind' close your eyes and imagine drawing the sigils, again in turn. With the three 'two-dimensional' sigils you should draw and visualize them in one continuous movement.

After you have completed this, try and add colors to your visualization of the three-dimensional sigil: for example, visualizing the crescent moon as yellow, one side of the tetrahedron as red, another as blue and so on. Continue with this until you are satisfied you can conjure colors and sigils in your mind and hold them for several minutes. If it helps, try and construct a sigil in your mind just before the moment you go to sleep.

The second technique involves the Star Game. Construct a Star Game according to the details of chapter IX and begin to play the game either by yourself or with an opponent. Simply playing this game - and trying to work out your moves in advance - develops visualization and concentration to an amazing degree. No other techniques are required.

Appendix III - Magickal Symbols and Scripts I - Symbols, Sigils and Magickal Signs :

Magickal power

The seven gates (also a sigil of Saturn)

The Dark Tradition/Dark Gods (also a sigil of a star)

Summer solstice (also a sigil of a star)

Alchemical salt

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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