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When it comes to supporting the immune system natural vitamin C is far better than the synthetic vitamin c . Scientists prove through tens of big experiments that the fresh food is still the best source for vitamin c and it still the best route to fight cold. This great guide avoid/cure a cold fast is a great practical guide including all the information you need to avoid or cure common cold. You will get full insight on the four pillars to avoid cold which are daily short exercises to improve immune system, all information you need to attain the quality sleep which proved by doctors to help curing and avoiding common cold, hydrating your body and the guide have a full insight on what to drink and what to avoid and at last but not the least all the information on the best food ingredients to fight cold. The website contains a lot of free information and a lot more to read in the guide itself. Being ill is a very bad way to spend one's life. You don't need to tolerant the common cold any more. Do not stay ill and lose any more money, buy this guide now and revive.

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Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Faith Healing30 points

Faith healing can cure disease and repair crippled limbs. You cannot, however, replace missing limbs you can restore a lame leg to full use, but cannot regrow a severed one from thin air. The roll to cure a disease is up to the GM it could range from +1 to cure the common cold to -15 to heal an AIDS sufferer. The Fatigue cost to heal disease is equal to twice the penalty applied to the Will roll (minimum of1). Crippled limbs are restored on a Will-5 roll, at the cost of 10 Fatigue. Halve this if the crippling was not permanent (see p. B129).

Physiological Effect Of Complete Breath

The practice of the Complete Breath will make any man or woman immune to Consumption and other pulmonary troubles, and will do away with all liability to contract colds, as well as bronchial and similar weaknesses. Consumptives are nearly all narrow chested. What does this mean Simply that these people were addicted to improper habits of breathing, and consequently their chests failed to develop and expand. The man who practices the Complete Breath will have a full broad chest, and the narrow chested man may develop his chest to normal proportions if he will but adopt this mode of breathing. Such people must develop their chest cavities if they value their lives. Colds may often be prevented by practicing a little vigorous Complete Breathing whenever you feel that you are being unduly exposed. When chilled, breathe vigorously a few minutes, and you will feel aglow all over your body. Most colds can be cured by Complete Breathing and partial fasting for a day.


The cassava only provides them starch and a minimum quantity of saccharose. The dark coffee which they excessively consume irritates their liver and when this organ is severely affected, then, the colds and fevers of malaria explode. In order to combat the colds and fevers, the decoction of Boldo (Pezinnis boldo) leaves is enough. Consume a glassful each half hour. We advise consuming beef eyes, cereals such as beans, lentils, corn, spring vetch (tare), haba beans, etc., etc. The rangers from Arauca and Casanare (South America) cure themselves of colds and fevers with dark coffee mixed with lemon and salt. This procedure is slower.

Path of Health

Modifiers The ritual has a base penalty of (patient's HT-12) if the patient has a HT of 12 or higher, there is no bonus or penalty. Add the caster's Level of Initiation to the roll. He is at +1 against simple ailments (common cold, mild allergies, minor infections). Moderate ones (bronchitis, moderate infections, fevers, smallpox) he cures at no penalty. Tougher ailments like malaria, tuberculosis, and severe infections put him at -4. Against a congenital heart condition he would be at -7, and against AIDS he would be at -15


The pressed juice of the Tobacco leaves (the leaves must be green), mixed with some fat and placed under the sun or over a gentle fire, can then be applied warm for colds, for the pubis, for pain in the side, on wounds and on tetanus, for whooping cough, on the abdomen, the spine and sacro-lumbar area for chronic diarrhea, and also on the navel of children for parasites.


This Pranayama should again and again be performed, as it purifies the brain and destroys the intestinal worms. It removes the four kinds of evils caused by Vayu and cures Vata (rheumatism). It cures rhinitis and various sorts of neuralgia. The worms that are found in the frontal sinuses are also destroyed.