The Internal Flow Of Archetypal Processes

(Eyes closed, external stimuli ignored; intellectual aspects)

O nobly born, listen carefully: The life flow is whirling through you. An endless parade of pure forms and sounds, Dazzlingly brilliant, Ever-changing. Do not try to control it. Flow with it. Experience the ancient cosmic myths of creation and manifestation. Do not try to understand; There is plenty of time for that later. Merge with it. Let it flow through you. There is no need to act or think. You are being taught the great lessons of evolution, creation, reproduction. If you try to stop it, you may fall into hell-worlds and endure unbearable misery generated by your own mind. Avoid game interpretations. Avoid thinking, talking and doing. Keep faith in the life flow. Trust your companions on this watery journey. Merge in Rainbow Light, Into the Heart of The River of Created Forms. Obtain Buddhahood in the Realm called Pre-Eminently Happy.


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