Instructions For The Alldetermining Influence Of Thought

O (name), you may now experience momentary joy, Followed by momentary sorrow, Of great intensity, Like the stretching and relaxing of a catapult. You will go through sharp mood swings, All determined by karma. Be not in the least attached to the joys nor displeased by the sorrows. The actions of your friends or companions may evoke anger or shame in you. If you get angry or depressed, You will immediately have an experience of hell. No matter what people are doing, Make sure that no angry thought can arise. Meditate upon love for them. Even at this late stage of the session You are only one second away from a life-changing joyous discovery. Remember that each of your companions is Buddha within. You mind in its present state having no focus or integrating force, Being light and continuously moving, Whatever thought occurs to you, Positive or negative, Will wield great power. You are extremely suggestible Therefore think not of selfish things. Recall your preparation for the session. Show pure affection and humble faith. Through hearing these words, Recollection will come. Recollection will be followed by recognition and liberation.

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