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Okay class, now we get to the fun stuff. This is the lesson in which I get to tell you how to make all of the equipment that you will need to be a good technomage. So, if you have not already done so, and you should have while you were working on the second lesson, get a copy of The Psionic Magician's Gadget Pattern Book. This pattern book is not the total sum of all the equipment that you can make, but, with the addition of a few things I will mention in this lesson, it will give you most of the equipment that you will use and you can function very well with just the gadgets and patterns from that book. It is, as the advertisement says, a complete set of laboratory instruments.

And once you have mastered these instruments, you can accomplish just about everything a master of ceremonial magick can and do it with a lot less effort, which means that when the time comes for you to add ritual to your work, you will be that much more powerful. in fact, it is not reaching very far to say that when you hook yourself into a psionic device you are coming close to that next stage of human evolution, the Cyborg, only that in this case you are not so much gaining physical skills, but psychic ones.

Exercise 1: Build everything in the gadget book.

Sorry about that. But the sooner you have everything done the better and as you will be using radionic equipment from here on in, it is best that you take care of the construction immediately, if you have not already done so.

Exercise 2: Go back to the notes that you have taken from the exercises in the first three lessons. What limits appeared in your functioning in those lessons? Did you work better clothed or nude? Did the direction that you faced make any difference? These things do matter and you should make a point of knowing as much about yourself as possible. Careful study now can save you a whole lot of trouble later.

Exercise 3: We will begin with the main board. This instrument is capable of boosting your psychic reception, analyzing the information that comes in and targeting you sendings. Begin with analysis.

a: Take the photograph of a someone you know and place that picture on the foil plate farthest to the left. Set all of the dials to 0 and the chakra dial to Base. Set the color dial to white.

b: Now take a rate on the five dials at the bottom as you did in lesson 3. This will be the rate for the base chakra of your friend.

c: Once you have that rate, take a rate on the sweep dial, asking it to tell you the percentage of efficiency of the functioning of that particular chakra.

d: Now take a piece of paper and write on it the chakra and the number from the sweep dial.

e: Leave the color dial on red and set the chakra dial for the pelvic chakra. Reset all the dials to 0 and take a rate for this chakra. Once you have done that, repeat the procedure with the sweep dial.

f: Record that reading and repeat the process until you have covered all the chakras. You will set the color dial at orange for the spleen chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the brow chakra and violet for the crown chakra.

The pattern book will explain to you the functions of the various chakras as we deal with them and the efficiency of the particular chakra you are studying will tell you how well that system is working. This reading will also tell you something about the physical condition of the person, but for that, I suggest that you read the works of people who specialize in radionic healing, which is just enough out of my territory that I do not wish to go into detail about it in this course.

Exercise 4. In this exercise you will measure the strength of the aura around the person.

a: Place the witness of your friend on the left hand plate and set the stick pad on the right.

b: Hold the concept of the aura, which is the layer of energy that is seen as touching the physical body, clearly in mind.

c: Take a rate on the five dials at the bottom of the board.

d: Using the sweep dial, ask it to tell you how strong the aura is of the person, with 0 meaning no strength at all, in which case the subject is dead and you are wasting your time, to 100, which is the theoretical maximum possible for the person and is somewhat unlikely, though no not impossible to get.

Record your results for the subject and repeat the experiment daily for the period of a week to see what fluctuations you can discover. If possible, try to observe the person each day as you carry out this experiment and try to discover if the changes in auric strength are reflected in the subjects behavior, thoughts, etc. Record all of your findings.

Exercise 5. The next step is to measure the strength of the etheric body. This is the level which comes just after the aura and extends a little farther out. For those of you not familiar with my other writings on Psionics, the etheric body contains the building pattern for the physical body and everything which manifests in the physical body, including electrical activity in the brain (thoughts) appears first in the etheric level.

a: Again, place the witness sample on the left plate.

b: Meditate for a short time (a couple of minutes should do) and visualize the etheric body of the subject.

c: While holding the idea of the etheric body in mind, set the rate on the five bottom dials.

d: Again, use the sweep dial to determine the strength of the etheric body of the subject.

When observing the subject, try to watch for things which will indicate the state of the person's health. Usually, the stronger the reading on the etheric body, the healthier the person is.

As always, be careful make complete records of all your results.

Exercise 6: Now it is time to measure what is sometimes called the astral level, or emotional level. The use of the term "astral" for this level of the person can create some confusion as the term "astral body" is usually used to cover all of the non-physical aspects of the person and is often used interchangeably with the term "soul". For our purposes, we will use the old meaning and this is the level which is the origination point for emotional patterns in the individual. Now you have to be careful with this level, at least in studying it, because the separate emotional responses to different situations, while they are reflected at this level, come mostly from information processed by the physical brain, in conjunctions with the different levels. Hence you can have a piece of information come into the physical brain through the eyes, such as a bill for $30,000 which only should have been for $30.00 and this will immediately set off a whole chain of reactions in each level of the body. But most of the time, what is present in the astral level is the pattern which controls the emotional response of the individual, the central program if you will, from which all others come.

A and B are the same as in the previous exercises.

c: When you meditate on the astral body of the subject, be very careful not to be judgmental about the emotional state of the subject. You want as objective a reading on the state of the body as possible.

d: Take the rate and measure with the sweep dial as before. In this case, try to take a reading while the subject is calm and while the subject is animated over some disaster. Compare the readings. The more upset the subject is, usually the higher will be the reading on the strength of that level. It was for this reason that older writers contended that the emotional level had a life of its own and would try to take complete control of the individual if the emotions were not kept under tight control. Victorian garbage, of course, but there is a relationship between the ability to think clearly and the strength of the emotional level.

Exercise 7: Now we come to the final level that we can measure with psionics, the mental level. As I explained before, there are two levels beyond this but we use the intuitive level to operate the equipment and a level cannot measure itself or any level beyond it.

The mental level is like the emotional level in that it rarely directly influences the behavior of the individual. While the physical body is alive, it acts as a place for the storage of the basic programming of the individual, leaving the actual day-to-day work of thinking to the physical brain. When the physical body dies, all of the information stored in the brain is dumped into the mental level and that accounts for the phenomena of people who are close to death seeing their entire life pass before them. In effect, they are watching that transfer of information.

That being the case, what this exercise will do is allow you to measure the efficiency of the mental level and get a picture of how mentally active the subject is.

a: Repeat all of the procedures as in the other exercises.

b: When you take a measurement on the sweep dial, remember that you are measuring the level of activity at the moment. Repeat this exercise when the subject is at work and asleep and note the differences in result.

Exercise 8: For this exercise, you will need the main board, the headband and connecting wire as well as your tape recorder.

a: Set up your main board for a contact rate for the subject. This is done by simply taking a rate on the bottom row of dials that will put you into telepathic contact with the individual.

b: Attach the headband to the board by clipping it to the right hand plate of the board.

c: Put on the headband. (That seems obvious enough, doesn't it.)

d: Put yourself into a receptive, relaxed state and observe your subject. As impressions come in, speak them into the tape recorder. It is important to make no judgments about what you see or feel. You are in a direct mental link with the subject and you can access anything in his mind. Now at this point, if you are just beginning, what you will probably get is a jumble of impressions. Do not try to sort them out at this point but merely record everything. And do not worry about accuracy. That varies, even with the most experienced operators and yours will improve with practice.

e: After you have finished, play the tape back and make a note of every significant impression you mentioned. Make a list of those things which you feel can be verified and then go and find out how well you did.

f: Repeat this experiment a number of times until you are good at it. It is one of the principal skills that come with the use of psionics.

Exercise 9: You will need the main board, the headband and connector, the pendulum and the yes or no chart as well as a tape recorder.

a: Select your subject and make out a list of questions that you would like to ask him. Be sure to phrase the questions in such a manner that the answer will be either yes or not. A politician works extremely well with this because every question that you ask can be about something which he will have to act on in the very near future.

b: Take a contact rate for the subject on the main board and hook up your head band.

c: Put on the headband and set up the chart in front you.

d: Holding the pendulum over the chart, ask the first question from your list.

e: Record the reply and ask the second question, repeating the procedure until the list has been exhausted.

Once you have completed this exercise be certain to watch the subject very carefully. If he is politician, watch the news for any indications concerning the information that he gave you.

Incidentally, this is one of my favorite little methods of demonstrating psionic equipment to an audience and the President has given a number of interviews that he has no knowledge of.

Exercise 10: This exercise will be similar to the last one except that instead of the ideometer, you will need the letter/number chart.

a: Make your list of questions. It is important in these experiments to have the questions written down in advance. That way you will save yourself a lot of time while actually hooked the machine. You will discover that the one drawback to the word and number chart is that using it tends to make your arm tired. A simple solution to this is to invest in a Ouija Board and we will cover the use of that in conjunction with this equipment shortly.

b: Repeat steps b-d from the previous exercise.

c: When receiving the reply with the word/number chart, you will have to be certain to stop the pendulum after each letter has been pointed out. Doing this will allow the pendulum to start the next letter with a clean swing instead of having to spin around until it comes to the new letter. You will find that you use less time and thus the procedure will be much easier on your arm.

Exercise 11: Now you will need your partner to give you some assistance. You will need a witness of your partner, a small object, the head band, the main board and connector wire, the pendulum and the word/number chart.

a: Instruct your partner to hide the object somewhere in the house.

b: Once that has been accomplished, set up the machine for a contact rate for your partner and hook up the headband.

c: Once hooked into the system, ask the pendulum to spell out the location of the object.

d: Verify the answer. Repeat this exercise a number of times until you are able to find the object with some reliability.

Exercise 12: If you have procured a Ouija Board, you may perform this exercise. If not, go on to the next.

You start by examining the equipment.

From the beginning, this is a Ouija Board. You will notice that it is nothing more than a piece of laminated wood with letters and numbers on it and a plastic pointer called a planchette. It is used to spell out words and is much simpler to use than a pendulum chart and, because it is less tiring, much more accurate.

In order to use it properly, you need two people, one who actually works the machine and is called the operator, and a person to record what is being spelled out and ask the questions. The reason for the second person will become obvious presently.

A Ouija Board is used for three things. To communicate with the subconscious of the operator, to receive telepathic messages and information from living persons, and to communicate with disembodied entities, both human and non-human.

In practice, the operator and the recorder decide in advance what purpose the board will serve. If it is to be used to ask questions of someone, the questions must be decided upon in advance and written down, so that the recorder can ask them in the proper order.

If a radionic hook-up is used, it is the operator who is hooked into the machines.

The recorder also is in charge of the tape recorder, which should be used during each session with the board.

The operator is blindfolded and places his hands on the planchette. The recorder asks the questions and the answers are written. The operator also records any impressions that come to him while using the board.

The purpose of the blindfold is to make certain that the operator does not influence the information being received.

Okay, so you figure out how this is done without too much trouble. You will need the board, your main board and headband, a blindfold and your partner as well as a tape recorder.

a: Decide who it is you are going to interrogate and set up the main board for his contact rate. In this experiment it is not necessary to have a prepared list of questions. In fact, it is best that your partner ask the questions at this point.

b: Put on the blindfold and the headband and place your fingers on the planchette of the Ouija Board.

c: Clear your mind as much as possible and place yourself in contact with the person whom you will be interrogating.

d: At this point your partner may begin to ask questions of the person. He should speak as if he were really asking the person whom you are accessing. As the board spells the answers, your partner should speak them aloud so that they may be recorded on tape. It is also wise for the partner to wait until a complete word has been spelled before speaking, rather than try to say each letter individually. Some letters tend to sound like different ones when the tape is played back.

e: As completely as possible, verify the information given.

Exercise 13: So much for words. Now it is time to work with vision. This exercise is to train you in the art of remote viewing. For it you will need your partner, the main board and the headband.

a: Send your partner on little trip, someplace where you do not know where he is. b: Set up the main board for a contact rate for your partner.

c: Put on the headband and look out through the eyes of your partner, seeing what he sees.

d: Record all of your impressions, particularly your visual ones.

e: Verify your results later with your partner. Repeat this exercise often, not only with your partner, but with other people who will not know that you are using them as beacons.

Exercise 14: Now that we have more or less thoroughly covered the methods used in receiving data, it is time to work with transmitting it. So if you have not already done so, build the pyramid crystal amplifying board. And, while you are at it, you might as well make the pyramid gun and the third eye headband.

a: Select the person whom you wish to transmit to. This may or may not be your partner.

b: Decide on the type of message. For this experiment, the classic command "call me!" may be tried as it is quite simple and can be easily verified.

c: Place the witness sample of the target on the sample plate under the pyramid. Yes, you have to lift up the pyramid to do it. (I know that sounds silly, but I can promise you that if I did not include that I would get at least one letter from someone wondering how you put the witness on the plate with the pyramid over it and my blood pressure is just not up to that sort of thing.)

d: Take a contact rate for the target and replace the pyramid. e: Hook up the headband to the connector and think the message. f: Wait for verification.

Exercise 15: This is a fun one and you practice it on somebody that you do not particularly like because the results can be spectacularly unpleasant.

a: Set up a contact rate for the target and hook up the headband.

b: Now it gets interesting. Think of something that will get you hopping mad. Try to become so angry that if you had no other outlet for your fury you would smash the furniture.

c: Release the anger at the target, visualizing it going out through the wire into the board and out through the top of the pyramid.

d: Wait for verification. It is a good idea to pick a target that you have some contact with so that you can verify the results of this experiment. If you really hate the person, you can transmit at a time when he is likely to be in a stressful situation to begin with. Once, as a bit of a joke, I picked a time when my next door neighbors were having a bunch of their relatives over and aimed the transmission at a photograph of the house. You may rest assured that the party became a lot livelier than anyone expected and the local police were laughing about it for days as it was the only brawl our neighborhood has ever had.

That, incidentally, is one of the real joys of psionics. You can torment the neighbors and get away with it.

Now it is time for you to build a favorite little toy of mine called a teleflasher, which for some reason got left out of the gadget book. This nothing more than a device which flashes a pulse of light on a picture and, in doing so, aids in psionic transmission.

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

In order to make one of these miraculous instruments you will need a box, an old shoe box will do; a twenty five watt light bulb; a light socket with wire and plug attached (available at any hardware store) and a flasher plug (also available in any hardware store with the exception of those in Queensland, Australia and don't ask me why) and a sheet of wax paper.

Cut the bottom out of the box and cut a hole in the side for the light bulb.

Take the piece that you cut out and fold it to make a stand and glue it to the box so that the light will come up through the hole in the box in the box and illuminate whatever is placed on the stand.

Glue the wax paper over the hole so that the light is diffused, otherwise it becomes very uncomfortable to use the instrument.

Place the flasher plug over the plug of the light switch and plug it into the nearest wall socket.

Test the unit by turning on the light and waiting for the flasher to start working.

Exercise 16: Now that you have the teleflasher, you have to do something with it, otherwise it will sit and gather dust and you will feel very foolish about the whole thing. So, once again conscript your partner, (with your pendulum you can find out which piece of furniture he is hiding under) and set up your apparatus.

You will need the pyramid board, a witness of your partner, the teleflasher, a card with a word written on it in magic marker, the headband and connector, the letter/number chart and the pendulum.

a: Set up the equipment so that your teleflasher is in front of you at approximately eye level. Place the witness of your partner on the plate of the transmittal unit (pyramid board) and take a contact rate for him. Hook up the headband to the unit and send your partner into the next room with the pendulum and chart. He should know from watching you how the chart works.

b: Place the card with the word you are sending on the teleflasher and turn it on. Tell your partner that you are sending.

c: Watch the flasher for no more than five minutes or until your partner says he has the word, whichever is sooner.

d: Compare the word with what your partner has received. Repeat this often, moving from single words to entire sentences.

Exercise 17: (optional) This is a fun exercise which you can do if you have a neighbor or someone you have much contact with who a: has great fear of bugs or some other creature, and b: a big enough mouth that she likes to talk about it.

a: Set up the main board with the witness of your victim and the headband.

b: Using the pendulum, dowse the time that your victim is likely to be sleeping.

c: Set up the teleflasher and the pyramid board with the witness of the victim and the contact rate.

d: Procure a picture of the creature that your victim has the phobia about and set in on the teleflasher unit.

e: When the victim is sleeping, transmit the picture of the creature. This is done by running the teleflasher for five minutes, resting for five minutes, and running it again for another five minutes, on and off for about an hour.

f: Verify the results of the experiment.

Exercise 18: This is best performed on a nice day when the neighbors are out in the back yard. You will need the pyramid gun and the headband.

a: Be certain that you can transmit from a location which will permit you to see the targets without them being able to see you. Otherwise you might feel a little foolish.

b: Hook up the equipment and aim the pyramid gun at the targets.

c: Imagine yourself getting very, very angry. Once you are so furious that you can hardly control yourself, send that anger out through the pyramid gun at the targets.

d: Sit back and watch the fun.

Exercise 19: For this exercise, you will need the third eye headband and your neighbor's car. Be certain that it is a neighbor that you do not particularly like.

a: Put on the headband. (that should be obvious.)

b: Visualize a field of light around the neighbor's car, programming that field to attract other cars to it, so that they meet in a rather noisy fashion.

c: After a few days of this, start counting the new dents on the neighbor's car.

The above two exercises can be done interchangeably. And they should be repeated on different victims if possible.

As I said in the beginning, this lesson does not cover the total range of psionic instruments available. In fact, as new ones are constantly being invented, no one lesson could. But these basic devices should be more than sufficient for you to get started and I am certain that as you experiment you will find more things to do with them.

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