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This lesson is going to be just a bit different in format from the previous ones for in this one I am going to be more interested in giving you information than in having you do various exercises. Yet what you will now study is of great importance, perhaps among the most important material in this course, because all magick is ultimately related to the use of pattern and form to cause alterations in the circumstances in the life of the magician.

In my ceremonial magick days, I will admit that I was always totally mystified by the way a simple pattern, drawn on a piece of paper, could cause events to occur. And yet this is the entire basis of talismanic magick. And it does not matter how the pattern is created, be it using the gemetria of the Cabalist, or the mandala of the Tibetan Buddhist. If the pattern is properly created, it will bring results and that is a simple fact, proven by experience time and again down through the ages. Now given this basic truth, it is amazing how many people cannot seem to get their patterns to work! So I am going to try to solve that problem for you and give you the basic fundamentals of not only psionic pattern work but the more traditional forms of talisman making as well in order that you may better be able to combine the two into a most effective whole.

So let us begin with the traditions and work forward to psionics.

A common mistake those who seek to teach magick make is to tell their students that the talisman is nothing in itself, it is the charging, the consecration, that puts the energy into it and makes it work. Well, that is not the whole story.

It is true that charging and consecration are essentials for the working of any traditional talisman, not so much because of the nature of the talisman, but because the mind of the magician requires it to be so. Yet there is a virtue in the form itself which is usually overlooked by our traditional brethren, not out of disbelief, but rather out of the simple fact that because they take all of their ideas from works and other teachers before them they have simply not bothered to look for any energy flow from the naked form itself, prior to charging and/or consecration.

If you will look at illustration 1, you will see that I have drawn a traditional talisman from the Key of Solomon. It is actually a rather simple design, as such things go and I remember as a young sorcerer's apprentice being hunched over a desk trying to copy much more complicated things as accurately as possible and, in spite of the fact that drawing was something of a hobby of mine, become often quite frustrated at my pitiful efforts. So as you can see I chose one to copy that would not present me with any great difficulties, especially since as I grow older my eyes tend to strain more easily.

If you will look at the pattern itself, it is elegant in its symmetry, with the two triangles locked into the center of the inner circle and the traditional Hebrew letters written in and around it.

Now this pattern has an energy flow even without being charged and you may test this for yourself by taking you trusty and (I would hope by now) well used pendulum and holding it over the center of the circle.

Notice how the pendulum behaves. That movement of the pendulum indicates the nature of the energy flowing off of the talisman design.

Now look at illustration 2. Again, this is a simple design, in its own way simpler than the first. Hold the pendulum over that and see what it does. Notice the difference? What you have is two designs printed on paper without any other attempt at charging, yet they each cause the pendulum to swing in a different way.

Radionic Talisman

Incidentally, if you are wondering why I did not tell you what those patterns are for, it is so you can have the pleasure of using your radionic equipment to analyze them and find out. It is not too difficult.

Illustration 3 is an even simpler design yet, an ordinary Star of David, the Hexagram. Hold the pendulum over the center of that and see what happens. Nothing! Now that is as real surprise, is it not? Well, take the pendulum and hold it over one of the points of the star. Now you see movement. What is happening here?

Jew Star Transparent Background

The Hexagram is a very interesting pattern in that the center of the pattern is a place of total balance. But, if you hold the pattern upright on the desk or table and hold the pendulum in front of it, you will see movement away from the center. And in psionics this has tremendous implications. What is happening is that any witness placed in center of the pattern is surrounded by totally balanced forces. Nothing entering the hexagram can injure the person whose witness is thus surrounded. It won't stop a bullet, of course, and I do not recommend playing with electric cords in the bathtub while expecting to be protected by this pattern, but it will stop any psychic attack dead in its tracks and while it can be overcome, it is a damned lot of work to do it.

Likewise, any energy that is transmitted from the center of this pattern will take on greater power because it will be uninfluenced by incoming junk. The uses of that should be obvious and there is no reason why you should not begin playing with it.

Get a small photograph of yourself and when you are about to enter a stressful situation, be it driving to work, visiting the in-laws or even making the mistake of watching the news. (Which is a real dumb thing to do and you should stop wasting your time with such nonsense because you can bet your mother's teeth that if something is really important the fatuous buffoons who edit the garbage that gets on the air will not know about it.) Place the picture in the center of the pattern and leave it there. Now go about your business and see if it has any effect on your blood pressure. You should find that you can face the annoyances of the day with less difficulty than you might otherwise experience.

But as you saw from you little test, this pattern also has some very real transmittal function, because even though nothing can get in, anything transmitted from the center will be amplified as it goes out.

So it's time to have some fun. Raising storms was a traditional accusation leveled against witches by their inquisitorial accusers. Now for those of us who enjoy thunder and lightning, it seems a pretty silly thing to get upset about, but in those days, storms could be a real problem. For one thing, a really big storm could make water travel virtual suicide, not only from the wind and the rain, but also from the danger of lightning striking the unprotected, wooden ships. Likewise, crop losses could be significant and again, there was the problem of lightning in the days before Ben Franklin discovered the means of protection from it. Therefore, with a more than a little smirk on my face, I will tell you how to ruin the neighbors' barbecue.

Take your hexagram pattern and now draw the trigram Chen from the I Ching on a small piece of paper. The trigram represents thunder and the well known and the well regarded researcher Christopher Hills used it to dowse the path of storms though why in these days of radar and satellites anyone would want to bother with that is beyond me. Anyway, get a small photograph of your neighbor's yard. Now take the photograph and lay it in the center of the hexagram with the drawing of Chen on top of it. Then wait and see what happens. The odds are that your neighbor, who is having a huge gathering of useless relatives and their disgusting and noisy offspring who, for some dreadful reason, like to play basketball and for those of you who are fortunate enough to not know, there is no sound in the world as annoying as that dreadful bouncing. I have often expressed a fervent hope that there is a Hell, if only as a fitting place to put the bastard who invented that game.

But I digress.

If everything works right, your neighbor should be the center of a deluge and have to move the party into his house, which will be much too small for the number of people he has and a very unpleasant time will be had by all.

See how much fun it is to be nasty?

Any, that last little prank is designed to show you how patterns can be combined to bring about results. And you can well imagine where that can lead.

All traditional patterns produce energy fields from their center. That is why they have survived to become traditional. With that fact in mind, I want you to take your pendulum and start testing them. You may find the results surprising and because I want you to be uninfluenced in those results, I am not going tell you what to expect.

Think of as many traditional patterns as you can. The pentagram is a good starting point. But I will give you a piece of advice. When you test the pentagram, try it with the single point facing opposite you and the double point also facing opposite. See if their is any difference in the swing.

Repeat that with any of the other patterns you may choose. Test not only the obvious direction the pattern may face, but also, whenever appropriate, its opposite. Sometimes the pendulum will swing differently, sometimes it will stay the same. Write all of your results down for later reference.

So much for tradition. In psionics, we use patterns as well and these, too, are based on the circle. I don't pretend to know why it is, but the circle has some mysterious quality about it that even those of us who prefer our magick technical find that it is invaluable.

In psionics, however, the circle is the basis for a series of relationships which are expressed and by expressing them, give energy to the thoughts placed into the circle, either by direct action on the part of the magician, or by the use of other patterns and/or witness samples. Now I know that this sounds very weird, but it's true. A pattern of circles placed equilateral around the circumference of a larger, central circle will add energy to any thought or pattern which is placed in that larger circle.

If you will turn to chapter XII in the pattern book you will find a number amplifying patterns based on the circle and ready for use. Take your pendulum and hold it over the center of each pattern. Notice how it swings? That is the energy coming out of the center of the pattern.

In practical use, the witness of the person you wish to influence is placed in the center of the amplifying pattern you have chosen and the thought you wish to send is then aimed at that witness. This thought is then picked up by the energy coming out of the center and beamed at the target.

You will also note that there are a number of patterns with different numbers of circles surrounding them. The more circles that you have, the greater your energy output. And at this point I can hear you wondering why it matters. It would seem reasonable to always go with the highest possible output, the biggest bang for the buck, as it were. Well, it does not quite work that way. There are certain operations where a lower level of output is, in fact, more efficient than the higher level. That is why I gave you a series of them to work with.

Another thing to remember when using these patterns is that they will amplify any thought that you send to the target, so you have to be pretty careful while you are using it. For this reason these patterns are best used in conjunction with either spirit patterns, such as are found in The Lesser Key of Solomon as well as other grimoires, or in patterns which you create yourself and which embody a particular concept or desire.

So, before we proceed to adding other instruments to this mix, let's look at those other patterns.

The patterns from the grimoires are common enough and I see no need to reprint them here. The collection from the Lesser Key of Solomon is reprinted in my Psionic Power and is thus available from that source as well as their usefulness in psionics. But there are two excellent methods of creating your own patterns. Now I know that I have already explained these methods in Psionic Power and Psionic Combat, but for those of you who do not already have those books (and you know who you are, I can tell by the embarrassed looks on your faces as you read this) I will give a brief description of the techniques here.

The first involves the use of the Kamea, or magick squares. You begin by first deciding which planet your operation comes under, in this case let us say Jupiter.

The next thing which you must do is create a statement which accurately describes your intention. Jupiter brings good fortune and we can all use that, so let us say that you want more money. You then write out your statement as:

Bring me lots of money.

Okay, we have our planet and our statement. Now comes the fun part. We have to break that statement down into a pattern. This done by means of one of two methods. In the first, the most common, you use a chart like this:

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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