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This pattern is then transmitted to the witness sample by means of either an amplifying pattern or a radionic device such as the pyramid board or a combination of devices as I will explain later.

The other technique is to use a circle pattern. Now this creates a bit of confusion because the amplifying patterns are sometimes referred to as circle patterns but a circle pattern for our purposes is a pattern created inside a circle to represent a pattern of energy. It is, in effect, a radionic rate translated into a two-dimensional pattern for transmission to the target.

Got that?

Well, if you feel a bit confused, do not let it bother you. I've been working with this stuff for years and I still get confused by it sometimes, especially when I'm trying to explain it to people for the first time. But in practice, it works a lot better than it does when talking about it.

Anyway, if you look at Chapter XIII in the pattern book, you will find an explanation of how you make the circle pattern and a sheet of circles to photocopy.

Once you have a few sheets copied, you can try making a pattern for yourself.

First, decide what you want a pattern of. This can be literally anything. Malcolm Rae discovered that he could make a pattern that equalled homeopathic remedies and would transmit them to his patients rather than use the remedies themselves. This has been expanded to include emotions and ideas.

So pick an idea. Circle patterns are also excellent for connecting an operator with a thoughtform, so you may want to try that as well. That can be a thoughtform you create or one that is already in existence. (The thoughtform over the battlefield of Verdun is a good one if you get a speeding ticket in a distant city and want to get even. Or as an old teacher mine once said "The quality of mercy is not strained, merely stupid.")

Okay! Now that you have patterns to experiment with, what do you do with them?

Start with something very simple. Take the witness sample that you were experimenting with before and make a square pattern that will cause the target to respond in a certain way. I do not know who you are working on, or what you want them to do, so I cannot be more specific.

Place the target witness in the center of the circle and the square on top of it.

Once you have done that, shine the beam of light from a high intensity lamp on the arrangement. This will energize the patterns and send the energy being used charging to the target and bring about the desired result. All you need do is wait for the result to occur.

For example, suppose you use the money pattern and yourself, you should begin to see an increase in your fortunes in a reasonable period of time.

Or, if you have chosen as your target the witness of a politician and are sending him an appropriately negative idea, such as "Stumblefoot", you should see him start to make an even greater fool of himself than usual.

If you will recall the lesson on thoughtforms, I went into great detail on the subject of creating your own deity or using ones that have been around for a long time. With the aid of the circle pattern and the radionic system, you can utilize these thoughtforms with even greater effectiveness and power.

Let me tell you a story. There is a well known lecturer in the Theosophical Society who wished to read some Tibetan invocations. There was only one problem in the mind of this individual and that was that he was convinced that these writings were protected by certain entities on the astral plane and that if he read the material without going through a certain initiation performed by the Dalai Lama (for the appropriate fee) he would be at some risk from the wrath of these disembodied creatures.

To tell you the truth, I was not really sympathetic to his belief because most traditions are supposed to have nasty guardians and these guardians inevitably turn out to be as lazy as civil servants. In point of fact, lots of people have read these writings without paying one red cent to the Dalai Lama and have had absolutely nothing happen to them except a great shock when they discovered that there was nothing worth protecting in the first place.

But my friend was not deterred by reason and went through the ceremony to the delight of the person collecting the money and the amazement of the rest of us. And there was no real need for him to do this.

Even granting that such entities existed, it would have been a simple matter for him to get the same benefit from psionics as he supposedly received from the Kalachakra Initiation.

Why do I say that? When we look at the procedure from the viewpoint of the technomage, we see that all that is involved in such an initiation rite is that a pattern is placed in the astral body of the initiate. With psionics, it is a simple matter to duplicate that result with far less expense.

We begin by first assuming that the Dalai Lama has already gone through the rite. If he has not, then he is no position to be doing it for anyone else, no matter how much they are willing to spend. With that knowledge in mind, we can assume that the pattern we are looking for is already present in the astral body of the Dalai Lama.

We acquire his photograph (readily available from any store that stocks Tibetan stuff) and place it on the sample plate of the Main Board. We would then hold the concept of the Kalachakra Initiation in mind and take a rate on the board.

Hooking ourselves into the unit by means of either the headband or the psionic amplifying helmet, we then proceed to make a circle pattern that would be the equivalent of the pattern that the initiation takes in the astral body of the initiate.

Once this circle pattern is made, it would be a very simple matter to take the photo of the Dalai Lama, the circle pattern for the initiation and a photograph of my friend (or anyone else for that matter) and set up the machine so that the energy of the pattern is placed in my friend's astral body.

The end result is that my friend would have the pattern take form in his own astral body and the entities would see the pattern and leave him alone, which is what he wanted in the first place.

I think you can see where this is leading. Once you have witness sample and circle pattern, you can take the energy from any source and place it into your own system. You merely bring the source to mind, be it a deity or a thoughtform, make the circle pattern and then link yourself either directly or by witness to the pattern and draw the energy in.

Likewise, you will be able to analyze the energy from any thoughtform, to determine its nature and strength. With that ability, there is no power in the astral or mental plane that you cannot draw upon for your own purposes.

Another example. Let us suppose that you have acquired a desire to bathe in the Ganges. Now why under any normal circumstnaces you would want to take a bath in one of the dirtiest rivers in the world is beyond me, but you want to do it for spiritual reasons. The only problem that you face is that you are allergic to curry powder, so a trip to India could be very inconvenient.

Very well. You will need a picture of the Ganges, your radionic device, a circle pattern and a metal bowl.

Using the procedure I just outlined, make a circle pattern for the energy around the Ganges River. Once you have done that, fill the metal bowl with tap water and place it on the receiving plate of the board. Shine a light on the photograph and continue this until either your pendulum informs you that the water is fully charged or you have a high reading on the sweep dial of the main board.

All you need do then is pour the water from the bowl into your own bath tub full of water and perform whatever ritual you would have done at the Ganges itself before climbing in and taking a bath.

Now we can get back to the making of talismans. All a talisman is is a set of patterns on a piece of cloth, paper or metal which when used by the magician transmit an energy to influence the environment around the magician. Therefore, to make and charge a talisman is quite simple. All that you need do is create the pattern you wish to transmit, put in on a piece of paper and place that on the main board. Set up a contact rate for the pattern and turn a light onto the board. While doing that, hook up the headband and begin to visualize the purpose of the talisman along with the command that it will operate to your good at all times and will be activated by your command. Once this is done, the talisman may be carried or used as any other pattern.

Anyway, you should have a pretty good idea what you are working with now and it is time to stop reading and start experimenting.

Katrori Magjik
Kamea of Saturn
Kamea Jupiter
Kamea of Jupiter
Kamea of Mars
Amplifying Pattern Radionic
Kamea of the Sun
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Kamea of Venus

El □□ □ □ ES S3 MESHES ¡3 E3 □□□□□□□ES □□□□EEIQ53

Kamea of Mercury

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