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In other words, at some level of consciousness we can know about anything that is in the cosmos. It may not be present in our consciousness yet, but the potential is there.


If you know that something exists, all that you need is the instrumentation to take it apart and see how it works.


All things have, inherint in their nature, the means by which they can be manipulated. All that is necessary is to first find that means and then create the instrumentation to use it.

Now if this is the case, then it would seem at first glance that ritual would be utterly superflous in psionics as the instruments added to the mind of the operator alone should be sufficient. Yet that is not true. The addition of ritual has the impact of clarifying the information being transmitted and as you know the clarity of the information is of far greater importance to the results than the raw power of the transmission itself.

Likewise in communcation with the spirit worlds, clarity is of the utmost importance. This is the reason why group work is almost always inferior to solitary work when one looks at the matter purely from the standpoint of the results obtained. The truth is that the more people who are involved in any working, the less clarity there will be. There are, of course, ways to get around that, and I will cover them later.

One of the beauties of psionics, however, is that one is not bound to follow any particular tradition in choosing which style of information you wish to work with. The instruments are such that they can be designed to access the forces of any system. It is simply a matter of creating a pattern for that force and inserting it into the system.

Another aspect of psionics is that it is relatively easy for the practitioner to make up a ritual practice as he goes along. There is no need to follow any set form of ritual, therefore the systems I will give you in this chapter should be looked on rather as guidelines than as rules.

"Settle thy studies Faustus and begin to sound the depths of that thou wilt profess."

That was the advice given to Dr. Faustus at the beginning of Marlowe's play and it is good advice even now. Before you begin any ritual practice, it is a good idea to study the various traditions and decide which you will draw from. These will ultimately influence not only your approach to magick, but also the design of your instruments when you are ready to create your own. For example, when I first decided to relate my work in psionics to my ritual background, I designed an instrument that would translate the paths of the Tree of Life into radionic rates. Fortunately, that never quite got beyond the design stage because it would have been a rather bulky device and space is always a premium in my house.

I have, however, designed and built a ritual board (figure 1) which is perfect for my work and which you will find useful as well.

Pyramid Radionic

As you can see from the design it is a large piece of poster board assembled like all of the other instruments in the pattern book. It has three rate dials at the bottom, one each for taking the rate for the influence of spirit or pattern in the mental, astral and physical planes, a wheel for the planet whose influence is being invoked, a color wheel, for the color that best suits the working, a sweep dial for the final rate that is the conjoining of the other rates and a visualization plate, by which the spirit may be seen. It also has three sample plates at the bottom for patterns, witness samples and taking the all-important rate.

The dial and witness plate patterns for this board can be copied from the main board in the pattern book. The visualization plate is the same as in the visualization board. The planet dial is all that remains and that I have provided (Figure 1A).

Disegni Messa

Once you have made the ritual board, you have to consider the usual magician stuff, namely your wand, your robes and whether or not you need a sword.

So first the wand (figure 2). This is an instrument that you cannot make out of cutouts. To put it together you will need a flashlight (an old metal one is best but plastic will do if you cannot find one), a small metal funnel and a small quartz crystal.

Begin by taking apart the flashlight and putting in the batteries. This very important because you will want to be able to do it again and you have to attach the funnel in such a way that you can open the flashlight.

Next, affix the funnel over the lense of the flashlight. Use epoxy cement to hold it in place.

After the funnel is firmly set (about 24 hours to make sure), use tin snips to cut two slits down the tip of the funnel and spread these to allow the insertion of the crystal, point outwards. Cement the crystal in place by applying the glue to the sides of the crystal and then closing the tip of the funnel around it with pliers. But be careful not to use too much pressure because you do not want to damage the crystal.

The choice of a robe is something that is best left to the taste of the individual. When working alone, or with those who are very close, nudity is always possible. The only time nudity is required is when using the Hillerman Biocircuit. Otherwise, ordinary clothing may be used with no difficulty but the addition of robes has a useful psychological effect. My personal preference is based on the clothing drawn in comic books from the 1950's which was the time of my childhood and thus they had a great influence upon me. They seem to fit in with the science-fiction nature of psionics and go quite well with the Psionic Amplifying Helmet. Or, if you prefer the more traditional robes, it is a simple matter to go to a costume shop and purchase a light, hooded robe.

The sword is the one item from traditional magick that we are stuck with. And the reason for that is that the only working substitute would be a powerful, hand held laser and that is simply too expensive for most. And besides, swords look nice.

If, however, you would rather use something a bit different, make a trident out of wood and cover it with foil. That will work as well as the sword and the foil will allow it to be connected to your headband or other instruments. There are other designs available, one being a trident made of plumbing materials with crystals at the end, but they seem to be lot of work to make and there is really no need to go to all that trouble.

Now you will notice, if you have any background in magick, that I have left out the other two traditional tools of magick, the cup and the shield, or pentacle. If you are working with a tradition that requires them, you my certainly add them to your operation, but psionic

This is how I conceived of my magick outfit.

magick does not need those instruments. In psionic workings, the elements are invoked by their patterns rather than by symbolic implements.

Once you have your basic equipment, you must consider the arrangement of your place of working, usually termed the temple or, in our case, the laboratory. And it is here that you can readily see the advantage of working with psionic magick as opposed to the more traditional methods.

In the traditions of High Magick, a temple usually must be a room set totally aside for that purpose or an ordinary room that can prepared. And the preparation can be very time consuming indeed. When working with psionics, all that you need is a reasonably quiet place to set up your instruments for most work and if you need more space, as in group work or evocation, any room that can be set up quickly will do.

As the former condition should be obvious, we will study the latter.

The first item of furniture you will need is a desk or table. This functions in the same way as an altar would in High Magick, except that it is merely the place upon which the instrument in placed. The chair of the Prime Operator is set behind it and the arrangement ideally should face either north or east.

If an evocation is to be performed, which is the calling up of a demon, you would place the altar and chair in a circle. Now in normal magick, this circle must be drawn upon the ground but in psionic magick all that is necessary is a long piece of wire that is clipped to the output jack of an amplifier circling the floor around the Prime Operator and any assistants he may require. The circle may be made even more elaborate, as you desire and your space and treasure allow. It is possible, for example, to make a circle of a large neon tube that is turned on at the beginning of a ritual or in some cases an amplifying pattern is laid out on the floor around the Console area.

The triangle used in the evocation should be cut of foil and glued to a sheet of cardboard. This is placed a few feet outside of the circle and the stand for the visualization board is placed inside of the triangle.

In a work of invocation, the triangle is not necessary, nor is the cirle used in a defensive role, but rather as a symbolic representation of the universe and the role of the magician at its center. In fact, an invocation may be performed in any location by the magus without any instrument other than his board and headband or helmet.

In any event, the laboratory, when set up, will look something like figure 3.

Orbitin Physics

In most operations, the Prime Operator works alone. But on certain occasions, such as when doing types of transmission work, extra power is needed and in that case a system is set up whereby the energies of other operators is pumped into the Prime Operator.

There are certain requirements for the extra operators in such work. First, they must be thoroughly versed in psionics themselves and have their own equipment. Second, they must be totally compatible with both the personality and ends of the Prime Operator.

Associate Operators may work in the same location as the Prime Operator or even transmit from their own homes provided that they are working at the right time. If they are working in the laboratory with the Prime Operator, then the laboratory must be set up to account for them. The resulting arrangment will look like figure 4.

In cases where a great amount of extra power is needed, the Hillerman Biocircuit should be used. This system was developed as means of allowing a person to put out the maximum amount of energy with as little personal strain as possible. It is named for Leslie Hillerman who was the first person to use it and was created during a situation in which it was necessary for her to transmit for long periods of time without draining herself or distracting herself.

There are certain rules for the person who is to be in the biocircuit. First, the person must be of the opposite sex of the Prime Operator. If the Prime Operator is a man, then the person in the biocircuit must be a woman and vice versa. Second, the Prime Operator and the person in the biocircuit must be perfectly compatible. Third, the person in the biocircuit must be experienced in its use and not someone who is in it for the first time.

In order to use the Hillerman Biocircuit, you will need a straight-backed arm-chair (a lawn chair will work), a headband of the same tupe as you use with your other instruments, A foot plate, an amplifying pattern, some foil, and two connecting cables with alligator clips.

The foot plate is made by taking a piece of cardboard and gluing a sheet of foil to it.

The amplifier pattern is modified as follows. The pattern is glued to a sheet of posterboard and a brad is pushed through the center of the pattern and the posterboard. After this, a piece of foil is glued to the pase of the posterboard so that a sandwich is created with the pattern, the foil and the posterboard in between as in figure 5.

Once this has been created, attach pieces of foil to the arms of the chair where the palms of the associate operator will rest.

The biocircuit is set up as follows.

The associate operator, nude, is strapped into the chair with her hands on the foil strips and her feet together. Additional straps are placed around her waist and shoulders to keep her body upright in the chair. Her knees are strapped together to keep the legs from bending apart and becoming uncomfortable. In short, she is tied down the same way my teacher strapped me.

The foot plate is placed under her bare feet so that the soles are flat upon it and the headband on her head. A wire is clipped between the foot plate and the top of the headband.

The amplifier pattern is connected to the right hand foil plate and a photograph of yourself placed upon it. She is now ready to transmit energy to you as you transmit to the target of the ritual. She will also look like she is ready to ask the warden to hold her hand, so keep the Ethyl Rosenberg jokes to a minimum.

In use, the Hillerman Biocircuit creates a closed system around the operator who transmits out through the right hand to the pattern. Because the energy flow is so restricted, you may well imagine the level of output this system creates. But you can also see the need for a practiced associate when using this device. The last thing that you need is to set up for a ritual and discover that your associate has claustrophobia.

When set up in the laboratory, the associate operator and the biocircuit is placed directly behind the Prime Operator. In this way, the Prime Operator can work without being distracted by the associate.

Now as to the rituals themselves. A psionic ritual can be as simple as sitting and turning the dials, or it may be as complicated as the ones of High Magick. Therefore, the first thing which you must decide is your intention in the ritual.

If the ritual is one of transmission, which used to be called spell casting (and still is, I know that!), you will need to set up the laboratory accordingly, with the addition of such associate operators as may be required to increase the power of your transmission.

If the ritual is one of invocation, in which you bring in the power of anything and then inform it of your desires or merely commune with it, then you will most likely work alone. Any associate operators will be placed behind you and will set up their equipment exactly as yours is.

If the ritual is one of evocation, you will need to prepare to control the energy or spirit you are bringing into the triangle even though you will be using the visualization board.

Once you have made the decision as to the nature of the ritual and your intention, you must sit down and write it out. What I will give you now are some very broad guidelines as to how to create a psionic ritual

All ritual begins with the setting up of the laboratory. This is done before the beginning of any ritual activity itself so that the magician and his associates may enter the laboratory already prepared. The laboratory is set up by placing all of the equipment where it will be handy and the instruments in their proper location. A lamp is turned on and the light from the lamp is instructed to remove all interfering energy from the room. It is reccommended that blue bulb be used to aid in this and if possible the lamp should only be used for this purpose and at no other time.

Once the laboratory is set up, it is sealed by making the sign of the pentagram in the air at the door, facing inward. After doing that, turn around and leave the chamber.

The next stage of the ritual is the robing, or disrobing as the case may be. All outer garments are removed and replaced with the ritual garb.

At this point, it is permissible to reenter the laboratory.

The laboratory is entered by the magician, or in the case of group work, with the Prime Operator leading the way. The door of the laboratory is opened by the Prime Operator by the making of the sign of the pentagram with his wand. The wand is activated by turning the flashlight on and is turned off between uses during the ritual.

Once inside, the associate operators take their places at their own boards or the associate is strapped into the Hillerman Biocircuit. The Prime Operator seals each associate by making the sign of the pentagram over each head in turn.

The Prime Operator goes to his position, the Console, and makes the sign of the pentagram to each of the four, cardinal directions. He then turns on the amplifier attached to the circle, thus completing the circle.

The Prime Operator turns on his wand and points with his right hand. He turns clockwise, visualizing a circle around the wire.

In the case of an evocation, the pattern for the spirit to be evoked is placed on the witness plate of the visualization board and the rate set before making the circle.

The Prime Operator seats himself at the Console and puts on his headband or helmet. In the works of transmission, communion and invocation the headpiece is attached to the Console but in evocation it is not.

The planetary and color dials are set on the Console.

The Prime Operator reads the appropriate invocation to the controlling energy of the universe. This must be written out beforehand.

The pattern of the energy to be invoked is placed on the witness plate of the Console and the first rate dial is set, as the Prime Operator says "This is the rate for the operation of this energy (spirit) in the mental plane."

The second dial is set as the Prime Operator says "This is the rate for the operation of this energy in the astral plane."

The third dial is set as the Prime Operator says "This is the rate for the operation of this energy in the physical plane."

The sweep dial is set as the Prime Operator says "This is the rate for the joining of all the other rates."

At this point the instruments are locked onto the energy or spirit that is being worked with. In the case of invocation, the Prime Operator will read the invocation to the energy that he has written out beforehand and the associate operators will join in as required. In the work of evocation, the Prime Operator will evoke the spirit into the visualization board. In the work of communion, the Prime Operator and associates will meditate and bring the energy into themselves.

In the work of transmission, the associate operators will set their machines to the witness of the Prime Operator and will transmit such energy to him as his work requires.

Once the ritual is complete, the Prime Operator will sit before his console and reset the four dials to 0 in reverse of the way it was done at the opening. In the case of evocation, the spirit is banished by being commanded to return in peace from whence it came and the dials of the Console are reset. After that is done, the circle is turned off and the ritual is complete. In the case of evocation, the circle may not be traversed until the banishing and the turning off, at which time the dials of the visualization board are set at 0 and the pattern removed.

At this point, the Prime Operator and his associates are free to take down the laboratory.

With practice, you will discover that it will, in fact, be possible for you to create a psionic ritual entirely in your head, without the need to set up the laboratory. This is actually more difficult to do and takes a great degree of concentration, but it can be very useful in situations, such as in the office at work, when you wish to use magick but cannot just bring out your instruments. It is a talent you may rarely use, but you will have it if you need it. I remember one time I wanted to do a ritual at a certain time, but I was on a train to Washington D. C. and there was no practical way I could set up all my equipment in the small compartment. So I meditated and visualized myself going through all the motions of the ritual and accomplished the same ends as if I had used the machinery. Of course, it would have been easier to do the physical work, but that was one situation where the circumstances did not allow it. Now, to give you idea of what a simple invocation looks like, here is one that I use at the opening of most rituals.

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