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Kamea Venus

This pattern is then transmitted to the witness sample by means of either an amplifying pattern or a radionic device such as the pyramid board or a combination of devices as I will explain later. The other technique is to use a circle pattern. Now this creates a bit of confusion because the amplifying patterns are sometimes referred to as circle patterns but a circle pattern for our purposes is a pattern created inside a circle to represent a pattern of energy. It is, in effect, a radionic rate...

Radionic Tools Toys And Transmission

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

Okay class, now we get to the fun stuff. This is the lesson in which I get to tell you how to make all of the equipment that you will need to be a good technomage. So, if you have not already done so, and you should have while you were working on the second lesson, get a copy of The Psionic Magician's Gadget Pattern Book. This pattern book is not the total sum of all the equipment that you can make, but, with the addition of a few things I will mention in this lesson, it will give you most of...

Anything That Exists Can Be Known

Pyramid Radionic

In other words, at some level of consciousness we can know about anything that is in the cosmos. It may not be present in our consciousness yet, but the potential is there. II. IF IT IS KNOWN IT CAN BE STUDIED. If you know that something exists, all that you need is the instrumentation to take it apart and see how it works. III. IF IT CAN BE STUDIED IT CAN BE CONTROLLED. All things have, inherint in their nature, the means by which they can be manipulated. All that is necessary is to first find...