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The Seven Churches and The Physiology of the Mysteries

The Seven Churches of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St.John have many meanings. In keeping with multiple levels of interpretation the Churches can be understood as messages relating to historical Churches of the period, messages related to the Seven periods of Church History, and in the most esoteric of interpretations, to the Seven Spiritual centres of the body. This last interpretation in conjunction with our discussion of the festivals is the most important, for it illustrates how each feast works to transmute the dialectic fields of the psychic organism into the Static. The Seven Churches of Revelation may be related to the Seven psychic centres or Chakras of the Etheric body, all of the teachings given to each Church (warnings, blessings etc.) relate to the consciousness and the activity at that level. To begin with we should examine a basic tabulation of the structure. These attributions illustrate how each Church can be understood as a centre of energy within the body, even...

The Four Attributes of the Churches

The four attributes of each Church helps us to understand the unique nature of each of the energy centres. These centres are central to the process of transforming the electromagnetic field of the Gnostic from the Dialectic to the Static. The Kundalini or Serpent power based in the lowest centre is energised in such a way that the Serpent Seed of Satan (the Taint of original Sin) is replaced by the Serpent of Wisdom (the Messiah). It is interesting to find that this transition is reflect in the Old testament tale of Moses holding up the Serpent to heal the people of Israel. The serpent mentioned is numerically coded as 358 which is also the number of the Messiah. The four attributes of each Church as given in the Book of Revelation are Characteristics of the Church and City, Commendation of the Church, Counsel and Warning and Promises to Overcomers. To understand these centres let us examine the esoteric meanings of the attributes of each Church. (Fig 22)

The Church of Ephesus

The Church of Ephesus is the Base Chakra, the term Chakra means Wheel or Circuit of energy. It is known by the name of Desirable and is that of the primal instincts. It is desired by and desires the Sahasrara (Laodicea) Centre. The union of these centres locks the organism into the Static currents of the Treasury of Light. The Commendation of the Church is given for its patience and labour and because it has not fainted. These images refer to the immense patience and labour required to keep control over the energies of the base centre. The ideal situation would be total awareness at all time, hence, we must not faint, so to speak. The Counsel and Warning is that the Church has left its true Love. This clearly refers to the need for the base centre to be always directed to the Higher worlds and Yahveh. Whether it is swayed by family, lust, desire or even love, any movement away from the goal is sin . (The word Sin literally means to miss the mark ).

The Church of Pergamos

The Church of Pergamos is the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is known as Elevation or Height as it governs the balance of the organism through its central position. It is also elevated in that it governs and controls the lower Chakras. The Commendation of the Church is given because it holds fast to what it has been taught, has not denied the faith and has accepted the fact there are and will be many martyrs due to the stand they have taken. This relates to the achievement of balance through the Solar Plexus which demands separation from the world and holding secure to the Static currents even while there is persecution from the Fallen world. The Counsel and Warning is the message that the Church holds many conflicting doctrines and must repent. This can be understood on two levels, firstly, one cannot serve two masters. Beliefs must be either Static or Dialectic, unless you are totally separated from the world and centred on the Treasury of Light then you are under Dialectic Dominion...

The Church of Laodicea

The Church of Laodicea is the Sahasrara or Crown Centre. It is located above the top of the head and is known as Judging the People. Its name suggests the immense and total power of this centre, it is that of Divinity, Godhood, Static Deification. Through this enlightened state the whole universe and world is seen for what it really is and judged accordingly.

The Island with Two Churches

A Welshman was shipwrecked upon a deserted island for twenty years before a rescue party finally discovered him. The Welshman was delighted at his rescue, but wished to show his rescuers all the work that he had done. He had missed civilization greatly, so he had cut down several trees in order to build a village. There was a bank, a theatre, a pub, a hotel, a jail and two churches. When the rescuers saw the two churches they asked him why he had built two churches.

The Gnostic Apostolic Church and Other Religions

The Gnostic Apostolic Church aims to restore the pristine teachings of the Gnostic traditions. Throughout history there have been many religions which offered great spiritual wisdom, but with time, each have become corrupted. It is quite clear that the modern representatives of the various religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and so forth have little knowledge of the original Gnosis their religions held. Hence, for the student of Gnosis modern religions offer little in the way of spiritual development, save as perhaps sources of sociological study.

The Gnostic Tradition A Brief history of the Church

It is difficult to encapsulate the history of the Gnostic tradition. However, it is fair to say that it began in the time of the great Sumerian and Egyptian kingdoms and was passed down, at first in oral form, (Cf.Kabbalah passed by mouth ) through esoteric brotherhoods. In the west this knowledge was passed onto the initiate (Jesus) in the Essene Sect, after his death his followers passed on the secret teachings. This new order centred around Ormus (46 A.D.) and continued through the Knights Templars, the Eleutherians, the Church of Carmel, the Rosicrucians and onwards. In modern times the lineage continued in a variety of forms, the more ritually oriented line was continued in such organisations as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the early Theosophical movements, the Astrum Argentinum, the Ordeo Templi Orientis and the Fraternity of Saturn (Germany). However, these organisations got bogged down in the technology of the spiritual processes and lost the vision and art of the...

The Role and Purpose of the Gnostic Apostolic Church

The Gnostic Apostolic Church is a modern manifestation of the current which has been working to redeem man from the prison of matter. Throughout history there has been a continuum of secret Churches or Ecclesias which have carried on the Mysteries of the Gnosis. The Gnostic Apostolic Church is representative of the Remnant Ecclesia that carries on the Gnosis in the Aeon of the Remnant. The Gnostic Apostolic Church is the title used for the general educational and evangelistic operations of the Brethren, it symbolises our focus on the Restoration of the original Gnosis. The term Ecclesia or Church is not simply an organisation or a group of people aiming for the same goal though it includes these. It is a special spiritual nucleus which invigorates those who join it and motivates them in their quest for self awareness. The Institute for Gnostic Studies is used to further the educational aspects of the Church's mission.

Sacraments of the Church

The Gnostic Apostolic Church acknowledges seven sacraments, these are In connection with these the Church also acknowledges Healing Sacraments and the Sacred Eucharist. Naming Rituals are similar to Baptisms, they welcome a child into the world and give a special protection for that child. However, they do not lock a child into any specific form of religious practice or tradition. As our Church no longer encourages reproduction this rite is of limited importance. Ordination. Ordination is that special sacrament that confirms a persons spiritual calling. In the traditions of the Gnostic Apostolic Church it has two distinct forms, General and Qadesh. Illumination is the sacrament given to acknowledge the achieving of a state of spiritual enlightenment. It is a real sacrament of Sainthood not the frail imitation the apostate Church upholds. It is only given to the highest initiates of the Path of the Serpent.

The Church of Thyatira

The Church of Thyatira is the Heart or Anahata Chakra. It is called the centre of Sacrifice or Contrition as it involves the sacrifice of the body and mind to the The Commendation of the church is fourfold. Charity, Service, Faith and Patience. Each of these attributes should be central to the Gnostic Life.

The Church of Philadelphia

The Church of Philadelphia is the Third Eye or Ajna (Brow) Chakra. It is given the title of Brotherly Love because of the awesome power of its nature. The insight and force of this centre can only be understood when experienced through Agape of Divine Love. Only by truly desiring to return to the Treasury of Light and having The Commendation of the Church is for its keeping of the Word. The word here is the Logos, the power manifested in the Throat centre but originating in the Ajna. Only by communion with the Logos and Love for the Lord of Wisdom can the Ajna be awakened.

The Gnostic Church

The Gnostic Church is the authentic Church of our Lord the Christ. It is the temple of Initiations and it is situated within the Astral plane. Our Lord the Christ and the Holy Masters officiate there. On Fridays and Sundays, the disciple can assist the 'Pretor' in order to receive the Holy Unction of bread and wine and in order to be cured of any sickness. This Church has 11,000 vestals. The twenty and four Elders of the Apocalypse (Revelation) dwell there. This Church has esoteric instruction rooms for the disciples, in which the Masters teach and instruct. The Masters of the Holy Gnostic Church concur to the bed of the sick in order to heal them. A Gnostic Prayer exists, which every sick person must pronounce in order to ask the Masters for help. Behold, the prayer

The Church of Smyrna

The Church of Smyrna is the Svadhisthana Chakra in the Hindu system or in our terms the Sacral Centre. It is known by the name of Sweet Smelling and is related to the sexual organs. The sweet smell refers to the Ojas or psychic force which The Commendation given to the Church is for standing strong in the time of tribulation and persecution. This refers again to the great discipline required to control this energy centre. While the base centre refers to all manners of desire, this centre is clearly Sexual in nature and demands initiated control. The Counsel and Warning is against hypocrites and blasphemers. These descriptions refer to those who either use esoteric techniques to gain further pleasure and control over others rather than spiritual Growth. And to the supposed Modern Christian Churches who have no knowledge of the inner teachings and of pithy morality and prejudice in the place of wisdom.

The Church of Sardis

The Church of Sardis is the Throat or Visuddha Chakra. It is given the title of That which remains as it is the portal before entering the higher Chakras. It has a similar meaning in the Kabbalistic systems. The Commendation to the Church is that there are a few who have not defiled the Mysteries. This is a clear message that only a small number can really use this centre correctly and transmute the Psyche and achieve communion with the Logos.

Churches and Temples

In the Gnostic Apostolic Church we realise that a Temple of the Gnosis is a permanent doorway between the worlds and hence we create two distinct environments for use within the Church. The Actual term Church comes from the base word Ecclesia and means people and or community, hence within the Church we use the Church building as a meeting place, a counselling centre and a nucleus for Church activity within the congregation. Our Churches are where services of a worshipful and celebratory nature are held. The Temple of the Gnosis is a different affair. In it both initiations and ritual are held which have special power as the Temple forms a permanent intersection between worlds. It is a place of great power and beauty and should always be treated as such. In the Gnostic Apostolic Church both Churches and Temples are governed by ordained ministers of our tradition, even though laymen are encouraged to developed private Spiritual spaces within their own homes for their own use

How Magicians Collect vertues from the threefold World is declared in these three Books

Enjoy not only these vertues, which are already in the more excellent kind of things, but also besides these, to draw new vertues from above. Hence it is that they seek after the vertues of the Elementary world, through the help of Physick medicine , and Naturall Philosophy in the various mixtions of Naturall things, then of the Celestiall world in the Rayes, and influences thereof, according to the rules of Astrologers, and the doctrines of Mathematicians, joyning the Celestiall vertues to the former Moreover, they ratifie and confirm all these with the powers of divers Intelligencies, through the sacred Ceremonies of Religions. The order and process of all these I shall endeavor to deliver in these three Books Whereof the forst contains naturall Magick, the second Celestiall, and the third Ceremoniall. But I know not whether it be an unpardonable presumption in me, that I, a man of so little judgement and learning, should in my very youth so confidently set upon a business so...

Algebra Gnosis and Religion

It may be thought that Algebra has little similarity to religion, however, if we consider it more closely they have much in common. Algebra uses letters to represent actions and numbers, it is a system of representation and in a sense, symbolism. This is also the case with religion. Religion uses symbols to stand for realities, it uses images to represent things that cannot be easily imagined or explained. The problem is that Algebra is an academic form of mathematics and has little effect on everyday life while religion controls and influences us more than we would care to admit. Only be removing religious iconography from the realm of the emotions and appreciating it as a symbol system, as a form of divine algebra can we really understand its nature. The Gnostic handbook is one application, one representational system for the ancient Gnosis. It can be seen in many forms and using many symbol systems. Accordingly, it is important to realise the difference between the representational...

Volume One The Original 1966 Introduction

Those who join the Reformed Druids are, in one sense or another, religious rebels. They are usually fed up with the hypocrisies and inadequacies of the institutionalized churches. They seek a sa-tyric outlet, and they find it in Druidism. But they are seldom anti-religious. On the contrary, they often feel that there is in fact some truth to be found in religion, and this belief is affirmed in the Basic Tenets. A common complaint among Druids is that the truth has been obscured because they have been forced, more or less against their will, into various particular religious molds. They seek to be freed freed in order to freely seek, and to make independent judgments on what passes for religious truth.

The Sources of our Tradition

These teachings, however, did not remain available forever. As society changed and a new regime came to power the teachings of Jesus were suppressed and replaced with the political faith of Emperor Constantine, and accordingly the Gnosis went underground to ensure its survival. What we have in today's religious movements are not the original forms of Judaism and Christianity, but apostate faiths masquerading in their place. The Bible itself has been tampered with to such an extent that only by returning to fragments of the other Aryan traditions can we restore the primal Gnosis. The Gnostic Apostolic Church upholds the original inner teachings of Jesus. These are a re-instatement of the original and first faith of the Pan-Aryan tribes, remnants of which can also be found in other Aryan faiths - but are found in a more refined form in the esoteric traditions of the early Gnostics.

Beliefs Blown to Bits

I continued going to church for a while, but I started an intense examination of my Catholic beliefs. Hoping to find some answers, I found a Bible that I got as a confirmation gift, and I read the entire New Testament and much of the Old Testament. The Bible convinced me that Jesus was a good man, and taught good lessons. In fact, I agreed with everything that Jesus was supposed to have said. But even what I read in the Bible didn't agree with my Catholic belief system Heavy questions nagged in my heart. Why does the Catholic church insist that Jesus is the son of God, when Jesus called himself the son of man repeatedly Why do they pray, Lord, I am not worthy to receive you then immediately they receive him Why do they pray for their own petty interests instead of entrusting that God would take care of the world Why do they preach about needing to fear God Why do they hold carnivals and bingo games when Jesus said not to use a place of worship in these ways, and even kicked...

Religion Under Repair

On the 14th of Aprd, 1917, The Times published an article entitled Sheep without a Shepherd, which, gently and without bitterness but in unequivocal terms, described the conventional religion of the Churches and all their creeds as hopelessly out of date. Thinking men and women were represented as convinced that religion must be rediscovered from the beginning. The clergyman and his religion belong to a dead past. Thinking people turn away from the Churches more and more as their interest in religion grows. What they need is a conception of the Universe in which they may take their place. They believe in Christianity but they need an expression of it that will satisfy intelligence. The time of cleansing for the Christian theology has been delayed so long that there is a danger lest the mass of men should think it all litter and dust of the past. The Churches have fancied that the danger would be staved off ' by the slow, reluctant relinquishing of this or that belief as it became...

Origins of the Lodges

The Lodges had thoroughly infiltrated the Christian Church and the Roman Empire by the year 363, when the death of Emperor Julian the Apostate dealt the final blow to paganism. The majority of the population settled for promises of enlightenment and paradise after death, and the mystical elements of Christianity were suppressed. Direct communication with angels or the spirits of dead saints was left in the hands of the Church, isolating the people from contact with spirits. The few Initiates who displayed their powers openly were labeled saints (when they were good Lodge members) or sorcerers when they did not, and each was treated accordingly.

History of the Lodges Continued

It wasn't until the Renaissance and the Enlightenment (words that were coined by the Lodges to refer to their own achievements, and which were later used to define whole historical periods) that the Lodges managed to reorganize themselves and achieve a semblance of their previous level of control. Initiates became very influential among the nascent middle class. Among them were the masons, stonecutters and builders responsible for the huge cathedrals and buildings of the late Middle Ages. The builder guilds that came under the control of the Lodges tended to have fewer accidents and mishaps than the ones that didn't. To appease the spirits and the magicians who controlled them, the masons started conducting secret rituals, going so far as to use many occult symbols among the decorations of the churches and cathedrals they built. Eventually, Initiates from these guilds founded a number of occult fraternal societies that would become the core of the Enlightened Lodges. The new...

Shepherdess No Temptation To Which Poussin And Teniers Keep The Key Piece 681 With The Cross And This Horse Of God I

Bayley concluded that, after their persecution by the Church, the Cathars and other residents of the Languedoc region were among the earliest paper makers of the Middle Ages. Their watermarks, he says, are nearly all symbols of religious nature, the total comprising a secret language shared by those 'in the know'.

The Origins Of The Doctrine

In fact, if we discard the particular position of the decadent Roman church, we would argue that among the early religions, the sexual organ is sacred. The loincloth is less a veil thrown over something shameful and degrading, than a necessary and ritual obstacle destined to protect a sacred organ from the eyes of stranger. Hence the tattoos of magico-religious characters on the undergarments of our primitives and hence, in a different field, the removal of the generative organs (nearly everywhere) suffered by the vanquished warrior, which in other cases is replaced by the head, or by parts of the head (ear, scalp, etc.). If the sexual organ was something to be ashamed of, our primitive would not give it the same preeminence as the skull, that noble organ and personifying most the personality of the conquered. This is why the catholic Church, with some reason, opposes Eve, the Woman of Death , as she is called in the Clementine Homilies - with the Virgin Mary, the Woman of Life . Eve...

Ancient Doctrines Rediscovered

Some of the early Church fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria and Origen, were influenced by Gnosticism, and a number of Christian Gnostic groups were formed in the early years of the Christian era. The main body of the Church, however, opposed Gnosticism, both inside and outside its ranks. The struggle continued into the Middle Ages, when Gnosticism still cropped up in various parts of Europe. The Bogomils of Bulgaria, for example, were a Gnostic sect who ate no flesh apart from fish as they believed that fish were the only creatures that did not generate sexually. A similar Gnostic sect was the Albigenses of southern France who, like the Bogomils, advocated sexual continence and opposed the eating of meat. They were savagely wiped out in the twelfth century in a crusade inspired by Pope Innocent III. After this Gnosticism went underground, though even in the later Middle Ages its influence broke through here and there. In the Renaissance, as we shall see, it came back into its own...

Secret Society Of Boys

I loved the feel of the Masonic lodge room. After meetings, when the rest of the boys were in the social hall enjoying refreshments, I would sit alone in the semidarkness of the temple and try to imagine the secret goings on of grown-up Masons. The lodge room felt more sacred than church. It was rectangular and smelled like old wood and cigars. There were big thrones positioned in the east, south, and west, and two ornate pillars with globes on their capitals flanked the double doors in the west. There was an altar in the middle of the floor. It seemed like everything - every chair, every podium, every mounted symbol knew its place and was perfectly situated where it belonged. Is this where the Royal Secret is revealed Heresy toward the Church

Chapter Two Neopaganism and Reformed Druidism

Neopaganism is a term that was First brought to the attention of our generation by Ven. Tim Zell, Primate of the Church of All Worlds (in St. Louis, MO), which is the second oldest public Neopagan organization in America, having been founded in 1961 c.e., two years before the Reform (2 b.r.). 5. Neochristianity , to give a parallel that might make things clearer, is a term used by some to refer to such groups as the Christian Scientist, Quakers, Unitarians, and other liberal Christians while the Paleochristians include Roman Catholics, High Church Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostalists and other conservative Christians .

The World Fellowship Of Faiths

In contrast, the various Christian Churches which share the same Founder, Christ, the same Message, that of the Gospels, and the same fundamental doctrine, that based on the Sermon on the Mount, have a great deal in common. Yet during the past eight centuries sincere and repeated efforts to bring a closer union between these Churches have proved futile. Now we are told that the Fellowship of Faiths, in its twelve years of existence, is achieving world unity between all the religions of the globe, including these very Christian Churches which have never been able to unite among themselves.

Chapter Three Magic Witchcraft and Reformed Druidism

So, while the RDNA has not been around long enough as an organization to acquire a strong circuit of power in the collective unconscious (as the 40+ Catholic Churches have, for example), nonetheless, under the leadership of a Druid ess who has been properly trained in magic, our rites can be used to reach back to touch the Ancient Gods invoked.

The Johannite Tradition

What is necessary is an interdisciplinary approach to one's chosen material -- a mobile and flexible approach that permits one to move freely between disparate disciplines, across space and time. One must be able to link data and make connections between people, events, and phenomena widely divorced from each other. One must be able to move, as necessity dictates, from the third to the twelfth to the seventh to the eighteenth century, drawing on a varied spectrum of sources -early ecclesiastical texts, the Grail romances, Merovingian records and chronicles, the writings of Freemasonry. In short, one must synthesize -- for only by such synthesis can one discern the underlying continuity, the unified and coherent fabric, which lies at the core of any historical problem. Such an approach is neither particularly revolutionary, in principle, nor particularly controversial. It is rather like taking a tenet of contemporary Church dogma -- the Immaculate Conception, for instance, or the...

The Masters Of Martinez De Pasqually

In a special edition of the magazine The Veil of Isis , published in 1927, Jean Bricaud expounded on the history of the Rosicrucian movement, from the first manifestations of the Fraternity of the Rose+Cross at the beginning of the XVIIth century. We will briefly summarize this author (and explain that his position as a high grade member of the Order and as patriarch of the gnostic church places him as having teachings of value, be they through archives and documents, or through verbal traditions) and conclude with our personal investigations. Jacob, in a prophetic sermon on 2nd December, 1722, said these suitable words on the Roman Church God blessed and consecrated the three Sacrificers in the highest Heavens with the salt and oil of Grace. He chose the Widow to represent his church, which he wished to make flourish and triumph over the earth. This Roman Church has remained a widow until the present, and slave to the elders of the Roman Church but it must be overthrown with its...

Jervisakm Mea circa

In this context the Jesus incident took place. Reports of the events are muddy, having been obscured by Templars, the Church, and others in the time since they occurred. Even most Nephilim are not exacdy sure what happened, or how. Accepted religious history professes a different message. The Christian Church says that Jesus was the Messiah who had been announced in the Old Testament, that he is the Son of God, and that he came upon Earth to spread the Good News. During his life he accomplished numerous miracles and ultimately proved his divinity by resurrecting himself after

The Formula Of Tetragrammaton

Then is the foundation of the legend of the Wandering Prince---and, note well, he is always the fool of the family . The connection between foolishness and holiness is traditional. It is no sneer that the family nitwit had better go into the church. In the East the madman is believed to be possessed , a holy man or prophet. So deep is this identity that it is actually embedded in the language. Silly means empty-the Vacuum of Air-Zero- the silly buckets on the deck . And the word is from the German selig, holy, blessed. It is the innocence of the Fool which most strongly characterizes him. It will be seen later how important is this feature of the story. Dagon, the fish god. The fish as a symbol of fatherhood, of motherhood, of the perpetuation of life generally, constantly recurs. The letter N. (Nun, N, in Hebrew means Fish) is one of the original hieroglyphs standing for this idea, apparently because of the mental reactions excited in the mind by the continual repetition of this...

Clerical Investment See p B19

In the Shadow War world, the Clerical Investment advantage does not confer special abilities. Many religious figures, however, have the Initiate advantage at various levels (see p. 58). Christian Initiates of the appropriate level are able to conduct exorcisms and even perform miracles, either by using Initiate powers or by learning Ritual Magic (see Chapter 3). In the 20th century, however, clerics with unusual abilities are likely to be greeted with suspicion and skepticism by their superiors. The Lodges' influence over most organized Christian churches ensures that the Initiate is quickly co-opted or that his reputation and career are quickly destroyed.

Solomons Secret 1 The individual is the fundamental unit

I know this doesn't sound like much of a mystical secret, but it's a very big one. If you can't swallow this you'll never be a magician. We are, each one of us, our own self-contained King Solomon. We are suns not planets, atoms not molecules, kings and queens, not subjects. The fundamental unit of society is not the family, not the community, not the nation, not the Church, but you and I. Until we come to the full realization of this fundamental truth we remain like unenlightened Crusaders fighting and dying for someone else's absurd fantasy cause, slaves to arbitrary and impersonal outside entities, unable to recognize (let alone fulfill) our human potential.

Origin And Development Of Healing

Among savages the priest was also medicine man. In ancient Greece, Aesculapius was particularly sought by those in need of healing. The church followed in his steps. Certain Catholic orders have continued the endeavor to assuage pain during the centuries which have intervened between that day and the resent. In times of sickness the good Father came as a representative of our Father in Heaven, and what he lacked in skill was made up by love and sympathy--if he was indeed a true and holy priest--and by the faith engendered in the patient by the priestly office. His care of the patient did not commence at the sick bed, nor was it terminated at recovery. The gratitude of the patient toward the physician was added to the veneration felt for the spiritual adviser, and as a consequence the power of the priest to help and uplift his erstwhile patient was enormously increased, and the tie between them was closer than possible where the offices of spiritual and medical adviser are divorced.

First Lecture First Principles

In the mind of a pious person, the inferiority complex which accounts for his piety compels him to interpret this emancipation as union with the gaseous vertebrate whom he has invented and called God. On the cloudy vapour of his fears his imagination has thrown a vast distorted shadow of himself, and he is duly terrified and the more he cringes before it, the more the spectre seems to stoop to crush him. People with these ideas will never get to anywhere but Lunatic Asylums and Churches.

Anselm of Canterbury 10331109

The father of medieval scholasticism and one of the most eminent of English prelates was born at Aost Piedmont in 1033. Anselm died at Canterbury, England on April 21, 1109. While a boy he wished to be a monk, but his father forbade it. When he was about twenty-three Anselm left home to live in Burgundy and France. After three years he went to Bec in Normandy where his celebrated countryman, Lanfranc, was prior. Here he became a monk (1060). He succeeded Lanfranc as prior in 1063, and became abbot in 1078. The abbey had possessions in England, which called Anselm frequently to that country. He was the general choice for archbishop of Canterbury when Lanfranc died (1089). However, the king, William Rufus, preferred to keep the office vacant, and apply its revenues to his own use. In 1093 William fell ill and, literally forced Anselm to receive an appointment at his hands. He was consecrated December 4 of that year. The next four years witnessed a continual struggle between king...

The Shroud In The Languedoc

In 1203, four years before the attack on the Cathars, the Church's search for Christian relics was massively underway. Word of the Shroud in Byzantine Constantinople influenced the diversion of the Fourth Crusade to 'the new Rome' built by Constantine, to repossess relics from the schismatic Greeks. Markwardk suggests that it was a Cathar sympathizer who pilfered the relic, concealed it, and sent it to the Languedoc, not as an object of religious veneration, but as a powerful palladium that could be employed against the fanatically-militant Church of Rome. (If my theory is correct it was used as source material for elucidating the secret of transmuting the elements.)

How They Gathered The Silk For The Weaving Of The Butterflynet

An hour's walk brought them to the foot of a long stairway, damp stonework, narrow, between high walls, that led vertical and steep to the very crest of Posilippo. One could see the old church amid its cluster of houses. Cyril pointed to a house a couple of hundred yards north of the church. It was the most attractive building on the hillside. At last they came out from their narrow gangway to the by-street behind the church. It was an old and neglected thoroughfare, far from the main automobile road that runs along the crest. It was a place that the centuries had forgotten. Lisa realized that it was a haven of calm -- and in a sense she resented the fact. Her highly-coloured nature demanded constant stimulus. She was an emotion-fiend, if one may construct the term by analogy with another branch of pathology.

Chapter the FOURTH

To explain this, a brief history lesson is necessary I was born and raised Roman Catholic, became a born again Christian ala Billy Graham at the age of 15, served as a pillar of the Methodist Church in high school, discovered Zen, Siddhartha, yoga, T.M., and drug-induced mystical experiences during my first two years at Carleton, along with my growing interest in Druidism.

The Manifesting Of Simplicity

The instructed infidel shall no longer sneer at the church-goer, for he will have been compelled to go to church until he saw the good points as well as the bad and the instructed devotee will no longer detest the blasphemer, because he will have laughed with Ingersoll and Saladin.

Thomas Aquinas 12251274

The reward for that toward which he himself gives the power. Man can never of himself deserve the prima gratia, nor meritum de congruo (by natural ability). After thus stating the principles of morality, in the secunda secundoe Thomas comes to a minute exposition of his ethics according to the scheme of the virtues. The conceptions of faith and love are of mush significance in the complete system of Thomas. Man strives toward the highest good with the will or through love. But since the end must first be apprehended in the intellect, knowledge of the end to be loved must precede love because the will can not strive after God in perfect love unless the intellect have true faith toward him. Inasmuch as this truth which is to be known is practical it first incites the will, which then brings the reason to assent. But since, furthermore, the good in question is transcendent and inaccessible to man by himself, it requires the infusion of a supernatural capacity or disposition to make man...

The Philosophical School Of Freemasonry

From the derailing of such Obediences, contaminated by a growing materialism - and similarly in other human Institutions (Church, State, Family, Individual, etc. ) - can we not equitably conclude a total deviation from the ideals that were once those of Freemasonry Here, as in other institutions, we should not despair. The profound spirituality that formerly existed can re-emerge, in the same way that the evangelical spirit of primitive Christianity can burn once more in the heart of an apparently hardened Catholic.

Mythological Origin Of The Werewolf Myth

But besides the doctrine of metempsychosis, which proved such a fertile mother of fable, there was another article of popular mythology which gave rise to stories of transformation. Among the abundant superstitions existing relative to transformation, three shapes seem to have been pre-eminently affected that of the swan, that of the wolf, and that of the serpent. In many of the stories of those transformed, it is evident that the individual who changes shape is regarded with superstitious reverence, as a being of a higher order of a divine nature. In Christian countries, everything relating to heathen mythology was regarded with a suspicious eye by the clergy, and any miraculous powers not sanctioned by the church were attributed to the evil one. The heathen gods became devils, and the marvels related of them were supposed to be effected by diabolic agency. A case of transformation which had shown the power of an ancient god, was in Christian times considered as an instance of...

The imagery of dualism

This also can assist us to understand the imagery of the early Church. When we see the icon of pregnancy attacked, when we read such virulent attacks against birth we can appreciate that this isn't misogyny or an attack on women as individuals but a rejection of reproduction. norm in the secret brotherhoods and Gnostic communities, and only when we appreciate this fact can we understand what the imagery of these groups meant. Women or men were only dangerous insomuch as they desired reproduction. Maternal and paternal instincts were the enemy, not women or men themselves. The imagery used, while admittedly explosive, reflected the ongoing battles against the world and the flesh. It was (and is) a war against the World of the Archons and must be seen in that context. It was never a war against men or women but against reproduction. The Secret of Gnostic sexuality and the real nature of the Gnostic message means that it will only ever reach a limited few. This, in reality, is a good...

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

Even though the world has changed a lot since then our daily lives are in essence remarkably similar to our ancestors'. We may not have the need of horses, or church honors, or the power to illuminate graves, but we still need a car, career advancement, and some of us occasionally need the wit and eloquence to write and deliver a eulogy. 68 Carroll (Poke) Runyon. The Book of Solomon's Magick. (Pasadena, CA Church ofthe Hermetic Science, Inc., 1996).

Chapter Ten The Secret

In the early Gnostic Church the State of Perfection was well recognised. To avoid charlatans claiming the state, the church itself verified the achievement. This was known as the Administration of the Mysteries (Ephesians 3 9). This recognition was by a third form of Baptism, a secret rite. This was known as the Consolamen-tum by the Cathari and could only be offered once in a lifetime. It is rumoured that if someone took this baptism and was not prepared for it, it would destroy them or send them mad.

Family Public Enemy No

I think that family should include any body of persons with common interests which they expect or wish you to share. One's old school or university, the regiment, the golf club, the business, the party, the country any of these may dislike very much your absorption in affairs alien to their own. But the family is the classic type, because its pull is so potent and persistent. It began when you gave your first yell your personality is deliberately wrenched and distorted to the family code and their zoology is so inadequate that they always feel sure that their Ugly Duckling is a Black Sheep. Even for their Fool they find a use he can be invaluable in the Church or the Army, where docile incompetence is the sure key to advancement.

Astrology Letter No

When the Spirit spoke to the churches in Revelation, it found fault in many directions but one received a stinging rebuke, I wish thou wert hot or cold, but because thou art neither I will spew thee out of my mouth. The so-called bad boy is not nearly so difficult a problem as one who is so goody-goody that he is likely to turn out to be a good-for-nothing, a pitiable human wreck. You will do well to look the latter over constantly and thoroughly, and remind him of the slightest neglect or mistake. It takes strength to be a sinner, and the worst boy becomes the best man when Mars has been downed by Venus but the greatest firmness is required to correct an afflicted Venus and give the child sufficiently dynamic energy to be really, instead of seemingly, good.

Chapter the Tenth Christian or Pagan

Belief and structure are imposed from the top. The same is true of Eastern Orthodoxy and High Church Anglicanism. 4. Mainline Protestantism is a mixture of polytheistic structure and pagan belief. Fringe Protestantism, such as the Holiness Church, Primitive Baptists, snake handlers, Christian Science, etc. are essentially intolerant pagan cults. 6. Most pagan of all are the African-American churches, especially the small denominations which freely mix Christianity with African traditions.

The Revival in France

9th I will neither build churches, chapels nor hospitals and such public charities as there are already a sufficient number of such public buildings and institutions if they were only properly applied P ladan's fervent Catholicism soon brought him into conflict with the other members of the Qabalistic Order of the Rosy Cross, and in 1890 he broke away to form a group of his own, l'Ordre de la Rose Croix Catholique, du Temple et du Graal, announcing the move in a letter to Papus which was published in the latter's journal, l'Initiation. By this means P ladan hoped to bring occultism back under the wing of the Church. The aim of the Catholic Rose Cross was to carry out works of mercy with a view to preparing for the reign of the Holy Spirit. In the field of music P ladan had considerable influence. He was a fanatical Wagnerite, and his advocacy of the German composer probably had a great deal to do with Wagner's popularity in France. Having formed a Rosicrucian school of art and a...

Homosexuality and the Gnostic path

This is why the Essenes separated married initiates off from the rest and why celibacy (originally a code for homosexuality and non-reproductive heterosexuality) was part of the Church structure. Again we must emphasise the issue here is not sexuality but reproduction. The ancient Gnostics would have been disgusted to find that family values were being taught in Christian Churches, they would have thought that the devil himself had taken control for such evil to be regarded as good, maybe they are right

Religion Proved By The Objections Which People Oppose To It

They call them infidels and giaours, that is to say, dogs. We have nothing to reply to them. One must not refute the Turks and the Arabs one must instruct and civilize them. Remain dissident Christians, that is to say, those who, having broken the bond of unity, declare themselves strangers to the charity of the Church. Greek orthodoxy, that twin of the Roman Church which has not grown greater since its separation, which counts no longer in religion, which, since Photius, has not inspired a single eloquence, is a church become entirely temporal, whose priesthood is no more than a function regulated by the imperial policy of the Tsar of All the Russias a curious mummy of the primitive Church, still coloured and gilded with all its legends and all its rites, which its popes no longer understand the shadow of a living church, but one which insisted on stopping when that church moved on, and which is now no more than its bloated-out and headless silhouette. It is, then, against faith...

Working with Atavistic Nostalgia

Sca Scroll Blanks

The fundamental rationale of this practice is Darwin's Theory of Evolution. I'm sure you are familiar with Darwin's theory that man is but the momentary end-product of a long process of evolution that has been going on for millions of years and which has led from unicellular organisms and reptiles to mammals, including ourselves. Unlike popular Vulgar Darwinism (which was mainly monitored by the Church), Darwin did not so much claim that man derives from monkey but rather that we carry in us the entire heritage of ail life forms and that we literally incor-

The Physiology of the Mysteries AnOverview

To fully appreciate the system that is being outlined the Gnostic needs to consider the basis of the structure. We believe that The Lord of Wisdom has not simply outlined a scheme of Solar Festivals to re-align Aryan man with the Treasury of Light but that hidden within other sections of the Bible (notably the Seven Days of Creation and the Seven Churches of Revelation) he has provided a practical means to transform our energy fields. This technology is based on a simple esoteric physiology as the Chakric System. The structure of this system is fairly simple, along the spinal column there are three para-physical canals, the centre of the Column (the Sushumna), the right is the Pingala, the Left is the Ida. Along these canals flow the psychic forces of the organism, placed across these three canals are Seven Centres of Energy.

Modern Rosicrucian Movements

After completing the Preliminary Course one is put on the Regular Student list for a period of two years, after which if he has become so imbued with the verity of the Rosicrucian teachings that he is prepared to sever his connection with all other occult or religious orders - the Christian Churches and fraternal orders are excepted - he may assume the Obligation which admits him to the degree of Probationer. It must be admitted that AMORC has had an enormous impact, largely through its extremely high-powered salesmanship, and must have drawn many people into occultism and mysticism who might never have become involved otherwise. Its influence can be traced into many other organizations which are either off-shoots or part of the same stream. These include Scientology, the Mayan Order, Astara and Silva Mind Control. As Robert Ellwood writes, in his Religious and Spiritual Groups in Modern America 'The similarity of the structure, ritual, and some of the terminology to Freemasonry has...

Customs Of The Atlanteans And Of Sacrifices To The Gods

Which opposes the customs of Atlas to those of any other race on Earth. But the considerations which established it have yet to be discussed. I will not insist on that gross and cynical point of view which might perceive in English marriage today a practical vindication of the Atlantean position. On the contrary, in Atlas marriage formed the loftiest of ideals. It resembles the Hermetic marriage of certain alchemists. The bond between the parties was only stronger for the absence of the lower link. The idea underlying this was in the main a particular case of the general proposition that whatever was natural should be transcended. As will be seen in the final chapter, the very stigma of success in their Great Work was the transcending of the sexual process. The bond of marriage was not, however, entirely of this negative character. It had its positive side, and here closely resembled the so-called Christian doctrine of Christ and the church. Husband and wife were to be father and...

Discovery and Conquest

The Spanish conquista was perceived as a holy crusade to redeem new lands and people for the Church. Like many crusades, it provided a perfect excuse for brutality and the fulfillment of greed. Fulfilling all legalities in the medieval tradition, the Spanish read out loud (in Spanish) a proclamation claiming an area in the name of king and country and warning the uncomprehending Indians that any resistance would be met with violence. After the legal requirements had been met, the Spanish soldiers would attack and massacre or enslave the inhabitants.

Historical Sourcebooks Continued

Europe in the Age of Sail was a land going through interesting times. The Reformation and Counter-Reformation were tearing the land apart. The Masons, led by the Enlightened Lodges, were attempting to destroy the Church and the monarchies it supported. A good source of ideas for a mystical Swashbuckling campaign set in Europe is Robert Anton Wilson's Historical Illuminatus series.

The First Two Moons

Before engaging in any work for the Operation beginning at Easter, the Rituals of Abramelin and Avignon prescribe Holy Communion. This is required according to the particular religion of the Operative (Jewish or Christian), in a communion service enacted according to the rites of the Adept. So one may indifferently communicate in a synagogue, a church, a temple, or alone, with a few Brothers, etc. The rite itself depends on the religion (paschal lamb for the

Helping The Socalled Dead

The occultists who founded the great religions were not unmindful of this service due from those left on earth to those who had passed onwards. The Hindu has his Shraddha, by which he helps on their way the souls that have passed into the next world, quickening their passage into Svarga. The Christian churches have Masses and Prayers for the dead . Grant him, O Lord, eternal peace, and let light perpetual shine on him, prays the Christian for his friend in the other world. Only the Protestant section of Christians have lost this gracious custom, with so much else that pertains to the higher life of the Christian man. May knowledge soon restore to them the useful and helpful practice of which ignorance has robbed them

On Conducting Healing Centers General Suggestions

Take THE IMITATION OF CHRIST, by Thomas a Kempis, or anything else of a thoroughly devotional nature, and then turn to the study of the human body, for a knowledge of anatomy is an absolute essential. The body is the temple for the indwelling Spirit, and as it is necessary for an architect to know how to prop up the pillars of a church, when the wear and tear of time have caused the foundation to crumble, so that new material may replace that which has decayed to make the edifice strong and useful again, so also must we know how to strengthen the various parts of the living temple with which we are to deal. There is a book called THE STORY OF

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

Tyrants use the force of the people to chain and subjugate--that is, enyoke the people. Then they plough with them as men do with oxen yoked. Thus the spirit of liberty and innovation is reduced by bayonets, and principles are struck dumb by cannonshot while the monks mingle with the troopers, and the Church militant and jubilant, Catholic or Puritan, sings Te Deums for victories over rebellion. The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok between light and shadow, which is darkness Day and Night Freedom and Despotism Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries, and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible, and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel.

Chapter xlviii Of the vertue of places and what places are sutable to every Star

There be wonderfull vertues of places accompanying them, either from things there placed, or by the influences of the Stars, or in any other way. For as Pliny relates of a Cuckow cuckoo , in what place any one doth first hear him, if his right foot be marked about and, and that foot-step footprint digged up, there will no Fleas be bred in that place where it is scattered. So they say that the dust of the track of a Snake being gathered up, and scattered amongst Bees, makes them return to their hives. So also that the dust, in which a Mule hath rolled himself, being cast upon the Body, doth mitigate the heat of love, and that the dust wherein a Hawk hath rolled her self, if it be bound to the body in a bright red cloth, cures the quartane. So doth the stone taken out of the nest of a Swallow, as they say, presently relieve those that have the falling sickness epilepsy , and being bound to the party, continually preserve them, especially if it be rolled in the blood, or heart of a...

Continuing Revelation

We need to study the historical basis for the Bible, Gnostic Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library so we can get a context for where Gnosticism has come from. At the same time we must be aware of the great distortions that have occurred with all Old Testament, Judaic and Christian texts. The key concept within Gnosticism is continual revelation, so, for example, the festivals evolved from the seven feasts of Israel into the present Solar celebrations. We can also see the development of Gnostic doctrine and Theurgy in light of recent research and experience. Continual revelation while of significant importance always needs to be seen in the context of the Gnostic lineage, anybody can have a revelation and they can come from any one of a million sources. The modern Gnostic tradition as exemplified in the Gnostic Apostolic Church carries on this line of spiritual and Gnostic revelation valuing our heritage and traditions as well as well as recent refinements and...

The Power Of Combined Thought

The increased force that may be obtained by the union of several people to help a common object is recognised not only by occultists, but by all who know anything of the deeper science of the mind. It is a custom, in some parts at least of Christendom, to preface the sending of a mission to evangelize some special district by definite and sustained thinking. A small band of Roman Catholics, for instance, will meet together for some weeks or months before a mission is sent out, and will prepare the ground where it is to work by imaging the place, thinking of themselves as present there, and then intently meditating on some definite dogma of the Church. In this way a thought-atmosphere is created in that district most favourable to the spread of Roman Catholic teachings, and receptive brains are prepared to wish to receive instruction in them. The thought-work will be aided by the added intensity given to it by fervent prayer, another form of thought-work, fired by religious fervour....

Membership and Priesthood

Membership in The Gnostic Apostolic Church can be divided into five classes These five classes represent the various levels of specialisation within the Church structure. Associate Membership is available to anyone who has a general interest in the Church. This is available to any present or past student of our Church's study courses issued through the Institute for Gnostic Studies who has an interest in the Churches ongoingwork. This is available to those who have completed Church training courses and have been initiated but do not wish to apply for ordination. Due to recent changes in the flow of the ages (the acceleration of the Kali Age), our present position is that only those who agree to forgo reproduction can become full members of the Church. Those already with children can join as long as they agree to not have any further children. Those who already have families are eligible to join as full members (General or Initiate) but cannot enter the priesthood without special...

The Werewolf In The Middleages

At Christmas a boy lame of a leg goes round the country summoning the devil's followers, who are countless, to a general conclave. Whoever remains behind, or goes reluctantly, is scourged by another with an iron whip till the blood flows, and his traces are left in blood. The human form vanishes, and the whole multitude become wolves. Many thousands assemble. Foremost goes the leader armed with an iron whip, and the troop follow, firmly convinced in their imaginations that they are transformed into wolves. They fall upon herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, but they have no power to slay men. When they come to a river, the leader smites the water with his scourge, and it divides, leaving a dry path through the midst, by which the pack may go. The transformation lasts during twelve days, at the expiration of which period the wolf-skin vanishes, and the human form reappears. This superstition was expressly forbidden by the church. Credidisti, quod quidam credere solent, ut ille que a...

Tele -photography Matos Spells And Magic

The Sacred Order of THE DEFAMATION LEAGUE. Not much 1s known about the D.L., but they are very ancient and quite possibly were founded by Greyface himself. It is known that they now have absolute domination over all organized churches in the world. It is also believed that they have been costuming cabbages and passing them off as human beings.

The Complete Simon Necronomicon

Lovecraft depicted a kind of Christian Myth of the struggle between opposing forces of Light and Darkness, between God and Satan, in the Cthulhu Mythos. Some critics may complain that this smacks more of the Manichaen heresy than it does of genuine Christian dogma yet, as a priest and former monk, I believe it is fair to say that this dogma is unfortunately very far removed from the majority of the Faithful to be of much consequence. The idea of a War against Satan, and of the entities of Good and Evil having roughly equivalent Powers, is perhaps best illustrated by the belief, common among the Orthodox churches of the East, in a personal devil as well as a personal angel. This concept has been amplified by the Roman Catholic Church to such an extent -perhaps subconsciously - that a missal in the Editor's possession contains an engraving for the Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle, for November 30, that bears the legend Ecce Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi - Behold Him Who Taketh Away The Sins of...

The Western Tradition Heart before Mind

During the Third Century of this era, among the hot sands and rocks of the Egyptian desert west of the Nile and also around the fertile delta of that great river, there were the abodes of many men of the first Christian Church the ascetics, who were recognized as saints. habitation, they could seldom even visit a church to hear the services because of the difficulty in walking long distances in that climate, especially for men emaciated by fasting. Behind the somewhat dogmatic expression given to it by the Church, there lies hidden a deep meaning and consequent effectiveness. Moreover, this exorcism is an impersonal one, which greatly enhances its ethical power, since it leaves the Almighty Himself to deal with offenders and aggressors. This is a literal translation from the old Greek because in such texts the exactness seems to be more important than the smooth outer form of the words. It is still occasionally used in the Greek Orthodox Church, and great powers are ascribed to this...

Let them curse it that curse the day who are skilful to rouse Leviathan JOB

This monster is well known to cult worship all over the world. In China, however, there is an interesting twist. Far from being considered a completely hostile creature, dedicated to the erasure of mankind from the page of existence, the Dragon is given a place of preeminence and one does not hear of a Chinese angel or saint striving to slay the dragon, but rather to cultivate it. The Chinese system of geomancy, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the science of understanding the dragon currents which exist beneath the earth, these same telluric energies that are distilled in such places as Chartres Cathedral in France, Glastonbury Tor in England, and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia. In both the European and Chinese cultures, the Dragon or Serpent is said to reside somewhere below the earth it is a powerful force, a magickal force, which is identified with mastery over the created world it is also a power that can be summoned by the few and not the many. However, in China, there did not...

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

This is a type of White Magick which could be called White Sex Magick. It is an important part of Taoist Alchemy (also called Taoist Yoga) and Tantrik Yoga. Some purists may be upset that I am introducing Oriental elements into this course. However, as I have said, I am very eclectic. Since the writings of Helena Blavatsky, Oriental mysticism has been incorporated into Western mystical philosophy and practice. Even the Golden Dawn took much from the East. This includes both the ideas of Karma and the Tatvic Tides, a system which can help in understanding and working with the magickal elements. Also, it is unfortunately true that with the denunciation of sex for anything but procreation as taught by the Christian church for over 1500 years, much of Western sex magick had to be deeply hidden. This was not the situation in the East, and thus there is much more material, even if it is, in many instances, heavily disguised.

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

In cultures where drugs are respected as resources or allies to spiritual ends, such as in South American Indian society, in the Native American Church, the Bwiti people of Africa, and many others, the use of the drug (whether, as in the above examples, it is ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote or Ibo root, all powerful psychedelics) is fully ritualized and there is rarely, if ever, any social problem or crime associated with it. In fact, there is quite a bit of social gain. This idea also relates to the experiences of many Americans with MDMA (Ecstasy) in recent years. Because use of the empathogenic drug evolved in psychotherapeutic settings, and in New Age circles, it was quite ritualized by the time it spread into the general population. Ecstasy's therapeutic and chakra opening qualities were well publicized, even in articles that meant to denounce its use, and this played a great role in determining people's expectations and intent in using it. Ecstasy may or may not have...

The Nursing Home Circuit

But to some extent, the size of my home town worked against me as well. To some extent, 1 HAD to be the ever evolving, cameleon-like entertainter in order to deal with my tiny pool of potential audience members. Of the three West Virginia towns 1 divided my youth in, the population of the largest one peaked at 17,000, and that was during hunting season. In situations like this, it's easier to get a new act than a new audience. All I had to do was one school show, the local men's club, a church function, a few birthday parties, and everyone in town would have seen my act. If I wanted to be re-booked, I had to get a new act.

The Evolution of Dominions and Principal ities

The above verse and many like it are describing the motivation behind the apostate form of Christianity, a form in which the names of the Gnosis are used, but the wisdom twisted. This process can be seen most clearly in the teachings regarding Dominions and Principalities, for the developing political-religious force of Christianity this doctrine was a problem. If the average Christian believed that the political powers were representatives of the fallen ones, how could they be ruled and controlled. How could the Church integrate with a state system if the average Church member saw the State as the enemy So slowly and surely the Christian establishment watered down the doctrine of Dominions and Principalities. At first they disavowed the Archons and Dominions and Principalities and replaced them with demons. Then they limited the powers of the demons, demons are spiritual entities accordingly they cannot exist as political organisations, governments, states etc. As the compromise...

Evocation Of Taliahad

Golden Pentacle

Thus for works of earth, establishment, death, agriculture, legacies, sorrow and solidification, a Saturnian talisman would be used for matters concerned with honour, riches, apparel, position and some church matters, Jupiter would be invoked for workings concerned with war, imprisonment, weapons and things martial, Mars would be the appropriate category under the Sun comes works of fortune, gold, rulership, inheritance, sharing as it does some of the functions of Jupiter Venus obviously controls matters of love, music, pleasure and luxury whilst Mercury operates in the field of books, learning, gambling, calculation, and theft and the Moon with dreams, the sea, change, reproduction, childbirth, delusion, and psychical matters. In addition to the seven planets it is useful sometimes to construct a talisman of Earth for the 'earthing' or materialization on this plane of any of the above.

Druid Symbols used by Other Druid Groups

The French Druids of the Druidic Church of Gaul (L'eglise Druidique des Gaulois) use a circle transcribing a large X inside. Pierre de la Crau writes in Druids Progress 5 The symbol that we use is the labarum (a Latin word from the Celtic labaron Welsh llafar, ringing, eloquent, Irish labar, eloquent ). The source of the labarum is the Gaulish sign (X) symbolizing the flashing and domineering power of the Celtic god Taranis. This symbol was taken up by the Roman emperor Constantinus following a vision in the Grand's sanctuary (France), when he saw Apollo with the goddess Vicotry , showing him three groups of three labari surrounded with crown laurels can be seen on a tombstone in the Lyon's Museum (France). Constantinus used this sign as his standard to lead his Gaulish armies to victory against Maxentius. After this victory, the Celtic Pagan symbol was coopted by the Christians and became the Constantnian chrisme or the Chi-Rho monogram for Christ.

Multiple Levels of Truth

For example, the Seven Churches may be studied on multiple levels. Level One Seven Churches of Revelation as literal historical Churches. Level Two Seven Churches as seven periods in development of the Ecclesia (Church) on Earth. Level Three Seven Churches as representation of the seven locations with Now, you may say, Come on you want us to believe that Scripture can apply on all these levels .Well, just take a look at the Churches of Revelation. Not only do the specific descriptions regarding attributes of each Church (with very specific outlines of their good and bad points) fit perfectly into the framework of the seven periods of Church history which span from the first century to the present. But these attributes link perfectly with both the traditional Hindu and western descriptions of the qualities and dangers found in each Chakra centre. Coincidence Unlikely

The Three Schools of Magick

There is in history only one movement whose object has been to organize the isolated adepts of the White School of Magick, and this movement was totally unconnected with religion, except in so far as it lent its influence to the reformers of the Christian church. Its appeal was not at all to the people. It merely offered to open up relations with, and communicate certain practical secrets of wisdom to, isolated men of science throughout Europe. This movement is generally known by the name of Rosicrucianism. Christianity, too, has fallen into a lower degree of contempt than ever. Realising that it was moribund, it made a supreme and suicidal effort, and plunged into the death-spasm of the First World War. It was too far corrupt to react to the injections of the White formula which might have saved it. We see today that Christianity is more bigoted, further divorced from reality, than ever. In some countries it has again become a persecuting church.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the

For no one knows where the Sumerians came from, and they vanished just as mysteriously as they appeared, after the Assyrian invasions which decimated their culture, yet providing the Assyrians with much of their mythology and religion so much so that Sumerian became the official language of the state church, much as Latin is today of the Roman Catholic Church. They had a list of their kings before the Flood, which even they carefully chronicled, as did many another ancient civilisation around the world. It is believed that they had a sophisticated system of astronomy (and astrology) as well as an equally religious rituale. Magick, as well in history, begins at Sumer for the Western World, for it his here, in the sand-buried cuneiform tablets that recorded an Age, that the first Creation Epic is found, the first exorcism, the first ritual invocations of planetary deities, the first dark summonings of evil Powers, and ironically, the first burnings of people the anthropologists call...

Magical Animation of Pictures

The magical animation of pictures also belongs to the four methods concerning the creation of elementaries. In cults, the pictures, images of saints, statues and the like are very often told to emanate an exceedingly strong magic power producing miraculous effects on the bodies, spirits and souls of their worshippers. The blessed silence, calmness and the religious ambiance that meets visitors in churches and places of pilgrimage certainly is known to everybody, and there is no need to go into detail about it. All the healings in places of pilgrimage, that have even been substantiated in part scientifically but have not been completely explained, can be imputed to the animation of pictures and statues. The strange atmosphere surrounding these objects causes their emanation, which however was first created by the attention or adoration of thousands of admirers and believers. This kind of animation of images and statues of saints is positively unconscious. But from the magical...

Telepathy Explained

Following the same psychic law, it will be found that every town or large city, or even every small village or section of a larger town, will be found to have its own distinctive psychic atmosphere, which is very perceptible to strangers visiting the place, and which affect those who take up their residence in the place. In large cities, it has been noticed that every building has its own peculiar vibrations which arise from the general character of those occupying it. Different church buildings likewise reflect the character of the general habits of thought and feeling of those worshipping in them. Likewise, certain business streets have pleasant or unpleasant vibrations in their atmosphere, from the same causes. Every person recognizes the truth of these statements, though but few are able to account for the facts in a scientific manner. So, you see, the same principle applies in the case of psychic vibrations. The person carries around with him the general atmosphere of his...

Matos Spells And Magic Wishes Circle Patterns Thoughtforms

There was an ambivalence in the attitude of the Church towards astral projection. When indulged in by the orthodox it was called bilocation and regarded as evidence of possible sanctity. When, on the other hand, it was practised by those who might reasonably be suspected of heresy or witchcraft it was looked upon as proof of co-operation with Satan, or of deliberate attendance at the Witches' Sabbath, or even of dangerous (and possibly diabolical) delusion. Thus Sprenger, the co-author of that notorious inquisitors' manual The Hammer of the Witches (1484), reported the case of a woman who voluntarily approached some Dominican friars and related that she attended the Witches' Sabbath every night.

The Nature of Theosis Deification

The new teachings as revealed by Jesus and James has two distinct aspects, the first is that of individual self discovery. This is the path of the Dove known to the Gnostics as the Psychic Path. It is the path outlined by Jesus. After the death of Jesus and outpouring of Sophia at Pentecost, James the Just revealed a second path, the path of the Serpent or the Pneumatic Path. This is the path of Theosis or deification. The concept of Theosis is found in the writings of many Church Fathers and is embodied in the initiations described in the Secret Gospel of Mark (refer works of Morton Smith). The path of the Serpent involved secret training, occult techniques and death and rebirth rites, it was both a way of life and a ritualised process. (As it is today). After the death of James the Just, things became difficult. St.Paul, though knowledgeable in some aspects of the Mysteries, was not an initiated Essene or Gnostic. Accordingly, his writings are a muddle of Qumran Essene Mysticism and...

Baptism Initiation and The Anointing

Baptism or immersion into water represents the first Initiation on the spiritual Path. It is a ritual recognition of the process of rebirth that has begun. The rite itself is not the same as the rite of Christening, there is no Biblical evidence for the initiation of minors. The rite of baptism is by full immersion into water and represents the descent of the Old man into death (the water) and rebirth as a new creation. This can be readily seen from Luke 3 3 where Baptism is specifically referred to as the Baptism of Repentance. Repentance as discussed earlier involves a radical change of life direction and hence can only be recognised in someone of mature age. Baptism is the first of the Seven Sacraments used by the Gnostic Church. The rite is only available to those who have entered the Path of Transfiguration. Baptism is one of three Initiations offered by the Gnostic Ecclesia Baptism by Water, Anointing

Des Matos In Witchcraft

Cotton Mather stated that the witches form themselves after the manner of Congregational Churches, and M. A. Murray gives the following description of their leader Among other obscene and phallic witch-rites was the Black Mass, celebrated by a renegade priest upon the naked body of the adept for whose benefit it was performed. It symbolized the perversion of all the rites of the Catholic church. Black candles instead of white, inverted crosses, chalices containing the blood of new-born infants sacrificed for ritual purposes, urine for holy water, all these were part of the paraphernalia needed, according to historians, to propitiate the Prince of Darkness and his retinue of minor Devils. Besides evocations, casting of spells and sex-orgies, devil worship entailed such inanities as desecration of the hosts stolen from catholic churches and the kissing of the Grand Master (devil) on the tail or membrum virile. Only hosts consecrated in Roman Catholic churches could serve for Black Mass...

Special Dawns Matos Spells And Magic

The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set The Church of Satan's schismatic offshoot, the Temple of Set, has abandoned the CoS versions of the Calls. Rather than rewrite the angelic language of the Calls, Michael Aquino (founder of the Temple of Set) has substantially revised the translations of the Calls to conform to his own philosophy and myth-system. The Calls and Mr. Aquino's translations are presented as the Word of Set in the ToS manual The Crystal Tablet of Set.

Matos Spells And Magic Lightning Spiral

Gates had taken no part in this performance 160 he knew how dangerous it was, and how likely to recoil upon the rash practitioner. But he did some genuinely useful work. He had been to the church in the village, near Posilippo, whose tower overlooked the Butterfly-net and he had persuaded the priest to allow him continual access to that tower, on the pretext of being an artist. And indeed he had a pretty amateur talent for painting in water- But Brother Onofrio had a glimpse of light, as he assisted one of the two boys, who was almost choking, to reach the refuge. The tower caught his eye, and it flashed upon him that perhaps the Tarot was referring to an actual tower. It was only one step to think of the tower of the church and, running into the garden, he saw that a man was standing there, evidently engaged in watching the house of the magicians. Brother Onofrio's quick insight decided him instantly upon the course to follow. Now when Brother Onofrio found Gates perched upon the...

The Circle

The centre of this circle is the centre of the Tau of ten squares which is in the midst, as shown in the illustration. The Tau and the circle together make one form of the Rosy Cross, the uniting of subject and object which is the Great Work, and which is symbolized sometimes as this cross and circle, sometimes as the Lingam-Yoni, sometimes as the Ankh or Crux Ansata, sometimes by the Spire and Nave of a church or temple, and sometimes as a marriage feast, mystic marriage, spiritual marriage, chymical nuptials, and in a hundred other ways. Whatever the form chosen, it is the symbol of the Great Work.

Weaken The Storms Matos Spells Nd Magic

Remember that Magick includes all acts soever. Anything may serve as a Magical weapon. To impose one's Will on a nation, for instance, one's talisman may be a newspaper, one's triangle a church, or one's circle a Club. To win a woman, one's pantacle may be a necklace to discover a treasure, one's wand may be a dramatist's pen, or one's incantation a popular song.

Conditional Immortality and Reincarnation

Now you may react by arguing that there is no Biblical authority for reincarnation. However, I am afraid that you would be very, very wrong. In the early Christian Church there were many that taught reincarnation. Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Jerome, Gregoras, Augustine and Irenaeus - to name but a few. It was only during the Council of Nicea in 325 AD that the concept of reincarnation became unpopular and this was coupled with the development of teachings regarding the Trinity, Eternal Hellfire, purgatory and other dogma's which were imported into the Church for political reasons by Emperor Constantine. It was only in AD 553 at the Second In regards to Scripture itself it is obvious that Church copyists have removed many of the classic reincarnation references, however, references still do occur if you look closely and carefully analyse what you read. I think from these references it becomes quite clear that reincarnation was taught by the early Gnostic Christian church and even...

Tribute To Carl G Jung

Which must seem very strange to the educated European of the twentieth century, to enlighten the dead on their journey through the regions of the Bardo. The Catholic Church is the only place in the world of the white man where any provision is made for the souls of the departed.

Giordano Bruno 15481600

This Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and occultist was ahead of his time. His theories anticipated modern science. The most notable of these were his theories of the infinite universe and the multiplicity of worlds, in which he rejected the traditional geocentric (Earth-centered) astronomy and intuitively went beyond the Copernican heliocentric (Sun-centered) theory, which still maintained a finite universe with a sphere of fixed stars. Bruno is, perhaps, chiefly remembered for the tragic death he suffered at the stake. A victim of his own beliefs, he maintained his unorthodox ideas when both the Roman Catholic and the Reformed churches were reaffirming rigid Aristotelian and Scholastic principles.

The Mountain Of The Beatitudes

I took a few paces toward the front of the church to turn around to examine the beautiful mural on the back (west) wall. Jesus is depicted standing on a mountain-top. At his feet is a bag of corn. The Sermon on the Mount was said to have taken place at Lake Genesareth, a paradise. However, the painting in the church of Mary Magdalene unmistakably places this event on a cliff near Rennes. That's when the lights of the Church went out again. On my way out the door of the Church my focus shifted to the ugly 'devil' with the green robe standing at the doorway. He too was smaller than I imagined, only about four-foot tall. He is staring at the black and white tile paving on the floor of the church (similar to the checkerboard floors found in masonic temples.) Putting a statue of the Devil in a church would pretty much be a career killer for most priests. Sauniere really shot himself in the foot when he put this guy here. When word leaked out about what Sauniere had done here, there was...

The Basic Key of Seven

Church of Smyrna. Church of Pergamus. Church of Thyatira. Church of Sardis. Church of Philadelphia. Church of Laodicea. tion. Before we actually outline the Solar feasts we need to explore the basic foundations on which they operate, these foundations are found hidden within the teachings regarding the Seven Churches of Revelation. (Fig 21)

The Ariosophic Tradition

The relevance of this is to understand how the Mystery tradition survived. While the Bible provides the key, many of the teachings themselves are locked within other Ariosophic traditions and must be deciphered and restored. For example, while the Seven Churches, Festivals, Days of Creation and so forth link well, only with the early Ariovedic Chakra tradition could the whole picture be gained. In traditional Gnostic schools religious texts were placed in classes and perhaps this method may assist the student to gain an overall picture. (Fig 26)