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Some Chaos Magicians tend to use a lot of scientific analogies/ metaphors in their work. This is okay - after all science sells washing powders and cars - if something can be shown to have a 'scientific' basis, then a lot more people will go for it, especially computer buffs, physics students, etc. It all helps with creating the 'belief buffer'. It needn't actually be 'hard' science, psuedoscience works just as well, as the number of 'New Age' books asserting that crystals store energy 'just like a computer chip does' shows. I'm not trying to be picky (okay, just a bit), and equally, since its the belief factor which is the important thing, then you could use astrology, alchemy, Theosophy or whatever else strikes your fancy, so long as you (or someone else) find it coherent & useful. Just because you're being 'scientific' doesn't mean that you have to be serious at the same time.

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