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Rd Chakra Yoga and making and breaking Habits

The ability to make and break habits is associated with the navel center or third chakra. When our navel center is strong we have the will to make decisions and to keep them. There are many navel exercises and sets. Many of these can be found in my manual Transitions to a Heart-Centered World. Breath of fire is a great navel breath as is 4 part energizing breath. You will find the instructions for the 4-part breath on the Yoga Technology website Do this 3-5 minute exercise 3 or more times a day, especially at moments when you are being pulled to a compulsive, addictive behavior. (Remember the navel center is 2-3 inches below the navel.)

Nd and 3rd Chakras Digestion and Power Center

There are MANY things going on in our body that we can connect with if we tune into and are present to our energy. The second chakra, which is located in the abdominal area, is where much of our additive and food issues reside. The abdominal area is our power center. Women especially learn to hold in their stomachs. The result is a constant tension and continual blocking of our internal source of power. This is the area where our digestion and elimination is regulated. When we create stress by holding in our stomachs and have a negative attitude toward this part of our body, we interfere with our normal biological functioning.

Chakras Physical Wisdom And Healing

Part of the physical wisdom we find in the body comes from its connection to a subtle realm. The body is physical. We can see it with our eyes. But the body also has another field of energy and activity that we cannot see with the eye. Yogis who have trained themselves to see this energy field say it is like light radiating in complex patterns from each cell of the body. It is fluid and constantly moving. In that whirlpool of activity, there are subtle vortexes that interconnect the subtle and physical realms. These centers of transformation and connection are called chakras. These chakras interact with and influence our thoughts, moods, health, and other bodily functions. They exchange energy bi-directionally - from gross to subtle and from subtle to gross. They are doorways of consciousness. There are seven major chakras. While they are associated with areas of the body, in actuality, they shift around like swirls in water. When the mind and body are healthy and vital, they tend to...

Soparshan Chakra Kriya

Of all the twenty types of yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, this is the highest kriya. This meditation cuts through all darkness. The name, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, means the Kriya for Perfect Purification of the Chakras. It will give you a new start. It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. It cuts through all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic inside nature. When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed from the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within. The tragedy of life is when the subconscious releases garbage into the conscious mind. This kriya invokes the Kundalini energy to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the unchanneled subconscious mind.

Earth the First Chakra and Intuition

At the end of each newsletter is a meditation or yoga set that deals with the element of the month. The exercise series at the end of the last newsletter The Earth Taurus Connection helps cultivate the power of the first chakra and a relationship with the Earth and your body. (You can download this issue from our autoresponder - nmb33

Concentration On The Internal Chakras

A Raja Yogi concentrates on the Trikuti (Ajna Chakra, the space between the two eyebrows) which is the seat of the mind in the waking state. You can easily control the mind if you can concentrate on this region. Meditation and concentration on the Ajna Chakra lead to control of mind very easily. Light is seen during concentration in this region very quickly, even in a day's practice, by some persons. He who wants to meditate on Virat and he who wants to help the world should select this region for his concentration. A Hatha Yogi fixes his mind on the Sushumna Nadi, the middle path in the spinal canal and on a specified centre, viz., the Muladhara or the Manipura or the Ajna Chakra. Some Yogis ignore the lower Chakras and fix their mind on the Ajna Chakra only. Their theory is that by controlling the Ajna Chakra, all the lower Chakras can be automatically controlled. When you concentrate on a Chakra, a thread-like connection is formed in the beginning between the mind and the Chakra...

St Chakra Identifying Needs and getting them

Finding solutions to all our human challenges is actually a question of identifying our needs and figuring out how to get them met. Security and satisfying needs are first chakra issues. Some of some our basic needs that relate to food and addictions include the following-

Root Chakra Granthi Sthana

This is situated between the anus and the root of the reproductory organ. It is like the shape of an egg and is covered with membranes. This is just above the Muladhara Chakra. All the Nadis of the body spring from this Kanda. It is in the junction where Sushumna is connected with Muladhara Chakra. The four petals of the Muladhara Chakra are on the sides of this Kanda and the junction is called Granthi-Sthana, where the influence of Maya is very strong. In some Upanishads you will find that Kanda is 9 digits above the genitals.

Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra is the abode of Lord Siva. This corresponds to Satya Loka. This is situated at the crown of the head. When Kundalini is united with Lord Siva at the Sahasrara Chakra, the Yogi enjoys the Supreme Bliss, Parama Ananda. When Kundalini is taken to this centre, the Yogi attains the superconscious state and the Highest Knowledge. He becomes a Brahmavidvarishtha or a full-blown Jnani. The word Sahasradala-Padma denotes that this Padma has 1000 petals. That is, one thousand Yoga Nadis emanate from this centre. There are different opinions about the exact number of petals. It is quite sufficient if you know that innumerable Nadis proceed from this centre. As in the case of other Chakras, the vibrations that are made by the Yoga Nadis are represented by the Sanskrit letters. All the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are repeated here again and again on all Yoga Nadis. This is a Sukshma centre. The corresponding centre in the physical body is in the brain. The term...

Muladhara Vrittis

O Divine Mother Kundalini, the Divine Cosmic Energy that is hidden in men Thou art Kali, Durga, Adisakti, Rajarajeswari, Tripurasundari, Maha-Lakshmi, Maha-Sarasvati Thou hast put on all these names and forms. Thou hast manifested as Prana, electricity, force, magnetism, cohesion, gravitation in this universe. This whole universe rests in Thy bosom. Crores of salutations unto thee. O Mother of this world Lead me on to open the Sushumna Nadi and take Thee along the Chakras to Sahasrara Chakra and to merge myself in Thee and Thy consort, Lord Siva. Kundalini Yoga is that Yoga which treats of Kundalini Sakti, the six centres of spiritual energy (Shat Chakras), the arousing of the sleeping Kundalini Sakti and its union with Lord Siva in Sahasrara Chakra, at the crown of the head. This is an exact science. This is also known as Laya Yoga. The six centres are pierced (Chakra Bheda) by the passing of Kundalini Sakti to the top of the head. 'Kundala' means 'coiled'. Her form is like a coiled...

Padmas Or Chakras

Chakras are in the Linga Sarira (astral body). Linga Sarira is of 17 Tattvas, viz., 5 Jnanendriyas (ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose) 5 Karmendriyas (speech, hands, legs, genitals, anus) 5 Pranas (Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana, Samana) Manas (mind) and Buddhi (intellect). These have corresponding centres in the spinal cord and the nerve-plexuses in the gross body. Each Chakra has control and function over a particular centre in gross body. These cannot be seen by the naked eyes. Some foolish doctors search for the Chakras in the physical body. They cannot find them there. Since they cannot find any Chakra in a dead body, they lose faith in Shastras and Yogic Kriyas. Sukshma Prana moves in the nervous system of the Linga Sarira (astral body). Sthula Prana moves in the nervous system of the gross physical body. The two courses are intimately connected. They act and react upon each other. The Chakras are in the astral body even after the disintegration of the physical organism to death....

Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra is situated within the Sushumna Nadi and its corresponding centre in the physical body is at the space between the two eye-brows. This is known as Trikuti. The presiding deity, Paramasiva (Shambhu), is in the form of Hamsa. There is Goddess Hakini (Sakti . Pranava xdvng (Om) is the Bijakshara for this Chakra. This is the seat of the mind. There are two petals (Yoga Nadis) on each side of the lotus (Chakra) and the vibrations of these Nadis are represented by the Sanskrit letters xdvng (Ham) and (Ksham). This is the Granthi Sthana (Rudra Granthi). The Chakra is of pure white colour or like that of the fullmoon (on the Purnima day). Bindu, Nada and Sakti are in this Chakra. This Chakra corresponds to Tapo-Loka. The corresponding centre in the physical body is at the Cavernous Plexus. AJNA CHAKRA AJNA CHAKRA He who concentrates at this centre destroys all the Karmas of the past lives. The benefits that are derived by meditation on this Chakra cannot be described in words. The...

Petals On Chakras

Each Chakra has a particular number of petals with a Sanskrit alphabet on each petal. The vibration that is produced at each petal is represented by the corresponding Sanskrit letter. Every letter denotes the Mantra of Devi Kundalini. The letters exist in the petals in a latent form. These can be manifested and the vibrations of the Nadis felt during concentration. The number of petals of the lotuses varies. Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna Chakras have 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, and 2 petals respectively. All the 50 Sanskrit letters are on the 50 petals. The number of petals in each Chakra is determined by the number and position of the Yoga Nadis around the Chakra. I will make it still clear. From each Chakra a particular number of Yoga Nadis crop up. The Chakra gives the appearance of a lotus with the Nadis as its petals. The sound produced by the vibrations of the Yoga Nadis is represented by the corresponding Sanskrit letter. The Chakras with their petals...

Anahata Sounds

Anahata sounds are the mystic sounds heard by the Yogin during his meditation. It is a sign of the purification of Nadis. Some students can clearly hear it through any one of the ears and some by both the ears. There are loud as well as subtle sounds. From the loud, one will have to contemplate on the subtle and from the subtle to the subtler. Beginners can hear the sound only when the ears are closed. Advanced students can concentrate on the Anahata sound even without closing the ears. Anahata sound is also termed Omkara Dhvani. They proceed from the Anahata centre of the Sushumna Nadi. The sound proceeding from Pranava Nada, which is Brahman, is of the nature of effulgence. The mind gets absorbed in it. The mind exists so long as there is sound, but with its cessation, there is that state termed Turiya. It is the supreme state. It is the Unmani state. The mind gets absorbed along with Prana by constant concentration upon Nada. The body appears to be a log of wood and it does not...

Svadhishthana Chakra

Svadhishthana Chakra

Svadhishthana Chakra is located within the Sushumna Nadi at the root of the reproductory organ. This corresponds to Bhuvar Loka. This has control over the lower abdomen, kidneys, etc., in the physical body. Jala Mandal (region of water Apa Tattva) is here. Within this Chakra there is a space like a crescent moon or the form of a conch or Kunda flower. The presiding deity is Lord Brahma and Devata is Goddess Rakini. Bijakshara V (vam), the Bija of Varuna, is in this Chakra. The colour of the Chakra is pure blood-like red or the colour of Sindura (vermilion). From this centre six Yoga Nadis emanate, which appear like the petals of a lotus. The vibrations that are produced by the Nadis are represented by the Sanskrit letters b Br m y T l (bam bham mam yarn ram and lam). SVADHISHTHANA CHAKRA He who concentrates at this Chakra and meditates on the Devata has no fear of water. He has perfect control over the water element. He gets many psychic powers, intuitional knowledge and a perfect...

Manipura Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra Bija

Manipura is the third Chakra from the Muladhara. It is located within the Sushumna Nadi, in the Nabhi Sthana (region of navel). This has its corresponding centre in the physical body and has control over the liver, stomach, etc. This is a very important centre. From this Chakra emanate ten Yoga Nadis which appear like the petals of a lotus. The vibrations that are produced by the Nadis are represented by the Sanskrit letters R ZNTtTTT dDTTPTP (dam dham nam tam tham dam dham nam pam and pham). The Chakra is of the colour of dark clouds. Within there is a space triangular in form. It is the Agni Mandala (region of fire Agni Tattva). The Bijakshara r (ram), the Bija of Agni, is here. The presiding deity is Vishnu and Goddess is Lakshmi. This Chakra corresponds to Svah or Svarga Loka and to Solar Plexus in the physical body. MANIPURA CHAKRA The Yogi who concentrates at this Chakra gets Patala Siddhi, can acquire hidden treasures and will be free from all diseases. He has no fear at all...

The Six Chakras

Muladhara is in the anus. Svadhishthana is near the genital organ. Manipuraka is in the navel. Anahata is in the heart. 10. The Vishuddhi Chakra is at the root of the neck. The sixth Chakra, the Ajna is in the head (between the two eyebrows). 12. He becomes one with Brahmanda, the macrocosm, who practises thus the control of Vayu. Vayu, Bindu, Chitta, and Chakra should be mastered by him.

Chakra Meditation

There is a special type of concentrative meditation which we will call 'Chakra meditation'. This is basicly Kundalini yoga -- the practice of causing psychic energy (kundalini) to flow up sushumna, energizing the various chakras along the way. The practice, considered dangerous by some, will produce deffinite physiological sensations and psychological effects if continued long enough. It should not be attempted by epileptics or persons with an unstable mental or physical condition, or with heart disease. Certain drugs and medications, such as those used to treat epilepsy may retard progress. Although the technique is very simple, it may eventually produce powerful results. Results may at first appear hours after the practice during sleep. As each chakra is energized by this practice, it is said to add occult powers (sidhis), until at last the crown chakra is reached, and with it, full enlightenment is attained. Sometimes kundalini awakens all by itself. To practice this chakra...

Muladhara Chakra

Ajna Immagine Vettoriale

Muladhara Chakra is located at the base of the spinal column. It lies between the origin of the reproductory organ and the anus. It is just below the Kanda and the junction where Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis meet. Two fingers above the anus and about two fingers below the genitals, four fingers in width is the space where the Muladhara Chakra is situated. This is the Adhara Chakra (support) as the other Chakras are above this. Kundalini, which gives power and energy to all the Chakras, lies at this Chakra. Hence this, which is the support of all is called Muladhara or Adhara Chakra. THE MULADHARA AND KUNDALINI From this Chakra four important Nadis emanate which appear as petals of a lotus. The subtle vibrations that are made by each Nadi are represented by the Sanskrit letters and S (vam, sam, sam, and sam.) The Yoni that is in the centre of this Chakra is called Kama and it is worshipped by Siddhas. Here Kundalini lies dormant. Ganesa is the Devata of this Chakra. The seven...

Anahata Chakra

Printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Anahata Chakra is situated in the Sushumna Nadi (Sukshma centre). It has control over the heart. It corresponds to the Cardiac Plexus in the physical body. This corresponds to Mahar Loka. The Chakra is of deep red colour. Within this Chakra there is a hexagonal space of smoke or deep black colour or the colour of collyrium (used for the eyes). This chakra is the centre of Vayu Mandal (region of air, Vayu Tattva). From here 15 Yoga Nadis emanate. The sound that is produced by each Nadi is represented by the following Sanskrit letters k KrgrGTRCrCjrjrwrXY (kam kham gam gham nam cam cham jam jham nam tam and tham). The Bijaksharay (yam), the Bija of Vayu, is here. The presiding deity is Isha (Rudra) and Devata is Kakini. In the Muladhara Chakra there is Svayambhu Linga and in Anahata Chakra we have Bana Linga. Kalpa Vriksha, which gives all the desired things, is here. Anahata sound, the sound of Shabda Brahman, is heard at this centre. When you do Sirshasana for a long time, you can...

The Gradational Ascent Of The Mind

The Chakras are centres of Shakti as vital force. In other words, these are centres of Pranashakti manifested by Pranavayu in the living body, the presiding Devatas of which are the names for the Universal Consciousness as It manifests in the form of these centres. The Chakras are not perceptible to the gross senses. Even if they were perceptible in the living body which they help to organise, they disappear with the disintegration of organism at death. The mind of a worldly man with base desires and passions moves in the Muladhara and Svadhishthana Chakras or centres situated near the anus and the reproductive organ respectively. If one's mind becomes purified the mind rises to the Manipura Chakra or the centre in the navel and experiences some power and joy. If the mind becomes more purified, it rises to the Anahata Chakra or centre in the heart, experiences bliss and visualises the effulgent form of the Ishta Devata or the tutelary deity. When the mind gets highly purified, when...

Experiences On Awakening Of Kundalini

During meditation you behold divine visions, experience divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, hear divine Anahata sounds. You receive instructions from God. These indicate that the Kundalini Shakti has been awakened. When there is throbbing in Muladhara, when hairs stand on their roots, when Uddiyana, Jalandhara and Mulabandha come involuntarily, know that Kundalini has awakened. When the breath stops without any effort, when Kevala Kumbhaka comes by itself without any exertion, know that Kundalini Shakti has become active. When you feel currents of Prana rising up to the Sahasrara, when you experience bliss, when you repeat Om automatically, when there are no thoughts of the world in the mind, know that Kundalini Shakti has awakened.

Pranayama For Awakening Kundalini

When you practise the following, concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spinal column, which is triangular in form and which is the seat of the Kundalini Shakti. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril till you count 3 Oms slowly. Imagine that you are drawing the Prana with the atmospheric air. Then close the left nostril with your little and ring fingers of the right hand. Then retain the breath for 12 Oms. Send the current down the spinal column straight into the triangular lotus, the Muladhara Chakra. Imagine that the nerve-current is striking against the lotus and awakening the Kundalini. Then slowly exhale through the right nostril counting 6 Oms. Repeat the process from the right nostril as stated above, using the same units, and having the same imagination and feeling. This Pranayama will awaken the Kundalini quickly. Do it 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. Increase the number and time gradually and...

Necessity For A Yogic Guru

In olden days the aspirants were required to live with the Guru for a number of years, so that the Guru could study the students thoroughly. The food during practice, what to practise and how, whether the students are qualified for the path of Yoga, and the temperament of the aspirants and other important items have to be considered and judged by the Guru. It is the Guru that should decide whether the aspirants are of Uttamai, Madhyama or Adhama type and fix different kinds of exercises. Sadhana differs according to the nature, capacity and qualifications of the aspirants. After understanding the theory of Yoga, you will have to learn the practice from an experienced Yogic Guru. So long as there is the world, there are books on Yoga and teachers also. You will have to search for them with Sraddha, faith, devotion and earnestness. You can get easy lessons from the Guru and practise them at home also in the initial stages of practice. When you advance a bit, for advanced and difficult...

Summary Of The Previous Lessons

Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara are the important Chakras. When Kundalini passes on from Chakra to Chakra, layer after layer of the mind becomes opened and the Sadhaka enters into higher states of consciousness. At every Chakra he gets various Siddhis. Ida, Pingala and other Nadis are on the sides of the spine. Ida flows through the left nostril and Pingala through the right nostril. In Svara Sadhana the breath should flow by the left nostril throughout the day and by the right nostril throughout the night.

Miscellaneous Exercises Laya Yoga

For Laya Yoga, Sambhavi Mudra is an effective method, in which one intently concentrates on any one of the Shat Chakras. Trataka exercise plays a vital part in getting success in Laya. In due course of practice, the Yogin gets established in Samadhi. He becomes a Jivanmukta.

Ida And Pingala Nadis

Ida starts from the right testicle and Pingala from the left testicle. They meet with Sushumna Nadi at the Muladhara Chakra and make a knot there. This junction of three Nadis at the Muladhara Chakra is known as Mukta Triveni. Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati dwell in Pingala, Ida and Sushumna Nadis respectively. This meeting place is called Brahma Granthi. Again these meet at the Anahata and Ajna Chakra. In the macrocosm also you have a Triveni at Prayag where the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati meet.

Benefits Of Pranayama

This body becomes lean, strong and healthy. Too much fat is reduced. There is lustre in the face. Eyes sparkle like diamonds. The practitioner becomes very handsome. Voice becomes sweet and melodious. The inner Anahata sounds are distinctly heard. The student is free from all sorts of diseases. He gets established in Brahmacharya. Semen gets firm and steady. The Jatharagni (gastric fire) is augmented. The student becomes so perfected in Brahmacharya that his mind will not be shaken even if a fairy tries to embrace him. Appetite becomes keen. Nadis are purified. Vikshepa is removed and the mind becomes one-pointed. Rajas and Tamas are destroyed. The mind is prepared for Dharana and Dhyana. The excretions become scanty. Steady practice arouses the inner spiritual force and brings in spiritual light, happiness and peace of mind. It makes him an Oordhvareto-Yogi. All psychic powers are obtained. Advanced students only will get all the benefits.

Mystic Experiencevisions Of Lights

Various kinds of lights manifest during meditation owing to deep concentration. In the beginning a bright, white light, the size of a pin's point will appear in the forehead at the space between the two eyebrows which corresponds tentatively to the Ajna Chakra. You will notice, when the eyes are closed, different coloured lights, white, yellow, red, smoky, blue, green, mixed lights, flashes like lightning, fire, moon, sun, stars and sparks. These are Tanmatric lights. Each Tanmatra has its own specific colour. Yellow and white lights are very commonly seen. In the beginning small balls of white or red light float about before the mind's eye. When you first observe this be assured that the mind is becoming more steady and that you are progressing in concentration. After some months, the size of the light will increase and you will see a full blaze of white light, bigger than the sun. In the beginning these lights are not steady. They come and disappear immediately. When you have steady...

The Mysterious Kundalini

Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Sakti that lies dormant or sleeping in the Muladhara Chakra, the centre of the body. It is called the serpentine or annular power on account of serpentine form. It is an electric fiery occult power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter. It is the coiled-up, sleeping Divine Sakti that lies dormant in all beings. You have seen in the Muladhara Chakra that there is Svayambhu Linga. The head of the Linga is the space where Sushumna Nadi is attached to the Kanda. This mysterious Kundalini lies face downwards at the mouth of Sushumna Nadi on the head of Svayambhu Linga. It has three and a half coils like a serpent. When it is awakened, it makes a hissing sound like that of a serpent beaten with a stick, and proceeds to the other Chakra through the Brahma Nadi, which is also called Chitra Nadi within Sushumna. Hence Kundalini is also called Bhujangini, serpent power. The three coils...

Dharana Concentration

You can concentrate internally on any one of the seven Chakras and externally on any Devata, Hari, Krishna or Devi. 13. Vedantins try to fix the mind on Atman. This is their Dharana. Hatha Yogins and Raja Yogins concentrate their mind on the six Chakras. Bhaktas concentrate on their Ishta Devata. Other objects of meditation are described under Trataka and Laya Yoga. Concentration is necessary for all the aspirants.

Yogakundalini Upanishad Introduction

Earnest spiritual aspirants should avoid all these obstacles by means of a close investigation and great deliberation. Further on, the Upanishads describe the process and the manner by which the Kundalini is roused and taken to the Sahasrara by piercing through the Granthis. By the whole process of the Kundalini Yoga Sadhana, the body of the Yogi attains very subtle state of the spiritual Consciousness. The Yogi who has attained to Samadhi experiences everything as Consciousness. The Yogi realises the oneness of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because, the Kundalini Shakti has reached the Sahasrara Kamala or the thousand-petalled lotus and has become united with Siva, the Yogi enjoys the highest Avastha. This is the final beatitude. The Chakras are centres of Shakti as vital force. These are the centres of Prana Shakti manifested by Pranavayu in the living body. In the human body the potential pole of Energy which is the Supreme Power is stirred to action. The Shakti is moved upward...

The Rousing Of The Kundalini

A wise Yogi should take the Kundalini from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara or the thousand-petalled Lotus in the crown of the head. This process is called Shakti-Chalana. 11. The Kundalini should pass through the Svadhishthana Chakra, the Manipura Chakra in the navel, the Anahata Chakra in the heart, the Vishuddha Chakra in the throat, and the Ajna Chakra between the eyebrows or the Trikuti.

Kundalini Pranayama

Inhale deeply without making any sound. As you inhale, feel that the Kundalini lying dormant in the Muladhara Chakra is awakened and is going up from Chakra to Chakra. At the conclusion of the Puraka, have the Bhavana that the Kundalini has reached the Sahasrara. The more vivid the visualisation of Chakra after Chakra, the more rapid will be your progress in this Sadhana. Retain the breath for a short while. Repeat the Pranava or your Ishta Mantra. Concentrate on the Sahasrara Chakra. Feel that by the Grace of Mother Kundalini, the darkness of ignorance enveloping your soul has been dispelled. Feel that your whole being is pervaded by light, power and wisdom. Slowly exhale now. And, as you exhale feel that the Kundalini Sakti is gradually descending from the Sahasrara and from Chakra to Chakra, to the Muladhara Chakra.

Chapter Three Yoga Sadhana How To Awaken The Kundalini

A thorough knowledge of the theory is as essential as the practice. Some are of opinion that theory is not at all necessary. They bring one or two rare instances to prove that Kundalini has been awakened even in those who do not know anything about Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini. It might be due to the grace of a Guru or by mere chance. Everyone cannot expect this and neglect the theoretical side. If you look at the man in whom Kundalini has been awakened through the grace of a Guru, you will not at once begin to neglect the practical side and actually waste your time in passing from one Guru to the other. The man who has a clear knowledge of the theory and a steady practice, attains the desired goal quickly. at the Sahasrara Chakra effect the state of Samadhi and Mukti. No Samadhi is possible without awakening the Kundalini. After Kundalini is awakened, Prana passes upwards through Brahma Nadi along with mind and Agni. You will have to take it up to Sahasrara Chakra through some...

The Dissolution Of Prana And Others

The Kundalini then goes to the seat of the Sahasrara. It gives up the eight forms of the Prakriti earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism. 70. After clasping the eye, the mind, the Prana and the others in her embrace, the Kundalini goes to Siva and clasping Siva as well, dissolves herself in the Sahasrara. 73. Born together of the same quality, the Prana and the Apana also dissolve themselves in the presence of Siva in the Sahasrara. Having reached an equipoised condition, they no longer go up or down.


You have forgotten your real Svarupa or purpose of life on account of Avidya, Maya, Moha and Raga. You are tossed up hither and thither aimlessly by the two currents of Raga and Dvesha. You are caught up in Samsara-Chakra on account of your egoism, Vasanas, Trishnas and passions of various sorts.


It cleanses the respiratory system and nasal passages. It removes spasm in bronchial tubes. Consequently Asthma is relieved and cured also in course of time. Consumption is cured by this practice. Impurities of the blood are thrown out. The circulatory and respiratory systems are toned to a considerable degree. Shat-Karmas are intended for the purification of the body. When Nadis are impure Kundalini cannot pass from the Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra. Purification of Nadis is effected through Pranayama. For Pranayama, you should know well about Prana.

Spinal Column

Chakra Spine

Before proceeding to the study of Nadis and Chakras you will have to know something about the Spinal Column, as all the Chakras are connected with it. Between each pair of vertebrae there are apertures through which the spinal nerves pass from the spinal cord to the different portions and organs of the body. The five regions of the spine correspond with the regions of the five Chakras Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata and Vishuddha. Sushumna Nadi passes through the hollow cylindrical cavity of the vertebral column and Ida is on the left side and Pingala on the right side of the spine.

Kundalini Yoga

Energy (Sakti) polarises itself into two forms namely, static or potential (Kundalini) dynamic (the working forces of the body as Prana). Behind all activity there is a static background. This static centre in the human body is the centre serpent-power in the Muladhara (root support). This static Sakti is affected by Pranayama and other Yogic processes and becomes dynamic. Thus when completely dynamic that is when Kundalini unites with Siva in the Sahasrara the polarisation of the body gives way. The two poles are united in one and there is the state of consciousness called Samadhi. The polarisation, of course, takes place in consciousness. The body actually continues to exist as an object of observation to others. It continues its organic life. But man's consciousness of his body and all other objects, is withdrawn because the mind has ceased so far as his consciousness is concerned, the function having been withdrawn into its ground which is Consciousness. When awakened, Kundalini...

Sushumna Nadi

Sushumna extends from the Muladhara Chakra (second vertebra of coccygeal region) to Brahmarandhra. The Western Anatomy admits that there is a central canal in the Spinal Cord, called Canalis Centralis and that the cord is made up of grey and white brain-matter. Spinal Cord is dropped or suspended in the hollow of the spinal column. In the same way, Sushumna is dropped within the spinal canal and has subtle sections. It is of red colour like Agni (fire). Within this Sushumna there is a Nadi by name Vajra which is lustrous as Surya (sun) with Rajasic qualities. Again within this Vajra Nadi, there is another Nadi, called Chitra. It is of Sattvic nature and of pale colour. The qualities of Agni, Surya and Chandra (fire, sun and moon) are the three aspects of Sabda Brahman. Here within this Chitra, there is a very fine minute canal (which is known as Canalis Centralis). This canal is known as Brahmanadi through which Kundalini, when awakened, passes from Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra. In...

Some Practical Hints

The actual method of awakening the Kundalini Shakti and uniting Her with the Lord in the Sahasrara can only be learnt from a Guru. I give here a general outline of the Yogic practice that will enable the Sadhaka to realise the Chit. The Jivatma in the subtle body, the receptacle of the five vital airs (Pancha Pranas), mind in its three aspects of Manas, Buddhi and Ahankara the five organs of action (Karmendriyas) and the five organs of perception (Jnanendriyas), are united with the Kula-Kundalini. The Kandarpa or Kama Vayu in the Muladhara a form of the Apana Vayu is given a leftward revolution and the fire which is around Kundalini is kindled. By the Bija Hung , and the heat of the fire thus kindled, the coiled and sleeping Kundalini is awakened. She who lay asleep around Svayambhu-linga, with her coils three circles and a half, dosing the entrance of the Brahmadvara, will on being roused, enter that door and move upwards, united with the Jivatma. On this upward movement, Brahma,...

Sukha Purvaka

Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale (Puraka) through the left nostril till you count 3 Oms slowly. Imagine that you are drawing the Prana along with the atmospheric air. In course of practice, you will actually feel that you are drawing Prana. Then close the left nostril also with the little and ring fingers of your right hand. Retain the breath till you count 12 Oms. Send the current down to the Muladhara Chakra. Feel that the nerve-current is striking against the Muladhara Chakra and awakening Kundalini. Remove the right thumb and exhale through the right nostril till you count 6 Oms. Again inhale through the right nostril, retain and exhale through the left nostril as stated above. All the above six processes constitute one Pranayama. To start with do 6 Pranayamas in the morning and 6 in the evening. Gradually increase it to 20 Pranayamas for each sitting. The ratio of inhalation, retention and exhalation is 1 4 2. You should...


The word Kundalini is a familiar one to all students of Yoga, as it is well known as the power, in the form of a coiled serpent, residing in Muladhara Chakra, the first of the seven Chakras, the other six being Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Visuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara, in order. All Sadhanas in the form of Japa, meditation, Kirtan and prayer as well as all development of virtues, and observance of austerities like truth, non-violence and continence are at best calculated only to awaken this serpent-power and make it to pass through all the succeeding Chakras beginning from Svadhishthana to Sahasrara, the latter otherwise called as the thousand-petalled lotus, the seat of Sadasiva or the Parabrahman or the Absolute separated from whom the Kundalini or the Shakti lies at the Muladhara, and to unite with whom the Kundalini passes through all the Chakras, as explained above, conferring liberation on the aspirant who assiduously practises Yoga or the technique of uniting her with...

Perfection In Yoga

A Yogi can switch his life-currents, to and from the senses. He takes the Prana and the mind to the Sahasrara or the thousand-petalled lotus at the crown of the head. He enters into Samadhi. He is dead to the world. He experiences superconsciousness or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. He is in blissful union with the Lord.

Spinal Cord

The Spinal Cord Chakras

The spinal cord is a column of very soft grey and white brain-matter. The white matter is arranged on the sides of the grey matter. The white matter is of medullated nerves while the grey is of nerve-cells and fibres. This is not tightly fitted with the spinal canal, but suspended or dropped, as it were, into the spinal canal just like the brain in the cranial cavity. This is nourished by the membranes. Spinal cord and brain float in the cerebro-spinal fluid. The fluid prevents, therefore, any injury done to them. Further the spinal cord is protected by a covering of fatty tissue. It is divided into two symmetrical halves by an anterior and posterior fissure. In the centre there is a minute canal, called canalis centralis. Brahmanadi runs along this canal from the Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra. It is through this Nadi, Kundalini, when awakened, passes to Brahmarandhra. The spinal cord is not divided or separated from the brain. It is continuous with the brain. All the cranial and...

What Is Yoga

Yoga is the Science that teaches the method of joining the human spirit with God. Yoga is the Divine Science which disentangles the Jiva from the phenomenal world of sense-objects and links him with the Ananta Ananda (Infinite Bliss), Parama Shanti (Supreme Peace), joy of an Akhanda character and Power that are inherent attributes of the Absolute. Yoga gives Mukti through Asamprajnata Samadhi by destroying all the Sankalpas of all antecedent mental functions. No Samadhi is possible without awakening the Kundalini. When the Yogi attains the highest stage, all his Karmas are burnt and he gets liberation from Samsara-Chakra.

Yoni Mudra

Close the ears with the two thumbs, eyes with the index-fingers, nostrils with the middle-fingers, the upper lips with the ring-fingers and the lower lips with the little fingers. This is a beautiful pose for doing Japa. Dive deep and meditate on the Shat Chakras and Kundalini. This is not quite easy for all like other Mudras. You have to exert much in getting success in this. You must be perfectly established in Brahmacharya if you want sure success. Devanamapi durlabha very difficult to be obtained even by Devas. Therefore realise the importance of this Mudra and practise it very cautiously. Vajroli Mudra also is called Yoni Mudra.

The Samadhi Yoga

The Kundalini Sakti is like a thread in the Lotus. It is resplendent. It is biting with its mouth, the upper end of its body, at the root of the Lotus, the Mulakanda or the Muladhara. 84. Seated in Padmasana, if a person who has accustomed himself to the contraction of his anus (Mula Bandha), makes the Vayu go upwards with the mind intent on Kumbhaka, the Agni comes to the Svadhishthana flaming, owing to the blowing of Vayu.

The Sword

The Lord is Adonai -- which is the Hebrew for my Lord and He descends from heaven, the supernal Eden, the Sahasrara Cakkra in man, with a shout, a voice, and a trump, again airy symbols, for it is air that carries sound. These sounds refer to those heard by the Adept at the moment of rapture.

Quality Of Mind Depends Upon Quality Of Food

Food plays an important role in meditation. For purposes of meditation, the food must be light, Sattvic and nutritious. The body is Annamaya (made up of food). Bhairavi Chakra is in Annamaya Kosha. Bhairavi Chakra is Maya. Light Sattvic food, such as fruits, milk, etc., takes you to Vishnu Chakra and thence to Nirvikalpa state quite easily.

The Magic Quabbalistic Word Tetragrammaton

I refrain from quoting any further analogous relations of number four and point out once more that the quabbalist adhering to my teachings and explanations may apply the key word four in all cases where the realization or the expression of legality is concerned. There is no doubt that in the quabbalah number four is also indicating the material plane. Not only the hermetic science of the West uses number four as a basis the same also finds expression in the wisdom of the East. For instance in Kundalini yoga, the Muladhara Chakra, the roughest center of human resuscitation, is symbolized by a square, in one corner of which an elephant is symbolized as the greatest and strongest animal in the world. By this it is pointed out, in a veiled way, that number four is the idea which serves as the starting point for a yogi's personal development. I devoted a special chapter to the Muladhara Chakra in my book Initiation Into Hermetics. This I mention again only to make the quabbalist remember...

Vrittiits Nature And Function

Wherefrom does a Vritti arise From the Chitta or mind. Why does a Vritti arise It is Svabhava of Antahkarana. What is its function It causes Avarana-Bhanga (removes the veil of Sthula Avidya that envelops the objects). It helps the evolution of a man till he attains perfection (Jivanmukti). It is Vritti that opens the Kundalini in a Jnani in the Ajna Chakra and joins it in Sahasrara. This is one path.

Sat Nam the Seed of Truth Stress Reduction

Feel the sound of the AAAAAA come from the heart. Experience your throat as the mouthpiece of your heart. This practice will help you locate, consolidate and open up the fourth (heart) and the fifth (throat) chakras. SAT NAM is the call of the soul. As you chant call out to your soul, sing to your soul. Singing to your soul creates a very peaceful feeling. It takes us out of duality for a moment as our personality and soul merge as one in the sound current of our infinite being. Feel free to express any emotions that come up. This is a good way to release and balance the emotions. The emotional energy will gently merge into soul energy.

The Awakening Process

(3) Alignment has both and active and a passive component. The active component involves applying the locks or performing subtle internal movements in the chakras and along the spine. The passive component happens naturally when the blocks in the body have been released. The physical and energy bodies automatically align when the resistance to the natural state and flow is gone.

Reducing Primary Center Activity

No localized awareness action, and no visualized action either, will be found to cause an energy center vortex or chakra to reduce activity, deactivate, or close. A visualized stimulation action (commonly called a chakra opening or closing action) will only affect the energy body if it is localized to the site of a primary energy center. It thus becomes a type of body-awareness action, albeit a fairly obtuse one. Whatever the technique used, opening and closing methods both involve a similar localized action at the site of a primary center. Primary energy centers (chakras) are complex nonphysical organs, each with many subtle bioenergetic and pure-energetic functions. They should not be likened to simple mechanical devices that can be opened and closed. Primary energy centers are not just little doorways that can be opened and shut with good intentions and a little visualization. Some people may dispute this, being convinced energy centers must be deliberately closed. Be that as it...

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

Seven is the number of harmony, fertility, propagation and growing. It is also the number of love with all its phases, no matter whether the lowest form of love or the highest cosmic aspect of love is in question. Mercy, benevolence, virtuousness and happiness are also aspects of love and therefore appertain to number seven. Apart from this, seven is the number of beauty, purity and harmony. With regard to astrology, seven is the number of Venus so that all methods and practices of the Venus magic, scale magic, also belong to this numerical category. Amongst other things, the seven basic notes (octave) are also analogous to number seven, and so are the seven tattwas, the seven states of maturity (chakras), etc. The graphic representation of number seven is an equilateral heptagon (septangle). There are, however, also other symbols for number seven for instance, a great triangle with a square in its middle or, vice versa, a square with a triangle in its middle, depending on the number...

Identity in the Lower Triangle

It is in the lower triangle that we achieve a sense of our own identity. The first three chakras are where we experience our individuality. It is in our uniqueness that we identify not only who we are, but also what we want and how to accomplish our goals. It is the FIRST CHAKRA and our connection with the Earth that gives us the power to manifest, to bring into being our desires, and to achieve results. The SECOND CHAKRA gives us the power to create. The THIRD CHAKRA gives us the energy to take action. The navel center is the easiest chakra to monitor. You know your navel center is set, when you feel a pulse at or around the rim of the umbilicus. You can also monitor this pulse at the don tien or navel center 2-3 inches below the navel and in the line between these two points. Although you can check the pulse sitting or standing up, the easiest position is lying down. The best times are before and after the navel exercises.

Elemental Magic Of The Juniper Tree Juniperis comunis L

This marvelous elemental obeys an elemental Queen of the fire. We see in the internal worlds this great elemental Queen seated upon her throne of fire. The memories of Nature tell us that the Juniper tree has the power of placing our endocrine glands into a special, super-ffinctioning degree. This simply signifies that all the chakras from the astral body enter into activity by means of the rite of the Juniper tree.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

Visualize or feel each individual sound come in the crown chakra at the top of the head, down through the middle of the head and out to infinity through the third eye. This is very important and must be done with each sound. It is an essential part of the cleansing process. If this part of the meditation is not done, you may experience a headache.

Nabhi Kriya Navel Power

Nabhi Kriya

This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and build a powerful base in the lower triangle (chakras 1, 2 and 3). The full times indicated are for advanced students. To begin practice, start with 1-5 minutes on the longer exercises. (1) is for lower digestive area. (2) is for upper digestion and solar plexus. (3) eliminates gas and relaxes the heart. (4) charges the magnetic field and opens the navel center. (5) sets the hips and lower spine. (6) is for the entire spine, unleashes spinal fluid and expands the aura. Together, these exercises get the abdominal area in shape quickly

Radionic Tools Toys And Transmission

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

A Take the photograph of a someone you know and place that picture on the foil plate farthest to the left. Set all of the dials to 0 and the chakra dial to Base. Set the color dial to white. b Now take a rate on the five dials at the bottom as you did in lesson 3. This will be the rate for the base chakra of your friend. c Once you have that rate, take a rate on the sweep dial, asking it to tell you the percentage of efficiency of the functioning of that particular chakra. d Now take a piece of paper and write on it the chakra and the number from the sweep dial. e Leave the color dial on red and set the chakra dial for the pelvic chakra. Reset all the dials to 0 and take a rate for this chakra. Once you have done that, repeat the procedure with the sweep dial. f Record that reading and repeat the process until you have covered all the chakras. You will set the color dial at orange for the spleen chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, blue for the...

The Soul or the Astral Body

Named Kundalini yoga in the Indian doctrine. I desist, however, from a comment on these lotuses or centres, because the student interested in this problem will find all the necessary enlightenment in the respective literature. I will touch on it only slightly and say that the lowest centre is the so-called Muladhara or earth centre, having its seat in the lowest part of the soul. The next centre is that of the water, with its seat in the region of the sexual organs and designated in the Indian terminology as Swadisthana. The centre of fire, as centre of the soul, is in the umbilical region and is named Manipura. The centre of air as compensatory element is in the region of the heart and is termed Anahata. The centre of the ether or principle of akasa is found in the region of the neck and is named Visudha. Another centre, that of volition and intellect, is between the eyebrows and is called Ajna. As the supreme and most divine centre is regarded as the thousand-petaled lotus, named...

Training In Concentration

Train the mind in a variety of ways in concentration in the beginning. Concentrate on the Anahata sounds of the heart by closing the ears. Concentrate on the breath with Soham repetition. Concentrate on any concrete image. Concentrate on the blue sky. Concentrate on the all-pervading light of the sun. Concentrate on the various Chakras of the body. Concentrate on the abstract ideas of Satyam (Truth), Jnanam (Wisdom), Anantam (Infinity), Ekam (One), Nityam (Eternal Essence), etc. Lastly, stick to one thing only.

The Seven Churches and The Physiology of the Mysteries

The Seven Churches of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St.John have many meanings. In keeping with multiple levels of interpretation the Churches can be understood as messages relating to historical Churches of the period, messages related to the Seven periods of Church History, and in the most esoteric of interpretations, to the Seven Spiritual centres of the body. This last interpretation in conjunction with our discussion of the festivals is the most important, for it illustrates how each feast works to transmute the dialectic fields of the psychic organism into the Static. The Seven Churches of Revelation may be related to the Seven psychic centres or Chakras of the Etheric body, all of the teachings given to each Church (warnings, blessings etc.) relate to the consciousness and the activity at that level. To begin with we should examine a basic tabulation of the structure. These attributions illustrate how each Church can be understood as a centre of energy within the body, even...

Sex Magick And The Watchers

Magick Power Initiation

As Kundala means in the Indian culture Coiled the very Kundalini Shakti is the divine power associated with the Chakras, it is the leading or guiding aspect while the Chakras are awakened and illuminated in the physical and spiritual body. Thus the serpent Tabaet, a form of the adversary, is the awakening aspect which brought divinity to woman with Lilith, to soon beget Cain the awakened one.

The Church of Ephesus

The Church of Ephesus is the Base Chakra, the term Chakra means Wheel or Circuit of energy. It is known by the name of Desirable and is that of the primal instincts. It is desired by and desires the Sahasrara (Laodicea) Centre. The union of these centres locks the organism into the Static currents of the Treasury of Light. The Promise offered to those who correctly use the base Chakra is the ability to eat from the Tree of Life . This has many different shades of meaning ranging from the promise of immortality to the liberation of the Self through the activation of the Tree of Life within the Being of the Gnostic.

The Church of Pergamos

The Church of Pergamos is the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is known as Elevation or Height as it governs the balance of the organism through its central position. It is also elevated in that it governs and controls the lower Chakras. The Promise offered to those who correctly use this Chakra include the eating of the Hidden Manna and the Gift of the White stone with a new name engraved on it. These promises are highly symbolic the Hidden Manna represents a special stage known in the Alchemical process of Self transformation. It is also sometimes known as the White Powder, it is a stage prior to the Philosophers Stone.

Experience the Infinite

The main purpose of raising the Kundalini and moving our energy from the lower to the higher chakras is to give us an experience of the infinite. The goal is to expand our awareness so that we have a conscious experience of what is, was and always will be, often referred to as God. This awareness is awakened in the upper chakras by activating the pituitary and the pineal glands. The possibility of experiencing the infinite is always there in each one of us. It never goes away. We can resist this experience by being preoccupied with and attached to the thoughts in our minds.

The Church of Laodicea

The Church of Laodicea is the Sahasrara or Crown Centre. It is located above the top of the head and is known as Judging the People. Its name suggests the immense and total power of this centre, it is that of Divinity, Godhood, Static Deification. Through this enlightened state the whole universe and world is seen for what it really is and judged accordingly.

The Physiology of the Mysteries AnOverview

These seven Chakras span many different dimensions and operates in both the physical and astral worlds. In the physical world links can be found with the glandular system and the Spinal structure, on the Etheric they can be related to acupuncture meridians and colour fields in the Astral body. However, when correctly used by a Gnostic on the Path of Transfiguration the Chakras take on a new significance and can function as keys to various higher states of consciousness

Five Separate Circuits

Seven Primary Energy Centers (major chakras) Each circuit has many different functions on the physical, bioenergetic, and pure-energetic levels. All are interconnected and work together to support each other's energetic requirements, and all are integral parts of the human bioenergetic body as a whole. The primary energy centers (major chakras) and their higher functions cannot properly be used and developed to any extent (barring accident or natural ability) until the lower circuitry and smaller energy centers have been stimulated, developed, and stabilized. If attempts are made to develop and use the higher energetic circuitry first, a great deal of time often years must be spent waiting for the lower levels of circuitry to catch up with the new demands being placed on them.

Colours Consciousness and the Seven Days of Creation

In some sense we can see this re-creation hidden within the distorted creation tale of Genesis. Emanuel Swedenborg, the Great Swedish mystic, taught that hidden with the seven days of creation was a description of our regeneration. Though he didn't relate these to the Chakras, if we link them together we can gain a picture of the spiritual regeneration that takes place in the Gnostic Life. The key however is to realise that since the Lord of Wisdom is recreating man through the Seven Days of Creation, the actions describes are being examined from the perspective of the transformation not fall of man. These inner meanings offer an outline of the process of Transfiguration or Regeneration.

The Seven Days of Regeneration

From the Chakric perspective this is the Great Light of Gnosis purifying the base Chakra and bringing our desires into the service of the great Wisdom. This centre is Red as it is the colour of passion and of sacrifice. The Sixth Day is that of the Ajna centre, where the currents of creation and destruction are leashed and the Gnostic becomes a Master. It is indigo and represents intuition and inner mastery. The Seventh Day in relation to the Chakric system is that of completed regeneration. The Centre is known as the Sahasrara and its colour is violet or Purple, the colour of royalty.

Note to the Studious Qabalist on Errors Found in this Volume

The cup is lunar in nature and corresponds quire swimmingly with che lotuses of the seven chakras. The sword is a weapon, man-made, and corresponds quite naturally with the intellectual qualities of Hod. It is said that air and water share many qualities and transform one into the other. This is represented in astrology by the fact that Aquarius (the water bearer) is an air sign, and Scorpio (whose highest symbol is the eagle) is a water sign. At any rate, my choice was based entirely on the practicalities of synthesizing a number of divergent streams into a sensible whole. The tools work. You may feel free to make any philosophical adjustments you find necessary along the way.

Moving to Explore Energies

You can also experience chis with che gods, the alchemical principles, the paths and sephiroth on the Tree of Life, the chakras, and anything else you can imagine. Simply use your imagination the tools and ideas you have learned in this book will create the opening, letting your own experience guide you as you move along. Movement is so immediately powerful that it cannot fail to affect and transform you. You may wish to use movement significantly in the middle of other work to create a framework for your efforts.

Belief A Key to Magick

Chaos Magic

You can experiment with this using the technique of belief-shifting (Robert Anton Wilson calls it Metaprogramming), a good example being the chakras. The popular view of chakras is that we have seven. Okay, so meditate on your chakras, hammer the symbolism into your head and hey presto you'll start having 7Chakra experiences. Now switch to using the 5 Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar (Qabalah) as the psychic centres in your body, and sure enough, you'll get accordant results. Get the idea

Demons Within The Body

Common existence, demons do inhabit and represent aspects of our minds and bodies. For instance, the Chakras are represented according to their attributes specific ArchDaevas of Ahriman, bringing power and wisdom to those who may work with them. Az is said to inhabit the human body as well, bringing heat within it and causing hunger and continual predatory instincts. It matters not if you believe this as literal, symbolic or a manifestation of the Adversarial power.

The Astral Body and Buddhism

The Chakras and ArchDaevas Chakra Muladhara Manipura Anahata Vishuddha Ajna In utilizing the practice of the Chakras, practice basic methods of breathing and focus on controlling your movements and thoughts. Start with Taromati and with the spirit of discontent move the Fire serpent to the Aeshma chakra, arouse discontent with lust. Here is where most humans fail and allow emotion to overrule Evil or planned thought. Do not let discontent allow hasty actions with lust. Think about the core issue, the problem and it's cause -always the self in pro-action or re-action in the world around it, and how careful planning and the use of the five senses will channel it in a positive way. This is why discipline is so essential in magick, the current of the Adversary is very powerful, control and willed focus is the factor deciding true power and its various applications.

Saffron Spells For Money

SANDALWOOD Scatter sandalwood powder around the home to clear it of negativity. Burn during protection, healing, and exorcism spells. Use the wood for healing wands. Write your wish on a chip of sandalwood and burn it in the censer or cauldron while visualizing your wish to make it come true. Helps in healing by aligning the chakras for better energy flow. Good for meditation, healing, and manifestation. Facilitates concentration.

Lion Teeth For Money Spell

DAMIANA Lust, love magick and attracting love. Useful for any love or sex spells. Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quarts crystal. Highly used in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quest. (Note Internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver.)

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

In cultures where drugs are respected as resources or allies to spiritual ends, such as in South American Indian society, in the Native American Church, the Bwiti people of Africa, and many others, the use of the drug (whether, as in the above examples, it is ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote or Ibo root, all powerful psychedelics) is fully ritualized and there is rarely, if ever, any social problem or crime associated with it. In fact, there is quite a bit of social gain. This idea also relates to the experiences of many Americans with MDMA (Ecstasy) in recent years. Because use of the empathogenic drug evolved in psychotherapeutic settings, and in New Age circles, it was quite ritualized by the time it spread into the general population. Ecstasy's therapeutic and chakra opening qualities were well publicized, even in articles that meant to denounce its use, and this played a great role in determining people's expectations and intent in using it. Ecstasy may or may not have...

Multiple Levels of Truth

With related associations to the Seven Planes and Seven Bodies. outlines of their good and bad points) fit perfectly into the framework of the seven periods of Church history which span from the first century to the present. But these attributes link perfectly with both the traditional Hindu and western descriptions of the qualities and dangers found in each Chakra centre. Coincidence Unlikely

The Path of Manifestation

Telluric Path

Spiritual practices have traditionally focused on raising energy from lower to higher frequencies and from the lower to the higher chakras. Many spiritual disciplines concentrate only on the upper chakras and totally ignore (or try to ignore) the lower chakras. Some spiritual paths still condemn the body and the lower chakras, which they consider as bad. I knew one woman who would practice only third eye meditations. She even refused to do yoga or any practice that got her in touch with her body. She also lost her husband (He lost interest in her.) The simple answer is that in order to manifest we have to be present in your bodies and connected to the Earth. We have to BE HERE NOW. To attract and receive, we have to be home when the postman arrives. It takes careful, vigilant practice to cultivate an awareness of Self. We have to train ourselves to be present to the feelings and sensations in our bodies. We have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable with what we feel. We have...

Our Inner Journey Tuning In

The elements are related to the chakras. Each chakra embodies the energy of one or more elements. Taurus is the Earth element, so during your meditation be sure to bring your attention to your root chakra. You may even feel the energetic roots from your first chakra connecting to the Earth. We want to establish an experience of rootedness and a secure foundation in our body. This is accomplished by simply being present TO the sensations in our body. This meditation has 40 sounds. It effects the 5 tattvas (air, water, fire, earth, and ether), the 7 chakras and the arch line. This mantra can penetrate into anything and help avoid misfortune. It has the power to break through any resistance or obstacles. It is sacred but it is not secret.

The Snake And The Mirror

An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas' and the Aztec Indians practice it, then this spiritual fire snake awakens and starts its ascension through the canal of the spinal column, until reaching the head.

Stimulating Primary Energy Centers

What have the primary energy centers (major chakras) to do with projection Well, just as the NEW secondary system conditions the energy body and helps prepare it for conscious-exit projection, so does a little work on the primary circuit. With conscious-exit projection, energy is simply everything. During an OBE, the entire energy body, including all the primary centers, becomes active and contributes energetically toward the generation, projection, and maintenance of the projected double. Using today's visualization-based methods, successfully stimulating and developing the primary energy centers (major chakras) can take many years. The NEW techniques make successful primary-center activation possible even in the very early stages of development. Because of this, I urge you to be careful when using these techniques on the primary centers. The NEW techniques are far more effective than are the more obtuse visualization-based methods commonly taught. One more thing before I continue...

Beginners Exercise For Subtle Body Development

You have a magical temple, or special room used only for Magick, use it. lf not, wear something confortable (or nothing at all) and use a room that is quiet and confortable for you to be in. Hold a magical weapon, if you have one. Try incense of various kinds. Try the exercise while either standing or sitting. Always use a banishing ritual, but otherwise it is a good idea to experiment with different things. What will work well for one person may not work for another. Your Magical Diary will show you what works or doesn't work for you. NOTES TO STEP 2. This technique is used in Tibetan Yoga and is remarkably effective. When you feei your empty body coexisting with your physical body, then you will be able to experience your subtle body or aura. With mastery you will find that this subtle body contains the naclis and chakras of Kundalini Yoga. NOTES TO STEP 3. This is the critical step in this exercise. Normally you associate your body with the physical. Now you must shift your...

Saktisanchara Or Transmission Of Spiritual Power

Just as you can give an orange to a man and take it back, so also spiritual power can be transmitted by one to another and taken back also. This method of transmitting spiritual power is termed Sakti-Sanchara. Like birds, fish and tortoise, the transmitting of spiritual power can be done by the Guru through touch or sight or willing, and thinking. The transmitter sometimes enters the astral body of the student and elevates his mind through his power. The operator makes the subject sit in front of him and asks him to close his eyes and then transmits his spiritual power. The subject feels the electric current actually passing from Muladhara Chakra higher up to the neck and top of the head. He does various Hatha Yogic Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, etc., by himself without any instruction, through inspiration. Here Prakriti works herself. The student must not restrain his Iccha-Sakti. He must act according to the inner light. The mind is highly elevated. The moment the...

Consciousness And Transformation

Awakening Shakti or the Kundalini to rise up through each chakra, piercing and illuminating it with the Golden Fire of Wisdom and perception. Understanding and becoming familiar with the daemonic feminine within through the Workings of a Shakti (i.e. a Scarlet Woman) or initiate Pairikas, a daughter of Az.

Chapter One The Tree of Sapphires

Other esoteric examples of Meta-models include the Seven Rays system, the Chakra system, Astrology, and Tarot. Earlier Meta-models include the Platonic and Pythagorean systems, and the quest for the supreme Meta-model continues with the mathematical physics search for a grand unified field theory (a single theory which relates all other theories regarding cosmological sciences).

The Ariosophic Tradition

The relevance of this is to understand how the Mystery tradition survived. While the Bible provides the key, many of the teachings themselves are locked within other Ariosophic traditions and must be deciphered and restored. For example, while the Seven Churches, Festivals, Days of Creation and so forth link well, only with the early Ariovedic Chakra tradition could the whole picture be gained. In traditional Gnostic schools religious texts were placed in classes and perhaps this method may assist the student to gain an overall picture. (Fig 26)

The Church of Philadelphia

The Church of Philadelphia is the Third Eye or Ajna (Brow) Chakra. It is given the title of Brotherly Love because of the awesome power of its nature. The insight and force of this centre can only be understood when experienced through Agape of Divine Love. Only by truly desiring to return to the Treasury of Light and having The Commendation of the Church is for its keeping of the Word. The word here is the Logos, the power manifested in the Throat centre but originating in the Ajna. Only by communion with the Logos and Love for the Lord of Wisdom can the Ajna be awakened. The Promise offered to those who overcome this centre is that they will be made a Pillar in the Temple of God. That is, they will have their whole Chakra System (Middle Pillar) activated and they will become immortal.

Samadhi Through Hatha Yoga

A Hatha Yogi draws all his Prana from the different parts of his body and takes it to the Sahasrara Chakra (thousand-petalled lotus) at the top of the head. Then he enters into Samadhi (superconscious state). Therefore it is very difficult to bring him down to objective consciousness by merely shaking his body. Hatha Yogis have remained buried underneath the earth in Samadhi for years together. They plug the posterior nostrils through Khechari Mudra (a king of Hatha Yogic Kriya) with their long tongues. Prana and Apana that move in the chest and anus respectively are united by the Yogic processes of Jalandhara, Mula and Uddiyana Bandhas and the united Prana-Apana is driven into the SushumnaNadi of the spinal canal. The Pranas, when thus driven, draw up the mind also along the Sushumna Nadi which is otherwise known as Brahma Nadi. During the ascent in the Sushumna Nadi, the three Granthis or knots, viz., Brahma-Granthi at Muladhara-Chakra, Vishnu-Granthi at Manipura-Chakra and...

When to Apply the Locks

Rootlock or mulbhand closes the lower three chakras so that the energy cannot be lost or leaked out through the base of the spine. As a consequence the energy stays in the body and can flow up the spine. As with all the locks, rootlock is done either while holding the breath in or holding the breath out. The complete rootlock is done by slightly contracting the muscles of the rectum or anal sphincter, and the sex organ and pulling the navel center in toward the spine. To identify and work with the muscles of each of the chakras, practice working with them separately. When the mulbhand is applied while retaining the breath, the two major energy flows, prana and apana are united. This generates psychic heat which triggers the release of Kundalini energy. Diaphragm lock works with the solar plexus and the heart chakra. It is actually easier to apply this lock while holding the breath out. The diaphragm muscles are pulled in and up. Start by sucking in the solar plexus, pull the muscles...

The Secret Of Ramayana

There is also a Rahasya (secret) of Ramayana. The secret of Ramayana is control of mind. Killing the ten-headed monster Ravana of Lanka means the annihilation of the ten evil Vrittis of the mind such as Kama, Krodha, etc. Sita is mind. Rama is Suddha-Brahman. Bringing Sita back from Lanka is concentrating the mind on Rama (Brahman) by withdrawing it from Vishaya (objects) and uniting it with Rama. Sita (mind) unites with Rama (Brahman), her husband in Ayodhya (Sahasrara Chakra). Mind merges in Brahman. This is, briefly, the esoteric meaning of Ramayana. This is the Adhyatmic exposition of Ramayana.

Learning Tactile Imaging

The best way to learn tactile imaging is by doing it. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, or on the arms of your chair, palms down and fingers slightly spread. Close your eyes, relax, and shift your awareness to the base of your right thumb, topside. There are important secondary energy centers (small chakras) in the thumb joints and you are now going to stimulate one of them. Many people will feel one of the thumb centers (small chakras) activate the first time they work on them. Often there are inactive secondary energy centers (small chakras) on one side of the body, but rarely on both sides. If you feel nothing after doing any awareness action for several minutes, move on to the next exercise. While energy-movement sensations become apparent in the majority of cases, some may feel nothing at all, although I have found a complete lack of sensation to be rare.

Peace Of Mind And Selfcontrol

Define reality for oneself, for the definition may be a wrong one and one may go to extremes in an emotional enthusiasm. Discretion, they say, is the better part of valour. The 'practice of the one reality', taken in its simplest meaning, from the point of view of the uninitiated novice, may be regarded as a kind of concentration on any given object or one thought. This is, in short, what they call Trataka in Yoga. Trataka is the fixing of one's gaze, either externally or internally, on a point of attention. Together with this process, a breathing exercise may have to be practiced to calm disturbances in the mind. Patanjali asks us to expel breath (Prachhardana) and retain it (Vidharana). Some think that this is instruction for inhalation and retention. A deep inhalation and retention may be an immediate remedy, but not a final one. It is not a medicine but a first aid treatment provided, tentatively. The needed remedy will be prescribed later on. Expel breath and hold on, and with...

Opening the Heart Center

When Yogi Bhajan came to the West and Los Angeles in 1969, the strengthening and balancing of the navel point was one of the main focuses of his classes. His yogic message was that in order to get and stay in the heart center we first had to cultivate a powerful and stable base or the lower triangle. The lower triangle is the lower three chakras - root, sex and navel. The major theme of my first book Transitions of the Heart-Centered World (1988) is how to build the lower triangle as a base for moving into the heart chakra. It is interesting to look back and observe the different spiritual paths in the 70's and 80's. The message of the flower children of the 60's was All we need is love. Yogi Bhajan attracted many of these flower children to his classes. We certainly need more love. The question is how do we get it Yogi Bhajan essentially said, If you want love, you have to prepare your mind and body to give and receive it. So while other paths were concentrating on opening the upper...

The Cycle of Transfiguration

Example, a correlation of the esoteric teachings with the Vedic feasts and festivals. Within the New Festivals a more cross-cultural sequence of feasts is outlined since the focus is on the energies which emanate from the Solar sphere, these feasts relate to the Solstices and the Equinoxes. In addition, we find that groups such as the Essenes moved from Lunar to Solar Calenders in line with the new revelations revealed to them from the Pleroma. While certainly the Seven feasts of Israel still apply (and some Gnostic groups still use them) they tend to link to the national identity of Israel in the past rather than to the Pan-Aryan tradition as presently expounded, hence, the Solar tradition of the feasts is now used by the Gnostic Apostolic Church. The Solar Festivals of Israel offer a practical way in which these various systems can be united and practically used. When we appreciate that the aim of the Gnostic system is to transcend the dialectic field while the cycles of earth...

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The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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