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Much of the occult literature concerning out-of-body experiences claims that we leave our bodies every night during sleep, but we usually are not conscious during these nightly excursions. Usually the OBE only happens after our consciousness has been disabled. But sometimes something goes wrong with the process and a piece of our conscious self retains awareness during the separation. At those times, we often "wake up" abruptly with a jolt before we are fully asleep.

One of the "tricks" to having out-of-body experiences is getting your subconscious mind to wake you up after you are out of your body. Quite simply, if you can influence your subconscious mind to reinstate your conscious awareness once the process of separation is complete, you will have fully conscious OBEs.

There are several approaches to influencing the subconscious mind. In previous exercises, we used affirmations and prayers to influence the subconscious mind (and influence other things as well.) Hypnosis is another excellent approach. Early studies in hypnosis showed a lot of promise in inducing OBEs. Unfortunately, there have been very few experiments in this area to the best of my knowledge, and the literature is scarce.

There are several audio hypnosis tapes available for inducing OBEs. I'm fairly resistant to hypnosis, so I haven't had any results using these tapes; The closest I've experienced was remote viewing which, I think, isn't nearly as fun as astral projection.

Another way to influence the subconscious is through concentrated visualizations, done frequently throughout the day. Any visualization that is OBE-related is good. Here are a few I use:

1. Visualize yourself flying over valleys, seas, planes.

2. Visualize yourself shooting out away from your body.

3. Visualize yourself floating.

4. Sit down and visualize that you take a step back and stand up so that you are looking down at the back of your head. Then think to yourself, "That's not me. That's just a shell."

Practice holding onto visualizations as long as you can. See how "real" you can make the visualization. These skills are very valuable for learning OBEs.

In some exercises for other chapters, I will be giving visualizations for inducing out-of-body experiences.

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