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Most OBE authors agree that your subconscious takes you out of your body every night. With practice you can use this to your advantage: You can train your subconscious to "wake you up" after it has left the body. I have used many methods for impressing this idea on my subconscious: affirmations, reading books, listening to subliminal OBE suggestion tapes, playful visualizations and listening to music that has OBE-suggestive words.

The first method, affirmations or self-suggestion, is to tell yourself, "I want to have an out-of-body experience," "I want to leave my body" or similar suggestions. The best times to do this are right before you fall asleep and especially right after you wake up in the morning. At these times you are in close contact with your subconscious. I wake up very slowly. For about a half hour I'm in contact with my subconscious mind. When I give myself suggestions then, they are very effective. Make these affirmations several times a day.

The second method is to read OBE books. I usually have more OBEs when I've recently been reading a book on astral projection. Reading about OBEs and thinking about them as you read makes an impression on your subconscious mind that can often be more effective than self-suggestion.

The third method is to use suggestion tapes. The Monroe Institute now has sets of "Gateway" tapes to aid the would-be astral traveler. Valley of the Sun Publishing has a set called "Astral Projection" which contains one hypnosis tape and one subliminal suggestion tape. Other tapes are also available.

The fourth method is to use playful imagination. Affirmations that use visualization are even better than verbal affirmations. Visualize yourself separating from the body. As you do, think to yourself, "Yes, I can do that." Imagine elaborate scenes where you are either flying through valleys like a glider, or shooting away from your body into outer-space. Again, this should be done frequently throughout the day, and especially right after you wake up in the morning.

The fifth method is to listen to music with words that suggest OBEs. I made a tape for myself, full of such songs by various artists. The songs might not be about OBEs, but they still remind me of them enough to make an impression on my subconscious mind. Some examples are: "Kashmir" by Led

Zeppelin, "Astral Traveler" by Yes, "The Wall" by Kansas, "Lights" by Styx, "Fly By Night" by Rush and "Backwards Traveler" by Paul McCartney.

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