It is evident that the pronunciation and transcription of the extracts of the Psalms must be made in Hebrew. Because of this it is necessary to have a printed edition of the Torah.

The person born under this influence will love work, agriculture, the countryside and hunting, and will be very active in business.

The bad angel provokes all that is harmful to agriculture; he incites man to blaspheme against God.

9th - HAZIEL. His attribute is "Merciful God". He corresponds to the holy name Agzi, from the language of the Abyssinians. His ray begins at the 41st degree up to the 45th degree inclusive, corresponding to the fifth decade and to the angel names Ero; under the influence of the Moon. This angel and those which follow up to the 16th belong to the Second Order of Angels, which the Orthodox call the Choir of the Cherubim. He rules over the following days: 28th March, 8th June, 18th August, 30th October and 10th January. The invocation must be done from 2:40am to 3:00am, by reciting the 6th verse of Psalm 24: "Remember, O Lord, thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindnesses; for they have been ever of old" (Reminiscere miserationum tuarum, Domine, et misericordiarum tuarum quae a saeculo sunt).

He serves to obtain God's mercy, the friendship and favours of the great, and the execution of promises made by a person. He rules over good faith and reconciliation. Those born under this influence will be sincere in their promises, and will easily pardon those who commit and offence against them.

The bad angel dominates hate and hypocrisy; he rules those who seek to deceive by all possible means; he keep enemies irreconcilable.

10th - ALADIAH. His attribute is "Propitious God". He corresponds to the divine names of Sire and Eipi, in the tongue of the Persians. His ray begins at the 46th11 degree to the 50th inclusive, corresponding to the fifth decade and to the angel called Viroaso. He rules the following days: 19th March, 9th June, 19th August, 31st October and 11th, January. The invocation is made from 3:00am till 3:20am, reciting the 22nd verse of Psalm 32: "Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee" (Fiat misericordia tua Domine super nos: quemadmodum speravimus in te). He is good for those who have hidden crimes and who fear discovery.

This angel rules against rabies and plague, and influences recovery from illnesses. The person who is born under this influence enjoys good health, and will be happy in his enterprises, esteemed by those who know him; he will frequent the most sophisticated societies.

The bad angel influences those who neglect their health and business.

11th - LAUVIAH. His attribute is "Praised and Exalted God". It corresponds to the holy name Deus from the Latin tongue. His ray starts at the 51st degree of the circle up to the 55th inclusive, corresponding to the sixth decade, and to the angel named Rombomare, under the influence of Saturn. He rules the following days: 30th March, 10th June, 20th August, 1st November and 12th January. The propitious time begins at 3:20am till 3:40am. One says the 50th verse from Psalm 17: "The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted" (Vivit Dominus et

11 The original incorrectly stated '41st Degree' - PV.

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