How to Banish Bad Habits

Break Bad Habits

This Habit Busting ebook program gives you all of the tools that you need to get rid of habits that come between you and your family and friends, once and for all! You can get rid of habits like overeating, which can cause huge health problems later on in your life. You can learn how to never be a pushover, and learn to say No! when you just don't have time. You can break your gaming addiction, and get a real social life. This Habit Breaker program can get rid of any bad habits that you have in 21 days or less. It doesn't take much to get rid of your bad habits forever! Bad habits chip away at the life that you have now, and get rid of a good future for you and your family. Wouldn't you rather have a better life now and in the future, and get of the habits that hold you back? Read more...

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I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Haunting Thoughts Of

Thoughts of sin haunt the minds of some persons. One man always thinks, I have committed a very heinous sin. I do not know what to do. Again and again, this one idea haunts his mind. This is a bad habit. These people do not know how to divert their minds. They become prey to these 'haunting thoughts'. Virtue and sin are relative terms. They are creations of the mind. Sin is nothing but a mistake. Japa of God's Name, charity and fasting will destroy at once any amount of sin. Why are you afraid Even the worst sinner can attain salvation, can become holy of holies. What was the state of Valmiki, Jagai and Madhai and Ajamila in the beginning Were they not rogues of the first water Repeat OM, Rama and assert boldly, 'I am pure now' 'I am holy now'. Where is the room for despair Nil desperandum. Do virtuous actions. Remember Him always. Be true to the Antaryamin (Indweller of your heart).

The Health Value Of Indigestible Foods

It happens not infrequently that people who apply to us for healing admit unblushingly the most atrocious dietetic blunders, perfectly oblivious to the fact that they are doing wrong. They will eat four to five meals a day, composed of hot cakes, coffee, eggs, beefsteak, white bread, potatoes, pie, cheese, etc., etc., and then they honestly wonder why they do not feel well. This class of people will claim that they have no bad habits. They smoke a few cigars, drink a few glasses of beer, or perhaps they take a cocktail or two they live on what they call a natural diet, go to bed at ten or eleven, and pat themselves on the back with the feeling that they are models. As a rule when it is first brought to their attention that they are committing serious blunders they stare in utter amazement and incredulity they seem to doubt their senses when told

Beware Of Mayaa Warning To Aspirants

If an aspirant moves with rich people, Zamindars and Rajas, his mind begins to imitate the luxurious habits of these people and, ere long, he gets an unconscious downfall. Certain bad habits creep in him unconsciously. And he finds it difficult to tear out or remove these bad habits. After forty, it is difficult to tear out old habits and establish new healthy habits.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

This meditation is given for everything from breaking habits to achieving emotional balance. I knew one woman who had been very emotionally upset for over two weeks. Finally she went to a quiet spot in the woods and did 31 minutes of Kirtin Kriya and voila, she felt relaxed and whole again. It helps you focus and center yourself. It is a catalyst for change because it is a very powerful spiritual cleanser. You may go through a lot because you will be releasing a lot. Be present to what you are experiencing and be willing to let it all go. The process will allow you to give all your garbage back to God. If you want to maintain the status quo, don't do this meditation. If you are willing to change and welcome a new dimension of being into your life, this meditation is for you.

Conscious Reception of Food

For the magic constitution it is not advisable to eat in a hurry. All kinds of food and beverages are suitable for the magic impregnation with desires. Yet all the impregnated foods and drinks have to be consumed entirely, and nothing should be left over. Do not read during a meal. Unfortunately a great many people are in this bad habit. Any kind of conversation is also undesirable. One should eat only with the maintenance of one's desire. It is to be noted that no opposite desire should associate. For instance, if you are aspiring after health through conscious or magic breathing,

Direct Preparation for Exercises

When the time comes for meditation, the body must be comfortably seated in a position which it can endure for hours if necessary. On the other hand, the body should not be allowed to assume a lazy posture, for then it acquires the bad habit of sleeping through exercises, which deprives them of all their value. This should be well remembered.

Home Lightning Matos Spells And Magic

Place beneath pillow or use in dream pillows to guard against nightmares. Carry to instill courage and help attract love from the opposite sex. Use in place of graveyard dust in spells. Wear to keep wild animals at bay in unfamiliar areas. Burn to banish bad influences and bring an immediate halt to bad habits.

Psychology of Success

Secondly, overloading of the exercises with unnecessary details which only complicate matters and make the student feel as if he is in a dense forest. The difficulty of ruling our mind comes just from complicated thinking, which prevents every attempt at one-pointedness. A mind unacquainted with strong concentrated thinking about very simple objects first needs to eradicate the old bad habits. If in a manual of concentration the student fails to find the right instructions, where else can he find them

Hypnotism And Mesmerism

Hypnotism is very beneficial in the correction of bad habits of boys and in the treatment of hysteria and other nervous diseases. The opium habit and the drinking habit are also removed. The hypnotist should not misuse the power in wrong channels. He will get a hopeless downfall. Wherever there is power, there is side by side a chance for misuse. There are temptations also. One has to be very careful.

Weaken The Storms Matos Spells Nd Magic

But at least there is no need of any special device ad hoc to effect contact between the Circle and the Triangle. Operations of this class are therefore often successful, even when the Magician has little or no technical knowledge of Magick. Almost any duffer can pull himself together, devote himself to study, break off a bad habit, or conquer a cowardice. This class of work, although the easiest, is yet the most important for it includes initiation itself in its highest sense. It extends to the Absolute in every dimension it involves the most intimate analysis, and the most comprehensive synthesis. In a sense, it is the sole type of Magick either necessary or proper to the Adept for it includes both the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, and the Adventure of the Abyss.

The Effect Of Hypnotic Sleep

From the occult viewpoint it is obviously wrong to try to cure a bad habit, such as drunkenness, by hypnotism. Looked at from the standpoint of one life, such methods as those employed by the healers of the Immanuel Movement, etc., are undoubtedly productive of an immense amount of good. The patient is seated in a chair, put into sleep and there he is given certain so-called suggestions. He rises and is cured of his bad habit from being a drunkard he becomes a respectable citizen who cares for his wife and family, and upon the face of it the good seems to be undeniable. Thus the victim of a hypnotic healer does not overcome the bad habit by his own strength, but is as much chained in that respect as if he were in solitary confinement, and although in this life he may seem to be a better citizen, when he returns to Earth in another embodiment he will have the same weakness and have to struggle until at last he overcomes it himself.

Becoming a New Hermeticist

In order to become a New Mermeticist, you must adopt several new models of behavior. These will help you to actualize your powers in (he fullest and most helpful and positive way possible. You are about to go into uncharted territory, and without these guideposts, it is easy 10 become lost in the morass of your own fears, illusions, and bad habits. We are all limited beings, and even our most profound insights are limited by our human imperfections. At our best, we are reflections of our ideals, but to mistake ourselves for these ideals is the first error of he mystic.


Before I started Kindergarten, met a boy named Brian, who was about three years older, and we became friends. Brian was a good friend, but he had a bad habit of lying. Brian felt that lying made him seem more knowledgeable and important than other kids, and he loved to be in that position of power. At that young age, I was naive and always asking questions, but I had no concept of dishonesty. Hanging around Brian, it didn't take me long to find out what a lie was. Before long, I didn't trust anything that Brian said to me. Still, Brian was my only friend and there were no other kids my age in the area. Instead of abandoning our friendship, I took it as a challenge. I still valued his friendship, but I had to learn to separate the fact from the fiction. I was forced to use logic to tell when he was lying and when he was telling the truth. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. But I got better at it by verifying some of the facts with grownups I knew I could trust.

Second Lecture

The result of all this is that all of you who are worth your salt will be absolutely delighted when I tell you to scrap all the rules and discover your own. Sir Richard Burton said He noblest lives and noblest dies, who makes and keeps his self-made laws. This is, of course, what every man of science has to do in every experiment. This is what constitutes an experiment. The other kind of man has only bad habits. When you explore a new country, you don't know what the conditions are going to be and you have to master those conditions by the method of trial and error. We start to penetrate the stratosphere and we have to modify our machines in all sorts of ways which were not altogether foreseen. I wish to thunder forth once more that no questions of right or wrong enter into our problems. But in the stratosphere it is 'right' for a man to be shut up in a pressure-resisting suit electrically heated, with an oxygen supply, whereas it would be 'wrong' for him to wear it if he were running...


Here are some pointers for your breathing exercises. Babies breathe naturally because they haven't learned our bad habits. If you've ever watched a baby breathe, you may notice their bellies rise and fall, but their chests don't. They breathe using their abdomen, not by forcing their lungs to rise and fall. Try to do the same Breathe from your abdomen, not from your lungs.

Knowing Yourself

Magic Circle Template

Are you getting the point that I have this bad habit of being ahead of everyone I will confess that it was a surprise that my eighth grade art teacher started giving me A's to not only my parents but to myself, as I had never shown any talent in art before, but it is vaguely possible that my little games with the television were somehow carrying over into my classwork.

Change The Habits

Bad habits and prejudices hidden in one's nature will necessarily be brought to the surface of the mind when the proper opportunity comes. If you change the habits, you can also change your character. You sow an act you reap a habit. You sow a habit you reap a character. You sow a character you reap a destiny. Habits originate in the conscious mind. But, when they become established by constant repetition, they sink down into the depths of the unconscious mind and become 'second nature.'


As far as clothing is considered, the less you can wear the better. The exercises in the last chapter were such that total nudity would have been a real problem for most of my students but this lesson is different. For one thing, you are working alone, so you do not have to fear being embarrassed. (If you have a body like mine, the less of it that is seen the better.) Likewise, clothing has the bad habit of bunching in inconvenient locations. So if you can work naked, by all means do so. If not, if you are living in an arrangement where it is possible to be disturbed by someone whom you don't want to see you nude such as your children or parents, experiment with different types of clothing to find out which is most comfortable. Go back to your notes from the last lesson and see if you have any information that might help you. Many writers suggest, or rather demand, that you work barefoot and while I do not understand their dogmatism on this matter, give it a try and see if you are...

Second Lecture Yama

Never occurred to a teacher of Yoga because those teachers never conceived the condition in which many people live today. It never occurred to the Buddha or Patanjali or Mansur el-Hallaj to advise his pupils not to practise in a flat with a wireless set next door. The result of all this is that all of you who are worth your salt will be absolutely delighted when I tell you to scrap all the rules and discover your own. Sir Richard Burton said 'He noblest lives and noblest dies, who makes and keeps his self-made laws.' 10. This is, of course, what every man of science has to do in every experiment. This is what constitutes an experiment. The other kind of man has only bad habits. When you explore a new country, you don't know what the conditions are going to be and you have to master those conditions by the method of trial and error. We start to penetrate the stratosphere and we have to modify our machines in all sorts of ways which were not altogether foreseen. I wish to thunder forth...


Other personal demons are more dangerous and harder to master. Indeed, they can be deadly. How many of us can truthfully say that we have never allowed greed, or jealousy, or insecurity, or lust, or laziness to ruin a potential triumph How many times have you said to yourself, I am my own worst enemy These uncontrolled bad habits and character flaws could be personified as malicious spirits who pop up at the worst possible times to sabotage our best-laid plans. Wouldn't we love to master them and force them to work for our benefit instead of our undoing

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