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The lead astrologer of the astrology source is Deborah Fenlon-Browning. Other astrologer like Art Poppe, Agnes Ronco, and Jeff Jawler all play big roles to offer you the best service possible. She has been a practicing astrologer for over 28 years now and for years her work was limited to off line publications and regional work until 1996 when the site was launched. She is popularly known for her supply of horoscopes to different websites and newspaper and is a Yahoo award winning astrologer. She made it her mission to educate the knowledge of self using astrology as an important tool. She and her fellow astrologers has helped a lot of people in the world find out who they really are and know more about their zodiac signs. This is a website that offers you details and information that are related only to astrology. Here you will find professional report, educational and other resources to help new comers obtain a better understanding of astrology. If you register with them, any information you require will be sent to your e-mail address within the space of 24 hours. This website is meant for anyone who requires the assistance of an astrologer or who needs information and knowledge about astrology. You don't need to have any technical skill just go to their and learn what you need to know. More here...

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I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Astrology Lesson No

The ancient Ptolemaic system of astronomy in vogue until modern times was based upon this conception of the universe, and subscribed to by all until superseded by the Copernican theory. Skeptics and scoffers who have never taken time nor trouble to investigate, arrogantly maintain that since the Copernican theory has proved that the planets, including the Earth, move around the Sun, that fact in itself is prima facie evidence of the fallacy of astrology, which they term as exploded superstition. We do not care to convince a man against his will, and deem a defense of astrology superfluous, but feel that it may benefit beginners to know the astrologer's views. Astrology deals also with planetary angles and their observed effects upon humanity. It teaches that varying angles of Sun and planets give different physical, moral, and mental tendencies. The discovery of Copernicus does not render the tabulated statistics of astrologers null and void any more...

Astrology Letter No

These are lines by an unknown poet, but they ring absolutely true to the teachings of Christ in regard to the rich young man, and also to the teachings given in Paul's inimitable 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians. Love is the source of life love alone makes life worth living, and therefore I feel that in a course of astrology from the Mystic's viewpoint the planet of love, Venus, has first claim on our consideration.

Predictions By Twitching Of Body Parts In Astrology

Shakoon Shastra means The Science of Omens. Omens may be good or bad, indicating forthcoming incidents or events. In mantra, yantra, tantra and astrology this carries a special importance but it is often neglected. In the day-to-day life, we come across many omens but many of the people ignore them or do not believe in them but later on repent. In Hora Sara (an ancient book on astrology) Part XXXII Slokas 1-4, 5 and 6 clearly indicate the results of certain omens. These are reproduced below

Geocentric System of Astrology

When Copernicus proved that the earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun, he is said by scoffers and sceptics to have exploded the system of Astrology which regards the earth as the center around which the Sun, Moon and planets circle. That is a mistaken idea, which may perhaps be shown by an illustration. We still continue to say that the Sun rises, though we know that it is the earth that moves while the Sun remains stationary but whether the Sun moves in a circle around the earth, and illuminates each portion of its surface in turn, or the earth moves upon its axis and thus exposes one part after another to the rays of the stationary Sun, the effect upon the earth is the same, namely, we get light and sunshine during part of the twenty-four hours. Similarly with the other planets, Astrology judges their effects when in certain positions relative to the Earth, regardless of how they came there. Besides, it is so much more convenient to speak from the geocentric standpoint...

Materials You Can Buy for Our Courses in Astrology

Note The Information for Astrology Course booklet (AI), available online, contains all of the required course reference materials found in the books below. With the exception of the required chart calculation worksheets (HDD or HDP), it contains all of the reference materials needed for the Junior and Senior Astrology Courses. 1 Simplified Scientific Ephemeris for 1911, 1912, and 1932 computed for noon (order Information for Astrology Course booklet AI or E1911, E1912, and E1932). 3 Simplified Scientific Astrology - Complete textbook on the art of erecting horoscopes, with dictionary of astrological terms (ASP). Available online. 4 The Message of the Stars - An esoteric exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology explaining the arts of reading and progressing the Horoscope and diagnosing diseases (MSP). Available online. INFORMATION FOR THE ASTROLOGICAL STUDENT The following information will be found very valuable and may be profitably memorized by all students of astrology. Astrology...

Astrology As An Aid To Healing Astrological Basis For Healing

If physicians would study the science of astrology, they would thus with a very slight effort be able to diagnose their patient's condition in a manner altogether impossible from the ordinary diagnostician's point of view. Some physicians are waking up to that fact and have discovered by their experiences that the heavenly bodies do have an influence upon the human frame. For instance, when the writer was in Portland, Oregon, a physician mentioned as his observation that whenever it was possible for him to perform an operation while the moon was increasing in light, that is to say, going from the new to the full, the operation was always successful and no complications would set in. On the other hand, he had found that when circumstances compelled him to perform an operation when the Moon was going from the full to the dark there was great danger of trouble, and that such operations were never as satisfactory as those performed while the light of the Moon was increasing. The way to...

The Practical Value Of Astrology

To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. This phase of the science is dealt with in The Message of the Stars, giving numerous horoscopes to show how the signatures of various diseases appear in the stellar script. The writer diagnoses unerringly by this method the ailments of patients all over the world and love will light the way for others also who aim to follow in the steps of Christ as healers of the sick.

Horary Astrology [continued

Horary Astrology may also be used to select a favorable time for commencing an important undertaking, for the starting point of an enterprise is its birth, and the influences then governing will be powerful determinators of success or failure. It is said that the Royal Astronomer who laid the corner-stone for the Observatory at Greenwich used this method, and that has certainly been a very useful and successful institution.

My Theory of Astrology

A few well-chosen words about Astrology Madam, I am only too happy to oblige our aim is to serve. The customer is usually wrong but statistics indicate that it doesn't pay to tell him so. Thousands of books have been written on Astrology There are a few completely quack systems, such as those which mix up the science with Toshosophicat hypotheses naturally you discard these. But even of generally acceptable forms of Astrology, such as Mundane and Horary, I tend to be distrustful. I ask, for instance, why, if Taurus rules Poland and Ireland, as is no doubt the case, the crash and massacres of 1939 e.v. and later in the one did not take place in the other. All the seaports of the world naturally come under one of the three watery signs but we do not find that an affliction of Pisces, which hits Tunis, should do no harm to all the other harbours similarly ruled. 2. The objections to Astrology as such, indicated by what I have already pointed out, and several others, would suffice to...

How to Learn the Practice of Astrology

Then, get a book on Astrology, the older the better. Raphael's Shilling Handbook is probably enough for the present purpose. Get well into your head what the menu says about the natures of the planets, the influence of the aspects, what is meant by dignities, the scope of the houses, and so on. A strange thing happened once I had explained all this to the girl that I happened to be living with that is, I taught her the names of the signs she knew no Astrology, not even the simple correspondences. After about a month, she was better at it than I was ( Why strange you mutter rudely. Quite right, my dear I have always been a wretched reader of character. Bless my soul there was a time when I had hopes of you, I savagely retort.) She had picked up the knack, the trick of it she could select, eliminate, re-compose, compare with past experience, and form a judgment, without knowing the names of its materials.

Mexican Astrology

THE Mexican system of Astrology, although it has considerable resemblances with those of Europe and Asia, is really a system of native growth and origin, and must be studied separately from all others. It is based on what is known as the tonalamafl, or so-called calendar of the Aztecs. But I v ill deal with it here very practically, in order that students of other astrologies may compare it with the system they study, and because it is ccrtainly time that this particular American system should be presented to students of the occult in a plain and understandable manner.

The Basis of Calculations Time

A horoscope is simply a chart of the heavens calculated by the rules of astronomy. It shows certain positions of the planets and zodiacal signs in relation to the earth. These positions are not permanent, however. If they were, the location of the heavenly bodies could be determined once for all time without need of further calculation. The influence of the planets upon the Earth would then also remain constant, and there would be no use for astronomy or astrology. But as the Earth makes a complete revolution upon its axis each 24 hours, every point in the northern heavens may be seen once a day from any point in the northern half of the Earth, and every star in the southern heavens rises and sets each day in every part of the southern half of our globe. The Earth and its sister planets revolve around the sun at such varying rates that their positions relative to the Earth and to one another are constantly changing. Every day the heavens are different from every other day. If a child...

Table of Contents

We are happy to have your request for our Astrology course. Our three courses in Astrology are based on the Teachings as given to humanity by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception and the personal investigations of Max Heindel, their messenger. In order to realize the most benefit from our Astrology courses we suggest you study our Preliminary Philosophy Course consisting of twelve lessons. The Preliminary Philosophy Course must be completed by regular mail one lesson at a time. We hope that the understanding of life and its problems offered by this course will bring you much comfort and joy.

The Exact Time

It is the purpose of astrology to teach that these forces exist and that by exerting our Will Power we may steer the bark of our life as we wish, and bring ourselves to live better lives in harmony with the Laws of Nature, and also teach how we may help others in like endeavor.

The Previous Noon

Our starting point of calculation is the Sidereal Time given in the ephemeris for the noon previous to birth. Please note the emphasis we place on the word previous there is a reason. A horoscope calculated by our system for a certain time and place will be exactly like one figures by any other truly scientific method, but the rules of other systems are complicated to find the Houses involves subtraction in certain cases, addition in others. We endeavor to simplify the rules of astrology, and in this operation use only addition but you must be sure to understand the term the noon previous to birth. If you miss that and get the wrong starting point, all your calculations must necessarily be out of line.


From all these forms of knowledge, of all of them except the fourth, come the Kabbalah, Chiromancy, Astrology, Occult Physiology, Scientific Cartomancy, etc., etc. The present book of Esoteric Hermetic Astrology has nothing to do with the carnival Astrology mentioned in newspapers. In this book we teach the Science of Atma-Vidya.

The Faculties Of Medicine

In a magazine from Berlin, Bruno Noah textually states the following His excellency, the rector of the University of Haile, Sir Professor Doctor Hahne states in his discourse 2-2-1934 'I have the sufficient courage of publicly declaring myself in favor of Astrology, and that it is time to recognize Astrology as a science. I regret the fact of not having preoccupied myself before with Astrology. It is provable that the honorable body of Doctors from Berlin could evaluate the authorized declaration of Doctor Hahne. Of course, this doctor is not a 'snob' opportunist, neither a Galenist impostor. Astrology is a science which goes back to the time of the first ages of humanity. All of the very ancient schools of medicine drank from this fountain of inexhaustible wisdom. Since this is a fact, and certainly a true fact, the delayed recognition from this German Doctor does not grant any merit to Astrology. However, his recognition is with merit. The Arhuaco Indians from the Sierra Nevada of...

Notice To The Student

The foregoing chapters describe the basis of Astrology and illustrate in detail the method of erecting a horoscope. They also indicate the elements of the science of reading a horoscope. A great deal of additional information along these lines is given in the Philosophic Encyclopedia following. But the next volume in this series, the Message of the Stars, is the Rosicrucian text book on the science of Astrological Reading, and the application of Astrology to our daily lives. It contains a complete exposition of the methods used in judging the radical horoscope, also in progressing the chart and making predictions therefrom. Medical Astrology and the diagnosis of disease are comprehensively death with, as are also the bearing of Astrology upon evolution and the general nature and effect of planetary vibrations.

The Earth versus the

The best way to understand these two world-views is to contemplate the two possible approaches to nature. The ascending perspective is based traditionally on iconography related to the sky and stars, it represents (in religious terminology) the transcending of earth and the return to a world beyond the physical. In early traditions, its gods were those of the sky and earth gods are seen as subservient to the sky deities. A classic example of a sky cult is found in Ancient Egypt with its emphasis on going beyond death and returning to the stars. This is also illustrated in the focus early religions had on astronomy and astrology, this is well illustrated in such landmarks as Stonehenge, the Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids and other sites too numerous to list. While the seasons may have been celebrated, they were seen as representing the cycles that had to be overcome and the earth was traditionally seen in a negative or at least, ambivalent role. In general, reproduction was seen...

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

Seven is the number of harmony, fertility, propagation and growing. It is also the number of love with all its phases, no matter whether the lowest form of love or the highest cosmic aspect of love is in question. Mercy, benevolence, virtuousness and happiness are also aspects of love and therefore appertain to number seven. Apart from this, seven is the number of beauty, purity and harmony. With regard to astrology, seven is the number of Venus so that all methods and practices of the Venus magic, scale magic, also belong to this numerical category. Amongst other things, the seven basic notes (octave) are also analogous to number seven, and so are the seven tattwas, the seven states of maturity (chakras), etc. The graphic representation of number seven is an equilateral heptagon (septangle). There are, however, also other symbols for number seven for instance, a great triangle with a square in its middle or, vice versa, a square with a triangle in its middle, depending on the number...

The Rising Sign And The Twelve Houses

Tyiems Table Seet

When the Sun was in the signs mentioned. Such a statement at once exposes the one who so expresses himself as being ignorant of the science of Astrology and reveals the fact that if he has had a horoscope east, it has been done by an incompetent astrologer. These sometimes advertise to cast a horoscope telling your fortune from the cradle to the grave for a very small sum. But a conscientious astrologer cannot give a simple delineation of character without spending at least an hour in calculation and close concentration and to make predictions covering a whole life would require days of arduous work. The scientific astrologer may speak of a person as having Taurus or Scorpio rising, and that statement at once shows that a calculation has been made taking into consideration year, month, day, hour, and place, making the horoscope cast absolutely individual while the other type of horoscope ( ) is determined solely from the month when a person was born, without regard to day, hour or...

Tiie Superphysical Laws Of Nature

To speak of the change which has come over the public mind, or that portion of the public mind which represents the advanced culture of the period, as a movement of thought, is, in truth, to use an inadequate expression, for that movement is largely due to an inflow of new knowledge and information concerning the super-physical mysteries of nature, which were not at the disposal of those who, in the middle of the last century, represented the incredulity which then prevailed in reference to all matters having to do with mystic research. Those of us whose memories stretch back to the middle of the last century will remember how determined and contemptuous that incredulity generally was. To attain any knowledge concerning super-physical states of human consciousness was held to be eternally impossible. Sporadic phenomena, reported from time to time as indicating that it might be possible to obtain communication with the surviving consciousness of people who had departed this life, were...

Matos Spells And Magic Rainbow

Pentacle Candles

STEP THREE Now, visualize the forces of the nature of Aries descending from all around you onto the Rainbow Wand. When you sense this has occurred, or after three minutes, replace the Fire Wand on the altar (Consult any basic book on astrology for more on the qualities of the signs).

Post Cxx Annos Patebo Ix

I have paraphrased this long and complicated ceremony in order to show how elements of the original Rosicrucian legend - the life of Christian Rosenkreuz, the discovery of the vault and the rose cross symbol itself - were skilfully woven together with other imagery -taken from Qabalah, Tarot, astrology and alchemy - and couched in resonant language to produce a powerful ritual. It is also

Laws Of Structural Links

Tem to determine characteristics of the other. The way to determine these characteristics is the result of research into the specifics of the equivalent structure, statistical comparison, and development of models that make translation possible. Good examples are iridology (for diagnosis and to tell about characteristics of the person, even to foretell future trends), foot- and hand reflexology, ear acupuncture, and astrology. In the latter the zodiac and heavenly bodies take the aspect of a large radionics device. The astrological zodiac is a naturally occurring frame of reference. It compares to a huge radionics box that connects with everything on this planet. We can not set the dials of our planetary system, but we have other ways of using this radionics device of cosmic proportions. We can calculate in advance the positions of the elements of this radionics box, the planets. Then we can determine the kinds of zodiacal energies that connect with any given individual at any given...

Methods To Express And Establish Equivalent Structures

In this category fall objects that you can find in the environment. Spirit told ancient magicians, or shamans, which herbs can do what. There are powers that are attributed to gems, animals, trees, locations, etc., that connect with zodiacal signs and planets, trees that are sacred to specific gods, and much more. Studies in folklore, herbalism, and older astrology and magic books are a rich source of these correlations.

Chapter Two The Sephiroth and the Four Worlds

NVN is primarily the letter of transformation, and the Scorpio energy of Astrology. It thus signifies change of form, which at its highest level depends on Binah, the mother of all Form. Also in Binah we see the AVR stage of the three veils, although the AVR, or light , is perceived as the blackness of the bitter sea of Binah because its limitlessness is impossible for understanding to contain.

Note to the Studious Qabalist on Errors Found in this Volume

The cup is lunar in nature and corresponds quire swimmingly with che lotuses of the seven chakras. The sword is a weapon, man-made, and corresponds quite naturally with the intellectual qualities of Hod. It is said that air and water share many qualities and transform one into the other. This is represented in astrology by the fact that Aquarius (the water bearer) is an air sign, and Scorpio (whose highest symbol is the eagle) is a water sign. At any rate, my choice was based entirely on the practicalities of synthesizing a number of divergent streams into a sensible whole. The tools work. You may feel free to make any philosophical adjustments you find necessary along the way.

Chap xlix Of Images the figure whereof is not after the likeness of any Celestiall figure but after the likness of that

Moved by the wind sometime with the head upward, & sometimes downward sometimes they put them into hot water, or into the fire. For they say as the workers of the images do affect the image it self, so doth it bring the like passions upon those to whom it was ascribed, as the mind of the operator hath dictated it. As we read that Nectanabus the Magician made images of ships with wax after that manner, and art that when he drowned those images in water, that the ships of his enemies were in like maner drowned in the Sea, and hazarded. Now that part of Astrology which is writ concerning elections, teacheth us that the constellations also are to be observed for the making of images, and such like.

Page From The Dresden Codex

The contents of the various books of Chilan Balam may be classified under astrology and prophecy, chronology and history, medico-religious practice, and later history and Christian teachings. The astrology is an admixture of Maya stellar divination and that borrowed from European almanacs of the century between 1550 and 1650, which are no less superstitious in their leanings than the native products. Prophecies such as that quoted at length above abound.

Psychic Influence Personality

A powerful, sweet voice, knowledge of music, knowledge of astrology, astronomy, palmistry, art, etc., add to the personality of man. One should know how to behave and adjust himself with other people. You must talk sweetly and gently. This produces a tremendous impression. You must be polite, civil, courteous. You must treat others with respect and consideration. He who gives respect to others gets respect. Humility brings respect by itself. Humility is a virtue that subdues the hearts of others. A man of humility is a powerful magnet or loadstone.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the

For no one knows where the Sumerians came from, and they vanished just as mysteriously as they appeared, after the Assyrian invasions which decimated their culture, yet providing the Assyrians with much of their mythology and religion so much so that Sumerian became the official language of the state church, much as Latin is today of the Roman Catholic Church. They had a list of their kings before the Flood, which even they carefully chronicled, as did many another ancient civilisation around the world. It is believed that they had a sophisticated system of astronomy (and astrology) as well as an equally religious rituale. Magick, as well in history, begins at Sumer for the Western World, for it his here, in the sand-buried cuneiform tablets that recorded an Age, that the first Creation Epic is found, the first exorcism, the first ritual invocations of planetary deities, the first dark summonings of evil Powers, and ironically, the first burnings of people the anthropologists call...

Earth the First Chakra and Intuition

Astrology helps us determine the most appropriate time to work on a particular tattva. While the Sun is in earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - is the most powerful time to align with the earth element. I have made my astrological New Millennium Being e-zine a part of this training so that you can use this information to develop your relationship with the elements.

Spell Resistance Sun Solstice

An astrologer can also specify a target for the spell formula if the target remains within the astrologer's sight during the time it takes to compute the spell formula, or if the astrologer has some knowledge about or connection to the target. If a target subject is specified, invoking the spell against anything else results in automatic failure. Specifying a target earns bonuses to the Astrology check for computing the spell formula, as shown in the table below If the Astrology check is at least twice the DC, the formula takes half the base time to complete. If the Astrology check is three times the DC, the formula takes a third of the base time, and so on. Once the Astrology check has been made, taking these modifiers into consideration, record the check result if successful. If the check fails, the astrologer abandons the formula after spending a number of minutes equal to the modified DC. In other words, it takes the DC amount in minutes for the astrologer to realize that he made...

Diagram 9 The Essential Dignities Of The Planets

This diagram shows the true symmetrical completion of the Sidereal- Solar System. The astronomical discoveries of Herschel (Uranus), Neptune, and Pluto have completed the tenfold scheme of the Sephiroth, and enabled the Master Therion to establish Astrology in its relation with Ceremonial Magick on a perfectly balanced basis.

Creating A Pangunculus

A pangunculus can be created either as an alchemical or magical construct. Using either method, the first step in creating a pangunculus is choosing its similarity bonus. You can create a pangunculus with a similarity bonus equal to your Wisdom modifier + Astrology rank or lower. Less similar pangunculi are easier and cheaper to make. To create a pangunculus as an alchemical project, you must possess a nativity horoscope of its owner for the duration of the creation processes. You must also interpret the nativity before beginning the project, which requires the Astrology skill. The nativity provides you with the clues to link the pangunculus with its intended owner. (See page 29 for more on nativity horoscopes.) involved, pangunculi created this way can only protect the magician who performs the creation ritual. The Astrology skill is not required. The spell-like powers of pangunculi do not stack you cannot be protected by multiple pangunculi at once. You can, however, create a...

The Symbols The Planets

I cannot point out here, in this little book all possible connections between all possible things and every possible force that would rule it. You will have to do some of this work yourself and become familiar with it. As you continue to work with the Occult and as you gain additional knowledge you will find out about more connections between all things and these Forces and Yourself, and when you do discover additional connections add them to the list below and in their proper places. There should be no end to this adding of connections to this list. You can find this additional information in Astrology magazines or articles.

Chapter Sixteen The Twenty Two Paths

(ii) The second Triad as depicted adds the two Paths leading from the Upper Sephiroth to Tiphareth, the seat of awareness. These two Paths are Path 15 and Path 17, the Constituting and the Disposing Intelligences. The first is the Path to which the Emperor card is attributed, and relates to the Creation in warm darkness . This fits with the symbolic meaning of Aries, the generative force in Astrology, which is also attributed to the Path. On the other side of the Tree, the Lovers card symbolises the Disposing of occult experience through intuition, which is how the Golden Dawn saw the Card, as the impact of inspiration on intuition . That is to say, the experience in awareness of that which is above the Abyss comes not through the Intellect (Hod), the Emotion (Netzach) or the Imagination (Yesod), but above these faculties. On the other side of the Tree, Path 30 is where Astrologers derive the speculations and perfection of their science according to the movement of stars . This Path...

The Planets The Seven Spirits Before The Throne

These Planetary Spirits exercise a particular influence on the evolving beings upon other planets according to the development attained by such beings. The lower in the scale of evolution a being is placed the more potent are the effects of the planetary influences the higher, the wiser and the more individualized a being is, the more it is able to shape its own course and the less it will be actuated by the stellar vibrations. That is why Astrology applied to daily life helps us. It gives a knowledge of our weaknesses and the tendencies to evil in our nature it shows us our strength and the times most opportune for development of added power for good. The modern astronomer divorces the spiritual aspect of the celestial science, Astrology, which he pooh-poohs an an exploded superstition, from the material phase, Astronomy, counting eight primary planets plus Pluto in our solar system--Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury. He shows through the telescope It is...

Symbolisms As Systems Of Structural Links

Symbolisms have the advantage to give you some insights into the workings of the universe. In this respect they compare to mythologies. Most symbolisms connect with observable elements of our environment such as the movement of the planets in the sky. I view the system of astrology as being a radionics device of cosmic proportions. HSCTI offers a device that is similar in structure. With this device you can generate any astrological trend that you desire and direct it to any target. I recommend that you purchase a good introduction into astrology. This serves you to learn the meanings of the planets, houses, and signs. Another book of value is The Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus. In this work Papus explains the structure of the Tarot. To get more insights into the meanings of the Tarot cards I recommend any one of the books by Eden Gray Mastering the Tarot or the Tarot Unveiled. My deck of choice is the Rider Tarot Deck. I prefer it because of the accuracy of the cabalistic symbolism...

Microcosm And Macrocosm

We have been describing 'traditonal' occult philosophy here, and certainly an important part of the tradition is the idea (and terms) microcosm and macrocosm. The greater universe, known as the *macrocosm*, includes everything that exists. It corresponds with the *microcosm*, or tiny universe, ie. man -- who is thought of as a miniature replica of the macrocosm (whole universe). This basic magical relationship is demonstrated in the Bible (Genesis 1.27), where God is the macrocosm and in the writing of Trismegistus ( As above so below ). Since man is in the image of God (universe) it follows that God is in the image of man (in other words, man and the God universe match each other). The magician, as a microcosm is thus connected with the macrocosm. There is an intimate relationship of energies between you and everything else. The universe is reflected within us and we are projected into the universe. This is an important theory behind magick and astrology.

Chapter One The Tree of Sapphires

Other esoteric examples of Meta-models include the Seven Rays system, the Chakra system, Astrology, and Tarot. Earlier Meta-models include the Platonic and Pythagorean systems, and the quest for the supreme Meta-model continues with the mathematical physics search for a grand unified field theory (a single theory which relates all other theories regarding cosmological sciences).

Preface by M Nostradamus to His Prophecies

So much so that persons of future times may be seen in present ones, because God Almighty has wished to reveal them by means of images, together with various secrets of the future vouchsafed to orthodox astrology, as was the case in the past, so that a measure of power and divination passed through them, the flame of the spirit inspiring them to pronounce upon inspiration both human and divine. God may bring into being divine works, which are absolute there is another level, that of angelic works and a third way, that of the evildoers. Also, my son, I beseech you not to exercise your mind upon such reveries and vanities as drain the body and incur the soul's perdition, and which trouble our feeble frames. Above all avoid the vanity of that most execrable magic formerly reproved by the Holy Scriptures - only excepting the use of official astrology.

Jabamiah 70th Kabbalah Angel

Runa Angelical Significado

One must have a talisman which is on the frontispiece, with that of the angel written on the other side, which should be prepared under favorable influences as indicated in the chapter on Kabbalistic Astrology. This angel protects in mysterious operations he brings success in all things and brings all things to their conclusion he rules over chemistry, physics and medicine he influences health and longevity. The

The Dark Side Of The Moon

In Astrology, the moon, among its other meanings, has that of the common people, who submit (they know not why) to any independent will that can express itself with sufficient energy. The people who guillotined the mild Louis XVI died gladly for Napoleon. The impossibility of an actual democracy is due to this fact of mob-psychology. As soon as you group men, they lose their personalities. A parliament of the wisest and strongest men in the nation is liable to behave like a set of schoolboys, tearing up their desks and throwing their inkpots at each other. The only possibility of co-operation lies in discipline and autocracy, which men have sometimes

Theory The Quabbalah

The term quabbalah has often been abused by degrading it to a play with numbers, horoscopic assessments, name analogies and various other mantic purposes. Although numbers do have a certain relation to letters, as the reader will be able to gather from the practical part of this book, this is one of the lowest aspects of the quabbalah which we do not want to deal with in this place. True quabbalah is no mantic science which makes fortune telling possible, nor is it an astrology facilitating the interpretation of horoscopes or an anagram, the construed names of which make forecasts possible.

Star Charts

A masterwork star chart costs 75 gp, and consists of at least 6 maps and a dozen thick tomes of data. For one stellar season after its creation (the next solstice or equinox, whichever comes first), a masterwork star chart grants a +2 circumstance bonus to all Astrology checks. When the season ends, the circumstance bonus expires, although the chart is still useful in the observatory.

Class Features

Spell-like Abilities Over time, a computer learns to use astrology to produce spell-like effects these are summarized on the progression chart below. Except for detect scrying, each of the computer's spell-like abilities requires as a focus component a nativity horoscope of any intended target(s) or subject(s). The same nativity can be used repeatedly for any computer spell-like effects, and provides the computer with the bonuses explained on page 29.

Class Skills

Animal Empathy (Cha), Astrology (Int), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Innuendo (Wis), Intuit Direction (Wis), Knowledge (all skills taken individually) (Int), Move Silently (Dex), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis) and Wilderness Lore (Wis).

Chaos Science

Some Chaos Magicians tend to use a lot of scientific analogies metaphors in their work. This is okay - after all science sells washing powders and cars - if something can be shown to have a 'scientific' basis, then a lot more people will go for it, especially computer buffs, physics students, etc. It all helps with creating the 'belief buffer'. It needn't actually be 'hard' science, psuedoscience works just as well, as the number of 'New Age' books asserting that crystals store energy 'just like a computer chip does' shows. I'm not trying to be picky (okay, just a bit), and equally, since its the belief factor which is the important thing, then you could use astrology, alchemy, Theosophy or whatever else strikes your fancy, so long as you (or someone else) find it coherent & useful. Just because you're being 'scientific' doesn't mean that you have to be serious at the same time.


Right ascension and oblique ascension are not used in the system of Astrology generally in vogue, except in the calculation of the houses, with which the average student has no concern. Longitude is measured on the ecliptic or Sun's path from the first point of Aries, but Right Ascension is measured on the equinoctial or celestial equator.

Bonus Insert

(NOTE As well-known to readers of the old JINX and PHO IX publications as he is to readers of MAGICK, the author has spent a lifetime in magic and mentalism. He is a skilled cold reader, an accomplished graphologist, and an expert on astrology. He also is a professional mentalist. In this Bonus Insert, he touches upon an aspect of cold reading about which little has been written.)

Third Lecture

I have found it very useful in all kinds of thinking to employ a sort of Abacus. The schematic representation of the universe given by astrology and the Tree of Life is extremely valuable, especially when reinforced and amplified by the Holy Qabalah. This Tree of Life is susceptible to infinite ramifications, and there is no need in this connection to explore its subtleties. We ought to be able to make a fairly satisfactory diagram for elementary purposes by taking as the basis of our illustration the solar system as conceived by the astrologers.

Part Eight

One of the things which I will not be discussing in this course is the subject of astrology. I mention this here so that you do not notice its lack later on and think that I am anti-astrology. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have had the honor of knowing several excellent astrologers who have amazed me with their talents. I even have one friend who insists that magick and astrology are inextricably linked. He has gone so far as to design his own magickal system based upon art and astrology. The plain fact of the matter is that for the systems of magick taught in these lessons, only a minimal amount of astrological knowledge is necessary. Most of it can be understood by comprehending the Tree of Life rather than recourse to deep study of astrology. On the other hand, the better you know astrology, the better you will understand the Tree of life. So although a knowledge of astrology is not needed for this course, it is suggested that you do learn something about the subject

Physiognomy Of Women

Astrology and Face Deducing from astrology, the sages have fixed all the seven planets to rule the face. Mars rules the forehead, the Sun the right eye, the Moon the left eye, the right ear is ruled by Jupiter, Saturn rules the left ear, Venus is the ruler of the nose, and mouth (organ of speech) is ruled by Mercury.


7 1 Thus, the abstruse processes of astrology might, on the hypothesis, be dispensed with altogether in favour of the evocation of one of those numerous spirits whose office it was to give instruction in astrology and an instantaneous knowledge thereof. It is otherwise obvious that the least occult of the esoteric sciences was exploded by an art which provided familiar spirits who could discern the past, present and future. In like manner, Alchemy was superfluous for a magician who could cause treasures to be transported from the depths of the sea or the bowels of the earth, and even from the royal exchequer, in the more convenient shape of current coin. Each of the occult sciences was, however, liable to that species of abuse which is technically but fantastically known as Black Magic. Astrology, or the appreciation of the celestial influences in their operation upon the nature and life of man, could be perverted in the composition of malefic talismans by means of those influences....


Similarly, attempts to categorize the patterns of mythology, as well as the patterns of human perception and behavior in general, have produced such systems as the Qabala (or Kabbalah), the I Ching, astrology, and others. Although fear of the occult and the superstition held by scientific dogmatists that anything outside their department at the university is to be distrusted ( See Robert Anton Wilson's The New Itiquisition. ) have kept these systems from general acceptance (even by those who would benefit most from them, such as psychologists, government strategists, and educators), they have been the object of research by magickians throughout history. These systems, especially astrology and the qabala, are by no means stagnant, solidified things which have been handed down through tradition. They are constantly being revised, added to, corrected and experimented with.

The Great Year

It is important to realize that Energies the Zodiac like those of the Planets are ambivalent, they receive and relay forces of both positive and negative nattier. In a more medieval context, they are said to possess both Spirits and Intelligences. The Gnostic tradition has always been unsure of astrology and see the heavenly forces as energies which must be reckoned with, not Gods to be worshipped.


The student would do well to acquire either Geoffrey James' Enochian Magick of John Dee and or Robert Turner's Elizabethan Magic and Heptarchia Mystica as a textbook of the system. Many of the axioms for understanding the logic of Enochian magick are derived from the works of John Dee14 and the Spirit Actions themselves15 , so the student is advised to begin collecting this material, as they are able. Beyond that, the serious practitioner of the Enochian system will want to scrutinize many of the other contributions, but these will be dealt with in turn in the following overview. In order to fully appreciate and operate the intricacies of Enochian magick, a basic understanding of Euclidean geometry, astronomy, astrology, logic, grammar and the renaissance magikal point of view is vital. The student is encouraged to acquire a straight edge, compass and the books of Euclid16 and begin the process of construction indicated therein. Beyond that, some indications are given in the notes...

The Astrologer

The astrologer takes the brute mathematics of the computer into the realm of arcane spellcasting, channeling the energies of the heavens through spell formulae that forecast the present and future positions of the stars and planets. Astrologers can store spells with the aid of formulae and fetishes for up to a solar year, as well as help party members with use of their skill in mundane astrology, giving them a definite advantage over the transitory magic of sorcerers and wizards.

Part Seven

Everyone in a magickal group must have similar knowledge, to a degree, but no one can be an expert in all fields of occultism. In a group, one person may be a specialist with the Tarot (although everyone in the group should be familiar with the Tarot), another a specialist in Astrology, another in occult history and another in ceremony and ritual. Thus, the more people you have, the greater the chance that a subject your group needs information on will be known by one of the members.

The Heptameron

Elements, if it were not for a trifling chronological disparity of about three hundred years. It is true that Agrippa professedly wrote upon Magic, and the other upon Astrology and Geomancy, unless his imputed works in these departments of occult science are also forgeries but the Heptameron was never heard of for the space which I have mentioned after the death of its reputed author, which occurred in 1316, and it is too obviously later in its tone, too obviously a sequel 1 to a much more recent work, for it to have been possibly a memorial of the fourteenth century. was content in the end to burn the dead physician in effigy. As a counterpoise, a century later his bust was placed in the town-hall of Padua. His undoubted works, which are frankly unreadable, betray no acquaintance with the occult sciences beyond a belief in astrology, which in those days was catholic as Rome and powerful as the Holy Tribunal. He remains, therefore, one of the moral martyrs of Magic, faussement accus ,...

Mysticism of Letters

It may well be that some of those readers who are engaged in astrology take offense at the fact that the colored light oscillation described by me in respect to each letter sometimes do not agree with astrology. I should have to oppose such a remark with the statement that quabbalistic mysticism has nothing to do with mantic astrology.

Fixed Stars

In astrology we deal principally with the twelve constellations of fixed stars composing the Zodiac. There is no doubt that other fixed stars have an influence on human affairs, but our minds are still too weak to grasp the full significance of zodiacal signs, the planets and houses in all their multitudinous combinations, and if we attempt to mix in the other fixed stars and their aspects we shall surely be lost in the maze. Therefore the student is advised to consider only the following fixed stars Pleiades, located in 29 degrees of Taurus Ascelli, in 6 degrees of Leo and Antares, in 8 degrees of Sagittarius. These stars, it has been observed, have a decidedly detrimental effect upon the eyes. When the Sun or Moon is in these degrees and afflicted by one of the malefics, or when one of the malefics is in one of these degrees, and the Sun or Moon afflicted anywhere in the horoscope, trouble with the eyes result.

The Tarot

The system of the Tarot is a set of archetypal representations of fields of life experience. It has a link with the zodiac and its energies. Each card represents a specific energy of a higher order. It would go too far to give you here an introduction in the tarot and into astrology. I recommend that you purchase the appropriate books and learn these systems.

Planetary System

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the various heptarchial elaborations form an extremely complex system of planetary and sevenfold magikal structures. This is the earliest received portion of the entire system. It is related not only to the science of alchemy and the traditional seven-fold systems of Hermetic Science but to the various complexes of sevens that permeate biblical symbolism, from the seven days of creation in Genesis to the multiplex seven-fold combinations of Revelation. The mythos of these paradigms is combined with its own unique imagery and Britannical historiography4 to explicate its often nearly impenetrable mysteries. Each of its parts has its own talismanic geometry and cryptographic liturgy. These discrete artifacts delineate each part but as above they are interrelated within themselves, with other parts of this subsystem and not only to the other meta-systems of Enochian magick but to identifiable structures without it, including works published by Dee in his own...

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