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Astral Travel Now is a 14 module audio program by the renowned top hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones also known as The Celebrity Hypnotist.This system is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience. You'll learn how to experience the wonders and pleasures that Astral Projection can offer you. Explore other cities and countries in an instant and even visit other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. The astral projection will give you insights into your true being thereby leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Also, develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Furthermore, you can take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire. All these and more is what Astral Travel Now offers you. A program that will turn your life around for good! More here...

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The Soul or the Astral Body

Through subtler vibrations of the elements, through the electric and the magnetic fluid of their polarity, the man proper, the soul has proceeded from the akasa principle or the finer etheric vibrations. In the same way as the elements are functioning in the material body, the soul or the so-called astral body will behave. The four-pole magnet, with its specific qualities, connects or amalgamates the soul with the body. This amalgamation takes place, with analogy to the body, by the electromagnetic influence of the elements. We, the adepts, call the astral matrix or life this active behavior of the elements or the so-called electromagnetic fluid of the soul. This astral matrix or the so-called electromagnetic fluid of the soul is not identical with the occultists' aura I shall speak of later. The astral matrix or the electromagnetic fluid is the connecting link between the body and soul. The fiery principle causes in the soul what is constructive, the principle of water causes the...

Conscious Separation of the Astral Body from the Physical Body

In this chapter the magician will learn how to separate his astral body from his physical body by means of conscious training, and how to get to places he wants, not only with his spirit but also with this soul, to places he wants to visit in the shape of his astral body. As we shall see, the emission of the astral body is different from mental wandering or the state of trance caused by akasa. The state during which the mental and astral bodies are separated from the physical body is called ecstasy in the terminology of the occultists. The perfect magician is able to go anywhere he likes in his astral shape, though inmost cases he will content himself with mental wandering or the state of trance. As a rule, the astral body when united with the mental body but separated from the physical body will only carry out jobs that need to be done my physical magic action. When emitting the astral body, certain precautions have to be taken, since in this case both links between the mental and...

The Astral Body and Buddhism

In Buddhism it is considered that the physical body is shaped in accordance with what we know as the astral body. As the physical body is the highest percent water, the astral body is fed by the heat of the body. When you are able to control your bodily movements, i.e. sitting still for periods of time, slowing thought, breathing and allowing a frenzy (Aeshma) to rise up, you are exercising the path of Buiti and discipline.

Astral Plane and Tube Type Structures

As you advance in your ability to get about in the real-time zone, and around the first levels of the astral planes, you will begin to see definite structures at the start of astral-plane projections. These structures mark the entrances to different astral planes and subplanes, and can be used for astral-plane navigation. The geometry, colors, and patterns of an astral-plane entrance structure, I believe, represent its internal subplanes, realms, and kingdoms in an abstract visual way. Projectors can perceive two basic types of structures when they enter the astral planes through their surfaces Astral Plane-Type Structure a flat, two-dimensional plane of infinite proportions, usually first seen as if from a great height, with the plane's surface seen below extending to all horizons. The surface is covered in thin, black, neatly spaced, horizontal and vertical grid lines, making for a neat, checkered appearance. These grid lines outline squares that cover the entire surface. Each...

Astral Realms and Kingdoms

The astral planes can be likened to a vast ocean of reflected thought and emotion and memory that has been slowly filling since the dawn of time. Internal energetic filtration mechanisms of repulsion and attraction cause this ocean to stratify into layers. Many of these layers develop a cohesive integrity that holds them distinctly separate from any other dimensional area. These areas, traditionally called astral realms and kingdoms, are generated by pools of structured, like-minded energies, thoughts, memories, ideas, beliefs, and fantasies that have collected over time. An astral realm is best thought of as a specific environment or world. An astral kingdom is an island or city or town inside a realm a place that has a single theme and consistent structure. Astral kingdoms are usually civilized areas containing groups of like-minded astral beings. Astral realms vary greatly in size and scope, some appearing to be as small as a country village, while others seem infinite in size and...

Life In The Astral Plane

During the course of practice, one day you will feel that you have separated yourself from the body. You will have immense joy mixed with fear joy in the possession of a new light, astral body and fear owing to the entry in a foreign, unknown plane. At the very outset, the new consciousness is very rudimentary in the new plane. You will only feel that you have a light, airy body and will perceive a rotating, vibrating, limited astral atmosphere with illumination of golden lights, objects and beings. You may feel that you are floating in the air. You can by mere willing travel in any place you like with the astral body and there materialise by drawing the necessary materials either from Ahamkara or the universal storehouse. The process is very simple to occultists and Yogis who know the rationale, the detailed technique of the various operations. Thought-reading, thought-transference, psychic healing, distant healing, etc., can be very easily performed by those who can function with...

Defective Astral Vision

Defective astral vision occasionally causes problems during or immediately after the exit. I'd say about ten percent of all new projectors will encounter some kind of vision problem during their first few exits. The most common vision problems are blurred vision one eye not working having to squint and strain to focus tunnel vision partial blindness, and full blindness.

Skrying Astral Projection And Other Miscellaneous Skills

And as you undoubtedly noticed, the heading of this chapter tells you that astral projection is involved in the work. Originally this was going to be two lessons, but as the two skills are so intertwined it seemed foolish to split them up. Therefore, you are going to get them both in one blast. We now come to point where skrying, visualization and astral projection come crashing into each other. So I think it is time I told you another of my little stories. At the end of the first lesson of this course, I made the comment that my first controlled astral projection took place while I was tied to a chair in my teacher's laboratory. Now I know that this has raised more than a few eyebrows and I think at this point I had better give you a detailed explanation about what was going on, so that you do not think that either my teacher, or myself had either lost our minds or worse, were engaged in some erotic ritual. So you see the hardest part is getting you to stop trying and do it. And when...

Impregnation of the Astral Body with the Four Fundamental Divine Qualities

When the magician has arrived at this stage of development, he will begin to express his concept of God in concrete ideas. The mystic, being trained in one side only, or a Yogi, etc., sees in his Deity nothing else but a mere aspect to which he renders worship and adoration. The truly wise adept, who always considers the four elements in his development, will represent the concept of God in four aspects according to the laws of the universe, namely, the omnipotence, corresponding to the fire principle, the omniscience and wisdom belonging to the air principle, the immortality with the water principle, and the omnipresence with the earth principle. On this level, it will be the magician's task to meditate about these four divine ideas - aspects - in turn. Deep mediations enable the magician in a way to ecstacize directly with one of these divine virtues, fusing with it in such a manner that he feels himself to be the virtue in question. He has to experience the same will all the four...

Navigating the Astral Realms

It is not necessary to perceive an astral-plane entrance structure in order to enter realms and to move among them, although this is obviously a far more accurate way of navigating. Most people will find they can project directly into astral realms without too much trouble, bypassing any kind of entrance structure entirely. This can be likened to taking mystery flights every projection. There are many ways to get into astral realms and to move from one astral realm to another. These all cause a dimensional shift, moving the projector into an astral realm, or to other astral locations. Imagine a place you'd like to be (instant travel). Don't be afraid to imagine a fantasy destination. For example, if you'd like to travel to the Skull Rock astral realm, as given above, re-create the illusion generated in your mind's eye by my description of it and feel yourself shifting toward it or falling into it. Raise your energy level by drawing more energy from your physical etheric body. Feel...

Returning to an Astral Plane

The colorful geometric pattern on the surface of each astral-plane entrance structure is distinctly different from that found on the surface of any other astral-plane entrance structure. This pattern appears to be a kind of dimensional color-coding, abstractly representing the internal components of each astral plane. The different color tinting found in the open-space areas near astral planes may also correspond with the level of the astral planes being traveled. Using the known spectrum as a basic guide can give projectors some idea of where they are among the astral planes. Keep in mind that there are many colors above the normal physical spectrum that can only be perceived while out of body. Some astral colors are impossible to describe, there being nothing in the physical dimension with which to compare them. I suggest these be judged intuitively and by their beauty. It may be possible to use buffer zone colors to project to specific levels of the astral planes. This is a good...

Separation Of Astral Body From Physical Body

A Yogi separates his astral body from the physical body, travels to different parts of the world, as well as to higher planes, in the twinkling of an eye and returns to this physical body like a bird returning to its prison of a cage. A slender thread of Prana connects the physical and the astral bodies. The moment he gets out of the body, the Yogi sees with his astral vision his physical body as a cast-off slough. The process is a very simple one when you know the Yogic technique of separating yourself from the physical body.

Forms Of Astral Projection

Astral projection may be subdivided into three basic types mental projection, astral projection (proper) and etheric projection. And your OOBE may shift between them. Mental projection is really simple clairvoyance ('remote viewing'), and 'traveling in your mind'. Imagination plays a key role. The experience of mental projection is not particularly vivid, and you will more likely be an observer than a participant. Nevertheless, mental projection is an important 'way in' to astral projection proper. During mental projection and astral projection you are able to travel through solid objects, but are not able to act directly upon them or to move them (if they are in the physical world). This is not true during etheric projection. Whether it is simply subconscious expectation, or whether it is a true etheric projection which in theory means that part of your physical body has been relocated with your projection (the etheric or vital part) may be difficult to determine. Etheric projections...

Lower Astral Subplanes

The lower astral subplanes (traditionally the ones to be avoided) appear to be areas where negative emotion, thought, and fantasy-generated energies have been collecting for a very long time. These areas are home to negative manifestations of the darker side of the human mind and imagination. The fringes of these areas are not dangerous, but are decidedly unpleasant. The very bad lower subplanes are dark, shadowy areas populated (more aptly polluted) with all kinds of demons, monsters, and nightmarish figures. The lowest of these dark areas could aptly be called hellish dimensional areas. Astral travelers need not pass through negative or lower astral subplanes to travel to more positive and higher astral levels. The negative areas in the astral planes are, in a way, energetically sideways to the normal planelike dimensional structure. It is quite difficult to project deliberately into a seriously bad lower subplane area or to project into a seriously higher level or plane, for the...

The Astral Plane

The astral plane, often designated as the fourth dimension, has not been created out of the four elements, but it is a density-degree of the akasa principle, consequently of all that up to now, I the material world occurred, is actually occurring and will occur, and has its origin, regulation and existence. As said before, akasa in its most subtle form is the ether, well known to all of us, in which, amongst other vibrations, electric as well as magnetic ones are propagating. Consequently this vibration-sphere is the origin of light, sound, colour, rhythm, and life in all tings created. As akasa is the origin of all existing things, all that ever was produced, is being produced and will be produced in the future is reflected in it. Therefore, in the astral plane there is to be seen an emanation of the eternal, having neither a beginning nor an end, as it is timeless and spaceless. The adept who sees his way about this plane may find everything here, no matter if the point in question...

The Astral Planes

Astral Plane Etheric

The astral planes are, in my opinion, an energetically generated reflection of universal consciousness. They have definite form, order, and structure and are one of the true wonders of our incredible multidimensional universe. The structure of the astral planes can be clearly observed, and even used for navigational purposes, if they are approached from the correct energetic angle of perception . This is my term for the angle at which a projector perceives the astral planes through the direct mind-senses of his or her projectable double. Perception angles vary from projector to projector, with tube-type and plane-type angles of perception being by far the most common. The angle of perception is set by the projectors' energetic makeup and activity during a projection, and is also affected by their belief system. Traditional esoteric theory tells us that the astral dimension contains seven major levels, or planes, each housing a plethora of lesser subplanes, internal realms, and...

The Astral Senses

The skeptical person who believes only the evidence of his senses. The man who has much to say about horse sense. Common Sense versus Uncommon Senses. The ordinary five senses are not the only senses. The ordinary senses are not as infallible as many think them. Illusions of the five physical senses. What is back of the organs of physical sense. All senses an evolution of the sense of feeling. How the mind receives the report of the senses. The Real Knower behind the senses. What the unfolding of new senses means to man. The super-physical senses. The Astral Senses. Man has seven physical senses, instead of merely five. Each physical sense has its astral sense counterpart. What the astral senses are. Sensing on the astral plane. How the mind functions on the astral plane, by means of the astral senses. The unfolding of the Astral Senses opens up a new world of experience to man.

Matos Spells And Magic 12 Techniques

Robert Crookall, The Techniques of Astral Projection. Denning and Phillips, The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection. Oliver Fox, Astral Projection. Gavin & Yvonne Frost, Astral Travel. Celia Green, Out-of-the-body Experiences. Richard A. Greene, The Handbook of Astral Projection. Herbert Greenhouse, The Astral Journey. Jack London, Star Rover (historical occult novel). Janet Mitchell, Out of Body Experiences. Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body. Robert E. Moser, Mental and Astral Projection. Muldoon and Carrington, The Projection of the Astral Body. Ophiel, The Art and Practice of Astral Projection. A.E. Powell, The Astral Body. Brad Steiger, The Mind Travelers. Yram, Practical Astral Projection.


Astral world physical world astral body (subconscious) emotions The astral body (subconscious) is the intermediary for intuition, magical and psychic phenomena, and is the 'psychic link' to the physical world. Most occult and magical phenomena originate in the invisible, non-sensate, There are many similar terms used by other occult groups. For example, 'astral light' is another name for astral world, although it may sometimes also refer to the entire non-physical realm, as may 'inner planes' or 'the invisible world'. Planes are essentially the same as worlds. Vehicles or sheaths are the same as bodies. Some groups include an etheric or vital body between physical and astral it is mostly 'physical' with a little of the lower 'astral' besides. And sometimes astral and mental are each divided into two parts (upper and lower). The 'causal body' is the upper 'mental'.

Chakra Meditation

As we mentioned the chakras have certain properties associated with them, so that this type of visualization may 'raise consciousness', promote astral projection, and other things -- once you have reached ajna and eventually the crown chakra. You might typically meditate in this fashion for 15 minutes to a half hour a day. It might help to practice some hatha yoga or other physical exercise in an effort to make the spinal cord 'more flexible'. Diet may also affect the process. The technique is also similar to the Tibetan 'Tummo' meditation. The rise of kundalini is sometimes experienced as a 'vibration' or buzzing, as light, or as heat.

Basic Techniques

Most methods of astral projection are methods of conditioning. Some form of trance or altered consciousness is always involved. No one ever projects consciously while fully awake (some may think that they do). Although there are many techniques used to produce an astral projection, they boil down to nine of them. They all sort of overlap. 4) Visualization -- This involves a type of extended clairvoyance or picturing of remote surroundings. If you can experience the feeling of being there, so much the better. Although this technique is essentially mental projection, it is possible to deepen mental projection into astral projection through (you guessed it ) visualization. Crowley taught a similar technique a) visualize a closed door on a blank wall, b) imagine a meditation symbol on 5) Guided imagery -- In many respects similar to visualization. Except in this case, there is a guide (or perhaps a voice on tape) directing you by means of descriptions. As with visualization, mental rather...

Sleep And Death

When man sinks into sleep, there is a change in the relationship of his members. That part of the sleeping man that lies in bed contains the physical and ether bodies, but not the astral body and not the ego. Because the ether body remains united with the physical body in sleep, the life-activities continue for, the moment the physical body were left to itself, it would have to crumble to dust. What, however, is extinguished in sleep includes the mental images, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, the capacity to express a conscious will, and similar facts of existence. The astral body is the bearer of all this. An unbiased point of view can naturally never entertain the thought that in sleep the astral body is destroyed along with all pleasure and pain and the world of ideas and will. It simply exists in an other state. In order that the human ego and astral body not only be filled with joy and sorrow and all the other facts of existence mentioned above, but also have a conscious...

The Faculties Of Medicine

Astral body Emmanuel Kant, the great German Philosopher, admits that nisiisforniatiivns, the Astral body, or Linga Sarira of the Theosophists, exists. Perfumes are never absent within the Lama convent of the Hundred Thousand Images of Maitreya. Doctor Rudolf Steiner affirms that the employment of perfumes for the healing of sicknesses had a very remote past and has a splendid future. Leadbeater said that our sins and faults bounce back into the Astral body and that they can be eliminated through the action of certain perfumes. Each vice has its own larvae that are attached to the Astral body. Thus, the total healing of those vices is achieved only by the disintegration of those larvae by means of certain perfumes.

The Goals Of Enochian Magick

The first step is the separation of (what we call, for convenience) the astral body from the physical body. As our experiments proceed, we find that our astral body itself can be divided into grosser and subtler components. In this way we become aware of the existence of what we can, for convenience, the Holy Guardian Angel, ami the more we realize the implications of the theory of the existence of such a being, the clearer it becomes that our supreme task is to put ourselves into intimate communication with him.

The Primary Magical Operations

The second operation consists of leaving the physical cosmic plane and traveling through the subtle cosmic planes that surround the Earth in your subtle body. This is sometimes called traveling in the astral body, or astral traveling. However, the Enochian system views the astral as only one of several cosmic planes and therefore prefers to cali the process traveling in the Spirit Vision. The terco Spirit Vision implies maintaining a consciousness which is higher than the normal brain consciousness. Traveling in the Spirit Vision differs from dreaming in that you must retain full consciousness during the operation and return to your physical body with unbroken memory.

Linga Sarira And Antavaha Sarira

Mind is the most important Tattva of Linga Sarira. Linga Sarira is the astral body or Sukshma Sarira that is linked to the physical body through physical Prana. It separates itself at death from the physical body and travels to Svarga or heaven. It is this body that does Avagamana (coming and going). This body melts in Videha Mukti (disembodied salvation). There is a difference between Linga Sarira and Antarvaha Sarira. Linga Sarira is astral body with seventeen Tattvas, viz., five Karma-Indriyas, five Jnana-Indriyas, five Pranas, Mind and Buddhi. Antarvaha Sarira is very pure. It is full of Sattva. It is free from Rajas and Tamas. It is with this body that a Yogi passes from one body to another (Parakaya-Pravesa). Lila, through the grace of Sarasvati, came out of the physical body and travelled to higher worlds with this Antarvaha Sarira. You will find this in the Yogavasishtha. Sri Sankaracharya, Raja Vikramaditya, Hastamalaka and Tirumular had Antarvaha Sarira. With the help of...

Higher Level Mind Splits

My experience indicates that higher subtle bodies, operating above the astral level, may undergo similar mind-split processes, and have similar properties, as their lower counterparts. These, however, operate at vastly higher and more abstract levels of consciousness. I do not mean to deliberately complicate matters here (I think I've done enough of that already), but as I am fond of saying, The further away you get from the physical universe, dimensionally speaking, the more bizarre and complicated everything all too soon becomes . This shows, I think, the enormous difficulties inherent to projecting into dimensional levels above the astral planes, and of remembering this after the fact. It goes a long way toward explaining why projections into the mental and higher dimensions are virtually unheard of. And, let's not forget that we are also dealing with multiple copies of the subconscious mind, and multiple altered states of consciousness. I think there is enough to deal with just...

Complications of Consciousness

A popular theory is that everyone projects out every night to play and explore and learn and do all kinds of neat spiritual stuff, as if we were the astral otters of the universe. Then why do 99 percent of people have no memories of any kind of out-of-body existence Where are the memories of all these lost OBEs If the average projectors remember one projection out of a hundred, then surely during that one successful projection they would have some memory of the ninety-nine forgotten experiences It is also quite common for projectors to become aware halfway through astral-plane projections, skipping the exit and first part of the projection entirely. Surely they would then have some recall of what they had been doing for the first half of their experience The simple truth is that they never do. If you have been in the astral dimension for an hour, and you suddenly become aware you are in the astral, you never have any recollection of what you have been doing during the hour before you...

Our World According To Enochian Magick

Enochian Magick

The magical system presented by Sir John Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth 1, views the physical world as only the lowest in a graduated series of cosmic planes. There are many invisible worlds surrounding this Earth. The reason they are invisible is because they are composed of matter that is so tenuous that our eyes cannot see it. There are many degrees of matter's density. The most dense is the physical plane. The next, more ethereal and very close to the physical plane, is the etheric plane symbolized by the element Earth. The next more ethereal world is the astral plane which is usually divided into a lower half, symbolized by the element Air, anda higher half symbolized by the element Fire. The highest plane conceivable to human consciousness is the spiritual plane symbolized by the element Spirit (the Enochian system uses Spirit as a fifth element). Aboye this is the divine piane which is inconceivable to the human mirad and no descriptions are possible. Figure 1 shows...

My First Outof Body Experience

Some of them had good techniques to separate the consciousness from the body, but none of them said what to do next How could I get away from the body I was laying in Since I was in my astral body, gravity didn't affect me, so I didn't just fall out of the body. My astral body could pass right through physical matter, so I didn't think I could grab onto anything to pull myself out. I didn't think I could push my way out either what could I push against

Clairvoyant Crystalgazing

The second great method of securing clairvoyant en rapport relations with the astral plane. How the crystal, magic-mirror, etc., serves to focus the psychic energy of the clairvoyant person. The crystal serves the purpose of a psychic microscope or telescope. How crystals tend to become polarized to the vibrations of their owner. Why crystals should be preserved for the personal use of their owners. The use of crystals, or other forms of shining objects, by different peoples in ancient and modern times. How they are employed in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, South America, etc., by the primitive tribes. Various substitutes for the crystal. Full directions for Crystal Gazing. Complete instructions and warnings. All stages described, from the first milky mist to the clearly defined psychic photograph. The Astral Tube, and the part it plays in Crystal Gazing. A complete little text-book of the subject.

Foreword to 1979 Edition

This little book was my fifth to be written - rather fifth to be published, it had been written about the same time as The Art and Practice of Astral Projection was written but for reasons I do not now recall was delayed in appearance. This little Oracle came to me at a time of distress and poverty and actually I used it myself a great deal during that lean time. It was a good help to me and it can assist you too. Remember the deeper and vital your question is, the better the answer that can be obtained to help you live your daily life better. In addition to the Occult directions as to how to use the Oracle, there is a great deal of good ordinary Occult Knowledge and Occult information in this little book which you should find very helpful in living your ordinary daily life. Remember the future, your future, coming events and the future of all about you ARE PLASTIC And you do have molding powers over those 'causes' here on this plane, to repeat, to change, deflect coming events so you...

Cosmic Cycles The Yugas

Since the earliest times man has been sinking deeper and deeper into the mire of matter. This view is not popular with the materialists and exoteric priests of our culture, but is nevertheless a core esoteric truth. In his work The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times , Rene Guenon succinctly outlines the process of spiritual degeneration. As man thinks he is evolving, he is simply accelerating his own destruction - living standards and technology may advance, but only at the cost of spirit. This metaphysical entropy causes matter to become successively more physical, more solid, and on a spiritual level - more malefic. Society becomes centred on collectives (witness the New World Order), rather than on nations and individuals, and there is an emphasis on scientific advances rather than simplicity. As we reach the later phases of this degeneration (the present period), anti-traditions and forms of anti-gnosis arise purporting to be of...

Clairvoyance Of The Past

The clairvoyant perception of the facts, events and happenings of past time. There is no difference in the nature of this strange phenomenon, whether the past time be but five minutes or else five thousand years. How is it possible to see a thing that no longer exists The just how of this strange happening. Nothing could be perceived if it had actually disappeared from existence. But nothing entirely disappears in fact. On the astral plane are recorded all things, events and happenings since the beginning of the present world-cycle. The Akashic Records or the Astral Light constitute the great record books of the past. The clairvoyant gaining access to these may read the past like a book. Analogies in physical science. Interesting scientific facts. What astronomy teaches on the subject. How the records of the past are stored. How they are read by the clairvoyant. A fascinating subject clearly presented and explained.

Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed

That's when I discovered the silver cord the books talked about. Most books call it the silver cord, based on a verse in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 12 6). The cord, they said, connects the astral body to the physical and will pull you back inside in case of danger. I soon found out the cord doesn't play fair Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington tried to address the cord-problem in their book, The Projection of the Astral Body. They claimed there was a cord activity range which was like a fifteen-foot magnetic field all around the physical body. If you're within the cord activity range, they said, the silver cord was likely to pull you back inside. However, once beyond that range, you are free to roam. I was fairly angry with my silver cord, but what could I do to keep it from pulling me back to my body Many books on astral projection warned me against tampering with my astral cord. They said if I damaged the cord, my body would suffer great physical harm, and if my cord was broken my...

Black Box Visualization

What in the world does this do Well, I once used this visualization to leave my body. During the visualization, I felt a sharp sensation along my spinal column, and I got the urge to physically throw myself backward, into the bed. I followed the impulse and tried to throw myself backward, but only my astral body moved, and I was out of my body. It was a very easy OBE. I don't know how or why it worked, but it did.

Death Of Samskaras Leads To Moksha

But, the thoughts and Samskaras of actions, enjoyments and thinking follow you after death till you attain Moksha. These are variable Upadhis that accompany you after death. They are variable because you carry different kinds of Samskaras each time when you die. In defferent incarnations, you create different kinds of Samskaras. The permanent Upadhis that accompany you after death are the five Jnana-Indriyas, five Karma-Indriyas, five Pranas, fourfold mind and the Karana Sarira which is the support or Adhara for the Linga Sarira or astral body. It is the death of the Samskaras, it is the death of the Karana Sarira that leads to the final Moksha. It leads to the attainment of Brahma-Jnana. You will be getting fresh births so long as there are Samskaras. You will have to take birth again and again till all the Samskaras are obliterated or fried up by the acquisition of Brahma Jnana. When the Samskaras are wiped out, Brahmic Knowledge shines by itself in its...

What Astral Programmers Do in Their Sleep

Then, just like my first OBE, I slowly started to become more conscious and I was aware of having multiple consciousness. My awareness increased until I was fully conscious, but this time my conscious self was an observer. I was allowed to watch with astral vision, but I wasn't in control. Another part of me was running the show, doing some very serious work, and knew all the tools of the trade. What I saw was astounding.

Strange Astral Phenomena

Additional phases of Astral Phenomena. Projection of Thought-Forms. Something between ordinary Clairvoyance and Astral-Body perception. What a Thought-Form is. How it is created. What it does. Where it goes. How a portion of one's consciousness is projected in a Thought-Form. Using a Thought-Form as at cut-post, or observation point. How things appear when viewed from a Thought-Form. A wonderful phase of occult phenomena. Advantages and disadvantages of this form of clairvoyant visioning. Hindu Psychic Magic, and how it is performed. Remarkable illusory effects produced by Hindu Magicians. All is explained when the principle of the creation and projection of Thought-Forms is understood. Why the Hindus excel in this phase of occultism. An interesting description of Hindu Magic feats. The power of concentrated visualization. The phenomena of Levitation, or the moving of articles at a distance. The occult explanation of this phenomenon. Natural explanation for so-called super-natural...

Lesson Two How the Hoodoo Spirits Help You to Get Exactly What You Want

There is a very simple ritual which you can do in order to get the Hoodoo Spirits to come to your aid. This is a simple request ritual, and it can be done at any time, once you have done the dedication ritual and therefore should be done at least one day later in order to give your own astral body a rest. However, it is the basic ritual for getting in touch with the spirits and letting them know just what it is that you want them to do.

Making the Body Move During an OBE

I was really in my astral body again, stuck to my physical body. I tried to say, It's just not fair, but I couldn't So I tried to telepath it, and I heard it faintly in my inner hearing. Disappointed that I couldn't say it physically, I tried very hard again. Then I heard my physical voice say it, but the voice sounded distorted, as if someone said it for me. Or as if the transition from the physical sounds to the astral sounds made it sound squeaky, distorted.

Mahamudra Outline For An Advanced Exercise

Yourself to be separate from your thoughts. This shore is called the tranquil state. Abide in it as you watch your thoughts rise and fall. Concentrate on the shore, not on the river. Whatever thought comes to your mind, do not react to it, but let it pass. Any reaction will stir emotions and pull you into your astral body. Remain in the mental body, without emotion of any kind. Do not control or direct your thoughts but let them come to you as they will. Watch them. Do not react to them. Do not judge them. Do not try to stop or change them. Continue in the tranquil state for as long as you can.

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

Number nine is graphically symbolized by three equilateral triangles interlacing one another. It represents the original idea of the astral world, and everything else appertaining to the astral, including all its analogies, characteristics, etc. At the same time, nine is the number of motion, of rhythm and thus, of life in its most subtle form. Under its aspects come all practices of astral magic, of the magic of nature and mummies. The nine is the number which prepares every situation in the astral world for the material world. Number nine is analogous to the Moon, and everything coming under the Moon sphere and its influence is symbolized by it. Nine is, of course, the highest number, too and any number can be brought to the units one to nine by addition. Although number nine has also many analogies, these few indications will have to do for the student of the quabbalah.

Clairvoyant Psychometry

What Clairvoyance really is and what it is not. The faculty of acquiring super-normal knowledge of facts and happening at a distance, or in past or future time, independent of the ordinary senses, and independent of telepathic reading of the minds of others. The different kinds of Clairvoyance described. What is Psychometry Clairvoyant en rapport relations on the astral plane, with distant, past or future happenings and events by means of a connecting material link. How to obtain the psychic affinity or astral relation to other things by means of a bit of stone, lock of

Peculiarities of Sight

Astral travelers have always reported differences between the physical world and the OBE world. For instance, a door that is closed physically might appear open while out of the body. Why are there differences The most common explanation is that we aren't really seeing the physical world We are seeing the astral counterpart of the physical world. It is said that the astral world is very plastic and when left alone, it molds itself to the shape of physical objects. I've also seen some peculiar things while out of the body What is it we're seeing while we're out of the body If we're seeing only the astral counterpart of physical objects, it follows that we should not be able to see our own body. After all, we are already using the astral body. I haven't looked at my physical body much during OBEs, but when I do it usually looks like a blob of gray. However, it hasn't always appeared as I expect When I was halfway through the ceiling, I was sensing things with my mind and not using my...

Objectivity of Sight

Why are there discrepancies between the physical and nonphysical worlds Some people claim that astral matter is easily malleable, and imitates physical objects, but not completely. Others claim it's because some OBEs occur in the astral plane which is influenced by our beliefs and expectations. Or perhaps the people who find themselves in a thought-influenced, subjective OBE state are really having Lucid Dreams.

Spirit Form100 points

This power allows you to leave your body and travel away from it as an incorporeal spirit Your body lapses into a deep sleep while your consciousness soars through the world invisible and intangible. This is not a form of astral projection the spirit is still in the material world, but is an entity of spiritual energy. While in this state, you can move in any direction at a maximum speed equal to twice your normal Move plus your level of Initiation (use your normal Move to determine Dodge and initiative, however). You can also expend 1 Fatigue per hour to stay connected enough to hitch a ride inside a vehicle. You can see everything in the real world, as well as any spirit entities there. You can enter the spirit world or the astral plane (see p. 44) with a Will roll. The spirit form has the same stats as your material body, with 1 level of Extra Fatigue per level of Initiation. While in this state, you have all the spirit abilities listed in Chapter

Expanded Tiieosophical Knowledge

First I propose to deal with the great mystery of Consciousness, one which at the first glance seems the most unfathomable of any we have to studj- then to set forth, in fuller detail than has hitherto been found possible, the actual present condition of human life on the planetary chain to which we belong, and thirdly, to show how our comprehension of the realm immediately in touch with the physical life, though just beyond its boundaries, the Astral world, has been developed to an extent that we never attempted to reach when Theosophical study thirty-five years ago was mainly directed towards still wider horizons. The very notion of planetary chains was an entirely new one which had to be assimilated by degrees, and has needed in later years very elaborate explanat'on. The planetary chain that we belong to consists, as the early teaching showed, of seven globes, the first and last on the Manasic level, two others below these on the Astral level, three on the pnysical plane. We...

Magic Mental Training VIII

In Step VIII I am going to deal with a chapter that is of great importance in magic. I mean the problem of leaving the body, or the separation of the mental and later on the astral body from the material one. Every magician who has been working conscientiously in the magic art must own this faculty, because it offers him the opportunity of leaving his physical body any time he likes in order to bridge the greatest distances, to visit strange continents, in short, to transfer himself to any place where he wishes to be. This apparently complicated faculty is very simple for a skilled magician. In the same way as a pigeon leaves the dovecote, the magician can as easily leave his physical body to betake himself anywhere else, where he will see, hear and feel everything. This faculty does not serve the magician to satisfy his own curiosity or to perceive more distinctly what is happening on the spot in question, but it mainly destined to contribute to the well-being of other people. There...

The Tetragrammaton JodHeVauHe The Quabbalistic Fourfold

If, on the other hand, the quabbalist pronounces a letter in the akasa principle giving it a certain shape, the cause created in analogy to this letter will take a shape and the analogous effect will be released in the astral plane, i.e., in the astral body of man, since the astral plane and astral body are dependent on space, i.e., on shape. In case the effects are not only to show in the astral world but also to influence, at the quabbalist's will, the material plane, the created causes will bring about situations in the astral world which then will release material effects. By this the quabbalist sees that shapes and situations are analogous to the astral world and that effects on the material plane can be called forth from the astral world. Now, if the quabbalist pronounces a letter in the akasa principle in the quabbalistic way and thereby creates causes which he measures to time and space, thus giving it a temporal and spatial termination, then these causes will have their...

Quabbalistic Incantation

Later on, it will be quite clear to the student, and he will appreciate it, that the sound causes a special effect on the mental world with each letter pronounced in his mind furthermore, that sound vibration and color oscillation, when applied together and pronounced low, i.e., in an undertone, as a letter, have their influence on the astral senses, i.e., on the astral body, and when pronounced aloud, affect the material world, i.e., the physical body. This knowledge will be of great advantage to the student at a later point when he will want to cause certain effects either in the mental, the astral or the material world. Mental pronunciation mental plane low pronunciation astral plane loud pronunciation physical plane

Elemental Magic Of The Juniper Tree Juniperis comunis L

The branches and berries of the Juniper tree also have the power of cleaning our astral body from any type of larvae. This marvelous elemental obeys an elemental Queen of the fire. We see in the internal worlds this great elemental Queen seated upon her throne of fire. The memories of Nature tell us that the Juniper tree has the power of placing our endocrine glands into a special, super-ffinctioning degree. This simply signifies that all the chakras from the astral body enter into activity by means of the rite of the Juniper tree.

Aleister Crowley Book 4

ZAA is located in the highest region of the astral plane. It is a region where the emotions and feelings which characterize the astral plane are almost absent and the mentation of the mental plane beyond is impending. On the Watch-towers, ZAA is somewhere in or near Fire of W ater. Two of the first things that you will probably notice when entering ZAA are (1) its lunar nature and (2) the almost total absence of anything except yourself. On the Tree of Life, ZAA is somewhere between the Path of the Moon (Pisces) and the Path of Temperance Art (Sagittarius) below the Sephiroths of Netzach and Tiphareth.

Elemental Magic Of Tue Jayo Coca Erythroxilon Coca

This marvelous plant serves in order to help one depart in astral body. The mantra of the Jayo' is BOYA-BOYA-BOYA. A secret formula exists in order to prepare a potion with the 'Jayo.' This potion permits the Magician to consciously depart in his astral body. I must be very careful not to divulge this sacred formula, because humanity is not prepared in order to receive it.

Consciousness Is Wherever There Is An Object To Which It Responds

All successful students in concentration re-discover for themselves this non-existence of space for consciousness. An Adept can aquire knowledge of any object within His limit by concentrating upon it, and distance in no way affects such concentration. He becomes conscious of an object, say on another planet, not because his astral vision acts telescopically, but because in the inner region the whole universe exists as a point such a man reaches the Heart of Life, and sees all things therein. One difference between this power of being conscious at any place and going to the higher planes is that in the first case the Jiva, whether encased in its lower vehicles or not, feels himself at once in presence of the distant objects, and in the second, clothed in the mental and astral bodies, or in the mental only, travels swiftly from point to point and is conscious of translation. A far more important difference is that in the second case the Jiva may find himself in the midst of a crowd of...

Preparational Meditation

Samadhi is the state of one-pointed concentration wherein all else is dissolved. Your mind should be solely focused on the mental hunger of your head and your spine. If this step is successful you should begin perspiring and or find your body twitching. If so, don't worry. Let it twitch. You are opening up unused channels in your etheric and astral bodies and you are simply feeling the physical effects. If pain is felt, you are probably trying too hard. Lessen the tension and progress at a slower but safer pace.

How The Planes Relate To Us

The planes are a model that we have established to describe the energies of the universe as we perceive them and as we interact with them. Manifestation itself you find in the material plane, while trends are part of the planes that are beyond the material one. The causal plane sets an idea in motion, the mental plane gives it its shape, the astral plane desire, and the material plane allows manifestation. When we send magical action or trends to a target we use energies of a higher order (not manifested energies that are part of the astral and mental planes) and cause them to manifest at the target.

Radionic Tools Toys And Transmission

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

Exercise 6 Now it is time to measure what is sometimes called the astral level, or emotional level. The use of the term astral for this level of the person can create some confusion as the term astral body is usually used to cover all of the non-physical aspects of the person and is often used interchangeably with the term soul . For our purposes, we will use the old meaning and this is the level which is the origination point for emotional patterns in the individual. Now you have to be careful with this level, at least in studying it, because the separate emotional responses to different situations, while they are reflected at this level, come mostly from information processed by the physical brain, in conjunctions with the different levels. Hence you can have a piece of information come into the physical brain through the eyes, such as a bill for 30,000 which only should have been for 30.00 and this will immediately set off a whole chain of reactions in each level of the body. But...

STEP 2 Quiesce and Focus Your Mind

When you are trying to leave your body the most important thing is your state of mind. When I've been in an ideal state of mind, leaving my body seems like child's play, as easy and natural as breathing. But when I'm not in that state of mind it seems very difficult. I can't teach this state of mind but I can describe what it's like. Once you've experienced astral projection you'll know what state of mind to aim for. The best state of mind is one in which you are a quiet, completely passive, single-minded observer. In this passive state, your mind does not wander. You are not emotional. You are not analytical either. You are merely an observer. Visualization is important in many OBE techniques and this passive state of mind makes it easier to visualize images a long time without your mind wandering.

Magic Mental Training II

In the first phase, the pupil has learned how to practice introspection. He has recorded his good and bad properties in accordance with the four elements, and has divided them in three groups. In this way he has made two soul mirrors, a good (white) one and a bad (black) one. These two soul mirrors represent his psychic character. Now he must find out from these records which elemental powers are prevailing in him on the good as well as the evil side, and endeavour to establish the balance of these elemental influences at all events. Without a balance of the elements in the astral body or in the soul, there is no possible magical progress or rise. Consequently, in this step we must establish this psychic equipoise. If the novice magician possesses a sufficient amount of willpower, he may pass on to master the passions or qualities that exercise the greatest influence on him. Should he not own a sufficiently strong volition, he may start from the opposite side by balancing small...

Preparation of the Simple Fluid Condenser

Any fluid condenser prepared in this manner does not lose its efficacy even after several years. The condenser must be shaken each time you use it, and the bottle must be kept corked. In the same way you can prepare several universal condensers from Chinese tea, lily blossoms (white are best), poplar leaves, alruance roots or mandrake, arnica Montana, or acacia flowers. Any simple fluid condenser prepared from one plant is sufficient for normal use such as influencing through the elements or developing the astral senses by means of fluid condensers.

Outer Space and Distance Limitations

Traveling to the planets of the solar system using the instant projection method does not really work. If an attempt is made to do this, even if using actual photographs taken by space craft as a guide, the projectors usually just shift into an astral realm resembling what they believe their target planet looks like. Real-time projectors need more than just a few photographs and a good imagination to project to a remote real-time location they have never been to. Several astral realms have the definite look and feel of being other planets. I think it's quite possible that over the years some fairly solid astral realms have been created and maintained by the imagination and dreams of the human race. Many projectors travel to these planetlike astral realms, believing they are traveling in real time to their actual locations.

Thoughtform Magic Spells

Kamea Venus

There is a well known lecturer in the Theosophical Society who wished to read some Tibetan invocations. There was only one problem in the mind of this individual and that was that he was convinced that these writings were protected by certain entities on the astral plane and that if he read the material without going through a certain initiation performed by the Dalai Lama (for the appropriate fee) he would be at some risk from the wrath of these disembodied creatures. Why do I say that When we look at the procedure from the viewpoint of the technomage, we see that all that is involved in such an initiation rite is that a pattern is placed in the astral body of the initiate. With psionics, it is a simple matter to duplicate that result with far less expense. We begin by first assuming that the Dalai Lama has already gone through the rite. If he has not, then he is no position to be doing it for anyone else, no matter how much they are willing to spend. With...

Magic Mental Training III

Before starting on the training for this step, the astral equipoise of the elements in the soul has to be established by introspection and self-control unless you wish to do mischief to yourself. If it is absolutely sure that none of the elements is prevailing, you ought to keep working on the refinement of the character, in the course of the development, but you might as well go on to work with the elements in the astral body. Fire, with its expansion or extendibility in all directions, has the specific quality of heat, and therefore is spherical. Let us then, first of all, acquire this quality and produce it at will in the body as well as in the soul. In body-control we chose an attitude allowing us to remain in a comfortable position, free of any disturbance Indians call this position asana. For the sale of better understanding, we shall also use this expression henceforth. Take the asana position and imagine yourself in the centre of the fiery element which, in the shape of a...

Disorientation and Subtle Body Misalignment

It is believed that the astral body is simply enmeshed within the physical body during its waking state, and that it is released to pursue an out-of-body astral existence whenever its physical body sleeps. Some people even claim that the astral body is capable of becoming misaligned with its physical counterpart while in the full waking state. The reasons stated for astral-body misalignment are many, but usually involve improper or too-abrupt reentry. Some psychics and healers actually blame a patient for having OBEs at too early a stage of development, even though this may be spontaneous and totally beyond the patient's control. I think this line of reasoning has spawned a blanket excuse astral-body misalignment that is used whenever a psychic or healer cannot work out what is actually wrong with his patient. A more reasonable blanket explanation would be bioenergetic conflicts involving the etheric physical interface. My reasoning here is that any subtle-body problem capable of...

Gigipaollo Gnapzsolprt

Enochian Spell For Healing

Which means The living breath of every man is a Sword of Light. The term living breath' should be taken in the sense of the aura-everything that is man minus the physical body. The aura itself is often called the Body of Light and it is the starry nature of the aura that prompted the designation ''astral body.' Healing of the physical body must begin in the aura that surrounds and pervades it. The Gematric value of the parent phrase is 472. The G ennatric value of the

The Magical Development of the Astral Clairaudience

For this exercise, nothing is required but a fluid condenser and a small piece of cotton wool. Make two small tampons from it to fit in the ear. Moisten these cotton plugs with the fluid condenser and put both of them in front of you. According to the instructions you were given for training the astral eyes, you will now work with the air element, filling your body with it by breathing through the lungs and pores. The whole body is assumed to be filled with air like a balloon. Imagine into this air principle the desire for the faculty of clairaudience in your astral body as well as in the material one. Provided you have the inward certainty that the air element has been sufficiently impregnated with your desire and with your imagination, project the prepared air element into the two cotton plugs, whether through the solar plexus, your hands, or your breath by compressing and accumulating the air element that fills your body, to such a degree that it will adopt the same size as the...

The Physiology of the Mysteries AnOverview

These seven Chakras span many different dimensions and operates in both the physical and astral worlds. In the physical world links can be found with the glandular system and the Spinal structure, on the Etheric they can be related to acupuncture meridians and colour fields in the Astral body. However, when correctly used by a Gnostic on the Path of Transfiguration the Chakras take on a new significance and can function as keys to various higher states of consciousness

Virtual Reality Projection

Virtual reality projection (VRP) is an out-of-body technique through which the subconscious mind can be tricked into creating custom-made virtual realms. This is achieved during real-time projections by passing into a picture or painting, while the mind is held empty and the gaze is held fixed and unfocused ahead. This is very easy to do once you can project, and can be a whole lot of ran to experiment with. It's also a very good way of getting into the astral planes if you are having trouble getting through the real-time zone. I discovered this phenomenon completely by accident while road-testing the rope projection technique. Passing into a two-dimensional picture or mirror, however, gives the illusion of passing into something much larger than it really is. The trick is to keep the surface mind clear and the gaze unfocused and straight ahead as the picture or mirror is approached. The projector then moves into the target rather than passing through it. This seems to trick the...

The Fall of the Lifestreams

Since the Adamic Lifestream were the custodians of all other forms of life, the dominion over the lower spiritual kingdoms also passed over to Satanel and the Archons. The mixed nature of the physical world spread its corruption upwards and the lower astral worlds plummeted into the grasp of the Archons. The Adamic Lifestream in the first estate had been androgynous and reproduced within themselves, now the sexes were split and physical reproduction became necessary. Their etheric-like bodies became physical and they fully entered the mixed world of matter. As time progressed Satanel (who is the Old Testament Yahweh) brought them more and more under his submission with covenants, laws and commandments. The light grew dimmer, a barrier between the Static (Pleroma) and Dialectic kingdoms was formed one that could only be breached through special spiritual practises, the sparks of light within the Lifestreams became lost, disoriented and were now caged in matter.

Helping The Socalled Dead

The re-arrangement of the astral body that quickly follows on the loss of the physical body further tends to shut in the mental energies, to prevent their outer expression. The astral matter, if not disturbed by any action of those left behind on earth, forms an enclosing shell instead of a plastic instrument, and the higher and purer the earth-life that has ended, the more complete is the barrier against impressions from without, or emergence from within. But the person thus checked as to his outward-going energies is all the more receptive of influences from the mental world, and he can therefore be helped, cheered, and counselled far more effectively than when he was on earth.

Higher Level Projection

Each major level of consciousness corresponds with a particular dimension, and each has a subtle body to match it. Higher levels become progressively more abstract and complex in nature, as do the levels of consciousness associated with them. We all reflect, to a greater or lesser extent, an energetic facet of ourselves into all higher dimensions and levels of consciousness, at all times, just as an aspect of the astral body is constantly reflected into the astral dimension (see chapter 2). The strength of these reflections, and their effect on inner and outer realities, depends greatly on the energetic development, intellect, spirituality, and natural potential of the individual.

Thoughtwork Out Of The Body

The process of going to sleep is simply the withdrawal of the consciousness, clad in its subtle bodies, from the physical body, which is left wrapped in sleep, while the man himself passes into the astral world. Freed from the physical body, he is much more powerful as regards the effects he can produce by his thought, but for the most part he does not send it outwards, but uses it within himself on subjects that interest him in his waking life. His thought-energies run into accustomed moulds, and work on the problems that his waking consciousness is busy in solving. Much in the same way may a student help during the hours of sleep any friend in this world or in the next. He must picture his friend in his mind, and determine to find and help him. That mental image will draw him and his friend together, and they will communicate with each other in the astral world. But in any case in which any emotion is aroused by the thought of the friend - as in the case of one who has passed on -...

Lower Subplane Wildlife

The most troublesome types of astral wildlife appear to come from the notorious lower astral subplanes that contain the darker and more negative aspects of the astral planes. These can be likened to parallel shadows of the more positively oriented parts of the astral planes. While still a part of the astral planes, technically speaking, they are a distinctly separate aspect or part of it, containing all the darker qualities. Another way of looking at this is to consider this to be the night side of the astral planes.

Other Books From The Authors

Voudoun Fire The Living Reality of Mystical Religion, 1979 The Inner World of Fitness (by Melita Denning), 1986 The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection, 1979 Creative Visualization, 1980 Psychic Self-Defense & Well-Bung, 1980 The Development of Psychic Powers, 1981 The Magick of Sex, 1982 The Magick o f the Tarot, 1983 The Aurum Solis Series Magical States of Consciousness, 1985 The Magical Philosophy The Sword and the Serpent (Volume 2), 1988 Mysteria Magica (Volume 3), 1986 Planetary Magiek, 1989 Audiotapes The Llewellyn Deep Mind Tape for Astral Projection The Llewellyn Deep Mind Tape for Creative Visualization Thr Llewellyn Inner Guide Tapes Paths to Inner Worlds (Paths 32 to 24) The Magical Philosophy (reprinted as part of the Aurum Soilis Series see above ) Book I. Robe and Ring, 1974 Book II. The Apparel of High Magic, 1975 Book III. The Sword and the Serpent, 1975 Book IV. The Triumph of Light, 1978 Book V. Mysteria Magica, 1982

Elder Gods Tecnique Magic Spells

From the Blood of KINGU he fashioned Man. He constructed Watchtowers for the Elder Gods Fixing their astral bodies as constellations That they may watch the Gate of ABSU The Gate of TIAMAT they watch The Gate of KINGU they oversee The Gate whose Guardian is IAK SAKKAK they bind. All the Elder Powers resist The Force of Ancient Artistry The Magick Spell of the Oldest Ones The Incantation of the Primal Power The Mountain KUR, the Serpent God The Mountain MASHU, that of Magick The Dead KUTULU, Dead but Dreaming TIAMAT, Dead but Dreaming ABSU, KINGU, Dead but Dreaming And shall their generation come again

Magic Psychic Training VII

A very particular topic we shall deal with in this Step concerns the development of the astral senses with regard to the elements. The magician's astral senses have been trained and developed in any case in the course of all the preceding exercises nevertheless there is need of an extraordinary drill in cases of poor abilities for one or the other faculty, because every human being has different talents. Therefore it will be opportune to quote exercises here that enable the magician to develop the sense of the astral body fast and without difficulty. In the magic mental training of Step VI, the scholar learned to become conscious of his spirit and to act as a spirit through the astral body as well as through the material one. In pursuance of this, I will deal with one of the most fascinating problems, The practice of the development of the astral senses follows below. 1. The Magic Clairvoyance Now inhale the fire element through the lungs or pores, or both at the same time, into your...

Development of the Astral Clairfeeling Clairsentience

As soon as you have accumulated the water element in the whole body through the pores and through breathing, load it with the intense imagination of the faculty of clairfeeling. You must be absolutely sure that it is strong enough to arouse this faculty in your astral body. With the help of imagination draw the water element from your body, whether through the solar plexus, the forehead, hand or by breathing out, accumulating it in the cotton ball or piece of linen soaked in the fluid condenser. You may repeat the loading but no more than 7-9 times. When doing this exercise, do not take up your routing posture, but lie down comfortably on a couch, or on the floor, The main condition is to lie rather flat, only the head remaining a little higher. To develop the astral clairfeeling, you need not utilize the water element directly, but only the magnetic attractive power of the water. Before starting the exercise, put he fluid condenser on the predetermined sensory area. This exercise has...

Magic Mental Training VI

Look inward as into your own spirit, observe yourself and the functions of the spirit and meditate on it. You must know how to imagine each of the functions corresponding to the element. If you manage to distinguish the functions of the spirit, i.e., if you have got a clear impression about it, you may continue. This preliminary exercise is very important because it will enable the magician to influence these functions with the respective element on the mental plane in himself as well as in others, to master and to strengthen or to eliminate them. Another exercise is to ascertain for oneself the whole mental body in the astral body, together in the material body, like a hand in a fine silk glove that is put into a thick glove. Your hand ought to feel both gloves. The same thing is supposed to occur in the whole mental body. You should feel your spirit in the fine astral body and this one again in the material body. This feeling is the spirit. Meditate on this problem at any suitable...

Magic Psychic Training VIII 1 The Great Moment of

The faculty of concentration with respect to the elements depends on the magic equilibrium and is the best standard to check which of the astral body's elements have yet to be brought under control. For example, if the fire element can still get hold of the magician's astral faculties, he will not succeed very well in plastical visionary imagination exercises. In the case of the air element, the acoustic exercises probably will become more difficult for him as for the water element, difficulties will arise from the concentration on the feeling, and in the case of the earth element, the control of the consciousness will be impaired. Mental wandering or trance where a transference of consciousness is required will become rather difficult indeed, and in such a case it would be necessary for him to follow intensively those concentration exercises that affect and influence the respective element. Finally the magician has to permanently perform and deepen the concentration exercises. A sure...

Treatment of Sick People with Electromagnetic Fluid

With the help of the akasa principle and his clairvoyant eyes, the magician will immediately recognize the cause of the illness and be able to influence the roots of the illness. When the origin of the sickness happens to be in the mental sphere, the magician first of all has to influence the mind of the patient to restore the harmony. As I mentioned before, the astral sphere can only influence the astral plane, exactly as the material sphere influences the material plane only. This fact must always be kept in mind. Any transmutation from one plane to another can only be accomplished with the help of the corresponding matrix or the connecting link of a more subtle power. A thought can never produce any physical power nor cure any physical ailment. But a thought that has been concentrated on faith and conviction can cause strong vibrations in the mental sphere of the patient which are conveyed to the astral body via the mental matrix. An influence like this does not reach farther than...

Magic Mental Training IX

Only a well-trained particant with a firm will who is mastering the elements and has developed the astral senses in the exercises of the various steps can afford himself a temporary neutralization or elimination of any element principle without jeopardy to his body, spirit and soul. The true magician will restore his elemental balance with the help of his exercises. His results in the practice of clairvoyance are satisfying because he does not try out experiments but works deliberately with the faculties he has achieved, which are the concomitances of his spiritual and psychic development.

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears

Such initiations as you will undergo in POP and ZEN will prepare you for entering ZAX. Initiation in the Great Outer Abyss is best left until you are well along in your development. Meanwhile, there is an appropriate initiation waiting at each Ring-Pass-Not. These rings are shown in Figure 2. The first of these is at the top of NIA. In order to pass beyond NIA into TOR, you must be able to leave your astral body in the same way that you must leave your physical body to enter TEX or any other Aethyr above TEX. Your astral body cannot enter TOR or any Aethyr above TOR. In the same way, your mental body cannot enter ZAX or any Aethyr above ZAX. What does in fact pass through these Aethyrs is your consciousness divorced of personality. This divorcing process is the purpose of the initiation in ZEN.

Magic Mental Training VII

The magician will at once understand the great importance of this analogy if he has already developed so far as to achieve the magical equilibrium in the astral body by means of introspection. The next ask he will be asked to fulfil is to analyze his spirit and to find out which of the elements is predominant in his spirit. Should the magician own a strong will and a very good intellect, but his emotional life or his feelings somehow lag behind, then he will have to render his spirit more emotional, which he can accomplish through such imagination and meditation exercises that influence the feeling very strongly. If the magician notices that his astral body as well as his mental body incline mainly toward the earth element, which is to say that his thoughts come very slowly in his spirit and that he gets depressed, that indicates that the earth element prevails and that first of all he must train his consciousness with the help of suitable exercises.

Golden Dawn Enochian Magic

For years, Denning and Phillips headed the international occult Order Aurum Solis. In this book they present the magickal system of the order so that you can use iit. Here you will find rituals for banishing and invoking plus instructions for proper posture and breathingYou will learn astral projection, rising on the planes, and the magickalworks that should be undertaken through astral projection You will learn the basic principle of ceremoniesan how to make signs and talismans. You will learn practical Enochian magick plus how to create, consecrate and use your magickaltools such as the magickal sword, wand and cup. You will also Iearn the advanced arts of sphere-working and evocation to visible appearance.

HP Blavatsky The Theosophist Vol V No 5

But you are more than human. Just as you left the physical body behind to enter TEX and the astral body to enter TOR so you must now cast off the mental body and raise your consciousness to the spiritual body. ZAX is a Ring-PassNot for the mental body. With consciousness firmly centered in your spiritual body you can cross ZAX and enter the higher Aethyrs easily and safely.

Home Lightning Matos Spells And Magic

MUGWORT Clairvoyance, Scrying, Protection. Carried to increase lust and fertility, prevents backache and cure disease and madness. Place around divination and scrying tools to increase their power or near the bed to enable astral travel. Use in sleep pillows or place in a sachet under your pillowcase to bring about prophetic dreams. Use an infusion of mugwort to clean crystal balls and magick mirrors.

Matos Spells And Magic Angels Lightb

Now this fine body perceives a universe which we do not ordinarily perceive. It does not necessarily perceive the universe which we do normally perceive, so although in this body I can pass through the roof, it does not follow that I shall be able to tell what the weather is like. I might do so, or I might not but if I could not, it would not prove that I was deceiving myself in supposing that I had passed through the roof. This body, which is called by various authors the Astral double, body of Light, body of fire, body of desire, fine body, scin-laeca and numberless other names is naturally fitted to perceive objects of its own class in particular, the phantoms of the astral plane. 144 There is some sort of vague and indeterminate relation between the Astrals and the Materials and it is possible, with great experience, to deduce facts about material things from the astral aspect which they present to the eyes of the Body of Light. This astral plane is so varied and so changeable...

Man According To Enochian Magick

Niut Hadit

The Enochian magical system views man as a microcosm of the macrocosmic world. As the physical Earth is the lowest of a series of expressions, so your physical body is but the lowest of a graduated series. This view accords well with both Eastern and Western occultism. You have a body or vehicle to correspond with each cosmic plane. Immediately aboye or behind the physical body is the etheric body. Next, is the astral body followed by the mental and spiritual bodies. The physical body is the vehicle through which you view and interact with the physical cosmic plane. The astral body is the vehicle through which you view and interact with the astral cosmic plane whose symbolic cosmic element is Water. The physical body is limited by a Ring-Pass-Not to the physical cosmic plane. The etheric body is limited to the etheric cosmic plane. The astral body cannot enter the mental cosmic plane, and so on.

Lion Teeth For Money Spell

DAMIANA Lust, love magick and attracting love. Useful for any love or sex spells. Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quarts crystal. Highly used in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quest. (Note Internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver.)

Union With God Magician

It is evident that true initiation knows neither a mystic nor a magic path. There is only one initiation linking both conceptions, in opposition to most of the mystic and spiritual schools which are dealing with the very highest problems, through meditation or other spiritual exercises, without having gone through the first steps at first. This would be very similar to somebody starting with the university studies without having gone through the elementary classes first. The results of such a onesided training, in some cases, are disastrous, sometimes even drastic, according to the individual talents. Generally the error is to be found in the fact that most of the matter comes from the Orient, where the material as well as the astral world is regarded as maya (illusion), and consequently little attention is paid to it. It is impossible to point out the details, for this would overstep the frame of this book. Sticking to a carefully planned, step-by-step development, there will be...

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

A very powerful activator is that altered state called astral projection or out of body experience. There are some very simple techniques to achieve astral projection, but all should be used with great care of set and setting (for our purposes, a well banished and consecrated space, with a very congruent invocation). These range from concentration on the throat-center while in a meditative state, to lucid dreaming techniques, to sensory deprivation. One of these practices while in a chemical or electronic (brain machine) altered state can be a quick route to new and unusual realities. If you are going to experiment in this way, make sure you are thoroughly practiced in your ritual work and experienced with the altered state separately before beginning.

Magic of Becoming Invisible

Provided that one is proficient enough in making and becoming invisible in mental wandering, the same procedure also can be used in sending out the astral body. Here as well the practice of loading the whole personality with akasa is very much in line with the loading of the mental and astral body together. The other measures are the same as previously described. From the magic standpoint, it is also possible to become invisible on the physical plane, but here invisibility is not produced by akasa by means of light. Filling the physical body with light, it must be in harmony with the intensity of the light prevailing at the moment. If the accumulation of light were stronger than necessary, one would not become invisible, but transparent and bright, similar to the sun, shining white without and within. Physical invisibility is very difficult to produce it requires years of training and practice, and hardly anybody but adepts of the highest ranks can execute such an operation correctly....

Magic Physical Training VII

In the same manner as you cannot expect a baker's job to be done by a carpenter, you cannot demand that an elementary created for a certain purpose will accomplish a second task for which it was not intended. For this particular reason you must never give two or more orders to any of the elementaries, for it will not be able to do either job well. Apart from that, the analogy to the elements is to be considered. It would be quite wrong and illegal if the magician created an elementary that would not be in harmony with the analogous elements. There are no limits to the shape of the elementary, and it is up to the magician to choose the form according to his liking and intuition. However, avoid picking the form of living or deceased people you have known or with whom you have been or still are connected. By doing so you might easily slip into the reach of the mental or astral body of the respective human being and consequently do him great damage. Apart from that there is a danger that...

Deliberate Creation of Elementals

Next I am going to describe another group of entities existing in the mental sphere, namely the group of the phantoms or phantasms. The difference between a larva and a phantasm is as follows A larva is quite unconsciously adopting a shape in the mental sphere, appropriate to the motive of the single or repeated psychic emotion, whereas a phantom accepts a certain form originating in the fantasy of Man. Exactly in the same way as it happens to be with the larvae, the phantom is likewise reinforced, revived and animated by the repeated evocation of the picture, regardless of whatever the matter might be, and it will be capable of influencing not only the mental or astral plane, but also the material level. Two examples may serve to illustrate this topic Of course, all this does not mean that a genuine magician who masters the fourth state of aggregation, the akasa principle, would not be able to communicate with a deceased person or with an intellect that is not yet embodied. I have...

Magic Mental Training V

The astral body together with the material body to manifestations and other undertakings. From the hermetic point of view, such experiments are to be regarded as a sort of obsession, even if the beings in question should be good ones. The true magician naturally does not doubt the performance of such experiments - if they are to be taken very seriously - but he will feel very sorry indeed about these mediums. The magician himself can consciously form connections with beings in quite a different way, being fully aware of what he is doing. Particulars will be given in a special chapter.

The Four Elements And The Four Planes

Chi Lebensenergie

The four elements supply us with an excellent model for the planes of existence and in correlation with it planes of experience within ourselves. The earth element refers to that which is conscious, or the material planes. The water element refers to the human emotions and to the astral plane. The air element refers to the human mind and the mental plane, while the fire element refers to the human will and the causal plane.

The Magic Mirror Representing a Link Between Living Deceased Persons

Load the surface of the mirror with akasa, meditating on the fact that everywhere between yourself, the mirror and your friend there is akasa, that neither time nor space exists anymore. Hold onto this sensation in deep meditation, and at the same time wish to see your friend in the mirror. A few moments later you will see the person you wish to see like in a panoramic picture, and notice what the person is engaged with at the moment, and the nearest surroundings too. At the same time, you will experience the sensation of standing next top the person. If the surroundings are familiar to you, you will be able to convince yourself of the truth of what you saw in the mirror with the help of mental wandering. Provided the magician has been trained correctly, his astral senses duly schooled, his experiences with the magic mirror will correspond to the real facts as he may state with the help of spirit-wandering. Otherwise, you have to repeat the experiment frequently until you are quite...

The Evolution of Dominions and Principal ities

For the early Gnostics, the state and authorities were hostile. The powers that existed outside of their communities were considered compromised, destructive and malefic. If we consider the example of the Essenes, they saw themselves at the forefront of a cosmic war between the forces of light (themselves) and the fallen dominions that include physical forces such as Rome and the Jews, and the spiritual denizens of the astral worlds. The Essenes were well aware of the spiritual realities but also saw that these realities were superimposed on the physical, indeed, they used Biblical terms as codewords for many of the physical enemies. Babylon, for example, represented spiritual debauchery and apostasy, while Rome was considered as Satan incarnate

Long Distance Impregnation of Rooms

Previously I discussed the impregnation of a room in which the magician himself happens to be, and I also recommended several implements such as the magic mirror combined with a fluid condenser. One fact I did not mention till now is that the magician also can impregnate a room at a distance. There are two ways to do so firstly the magician visits the room in his spirit or in his astral body, performing the desired impregnation there with the help of his imagination, using the same instructions I gave in the chapter concerning room impregnation. The second possibility is linking this room to the room the magician is living in, with the help of akasa, so that the two rooms become one in the akasa. In consequence of connecting the two rooms, the greatest distance will be bridged, of course. Whatever the magician impregnates his room with is naturally passed over to the other room too, irrespective of distance.

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