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In many writings of the freemasons and the secret societies, the lost key, the lost Word of God is much discussed. Rituals which were practiced by these societies are now largely just imitated traditionally without their deeper sense in relation to the cosmic laws being understood. Therefore the rituals which, in the days of yore, had been introduced and practiced by genuine initiates are, naturally, quite ineffective today since the key to their correct interpretation has been lost. The key to all the rituals of each society was bound to get lost since the rituals were lacking the mystery of the quadripolar magnet. Actually, the magic word Jod-He-Vau-He is the quadripolar magnet which has been lost and which has usually been paraphrased by the word "Tetragrammaton". By the use of this key, the oldest mysteries of the freemasons and other esoteric societies which had been founded by genuine initiates long ago were said to draw their magic power and authority. However, the true initiates realized that the mysteries were, in many cases, being desecrated, that some people even abused them and therefore they withdrew and confided the lost word only to the really mature. Thus the genuine use of the word Jod-He-Vau-He has been lost gradually.

Regarding the creation, God has given expression to the whole universe, and thus also to His being, by His legality, i.e., by the quadripolar magnet, by four letters. The Hebrew quabbalah chose, for those four letters, the expression Jod-He-Vau-He, which was never allowed to be said aloud and was quite often paraphrased by the expression "Tetragrammaton" or "Adonai".

Therefore also the spirit of a man, who represents the perfect image of God in the Creation, is quadripolar and has, as we have already pointed out repeatedly, four principles analogous to the name of God. The first active principle, which is subject to the fire element, is the will (Jod); the second principle, subject to the air principle, is the intellect (He), the third principle, subject to the water element, is the feeling (Vau); and all three principles of the spirit, that is, all three elements together, for the fourth active principle, which finds expression in consciousness and is analogous to the earth element. In quabbalistic terminology the fourth principle is expressed by the second He.

The quabbalist will now gain perfect clarity regarding the legal consecution and realize that in hermetic science all systems of development which do not take into consideration the gradual unfolding of the four basic principles of the spirit cannot be regarded as universal and are therefore imperfect, irrespective of the substance of each of their methods. It will be clear to the quabbalist why I already mentioned, in my first book Initiation Into Hermetics, the quabbalistic Jod-He-Vau-He with reference to the development of body, soul and spirit and, at the same time, he will gain the conviction that the system of development recommended by me and containing the absolute legality, is perfectly right.

The symbolic or talismanic interpretation of the word Jod-He-Vau-He is only a graphical representation of the emanation of God in His highest manifestation and represents the use of the universal laws. The application of the name of God, expressed in four letters, I describe in the practical part of this book. The quadripolar magnet, i.e., the Jod-He-Vau-He, is the master key, the highest word of the creation representing the number of realization -- four. From number four emanates the legality in every science, and every science is therefore analogous to this number.

The quabbalistic Jod-He-Vau-He, i.e., the quadripolar magnet in the universe, is usually symbolized by an equilateral quadrangle, i.e., by a genuine square. Seen from the hermetic angle, the square is thus a symbolic record of the realization, or the creation, by God. With its number four it indicates many analogies, the plus and the minus, the four created elements, the quabbalistic four which is attributed to the planet Jupiter and which symbolizes wisdom, or the four points of the compass. Whatever analogies the quabbalist may draw, he will always come to the surprising conclusion that number four can be brought into relation to everything in the world as far as realization is concerned.

I refrain from quoting any further analogous relations of number four and point out once more that the quabbalist adhering to my teachings and explanations may apply the key word four in all cases where the realization or the expression of legality is concerned. There is no doubt that in the quabbalah number four is also indicating the material plane. Not only the hermetic science of the West uses number four as a basis; the same also finds expression in the wisdom of the East. For instance in Kundalini yoga, the Muladhara Chakra, the roughest center of human resuscitation, is symbolized by a square, in one corner of which an elephant is symbolized as the greatest and strongest animal in the world. By this it is pointed out, in a veiled way, that number four is the idea which serves as the starting point for a yogi's personal development. I devoted a special chapter to the Muladhara Chakra in my book Initiation Into Hermetics. This I mention again only to make the quabbalist remember that the original wisdom of all the earth, no matter whether in the Orient or in the Occident, was always -- when understood rightly -- in full harmony with the Jod-He-Vau-He.

Thus Divine Providence has used the quadripolar magnet in the highest word of the creation and by doing this expressed the legality with regard to His Own Self. Taken numerically and quadripolarly, Jod-He-Vau-He is the highest word that can be pronounced; from it God has created also other basic principles whereby multinumerical magic-quabbalistic words came into existence, which again have further basic principles and consist of further numbers, but which always have relation to number four. Of course, there are also quabbalistic words with the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as basic principles of divine emanation. Apart from the name of God compiled of the four letters Jod-He-Vau-He, there are other quabbalistic key words consisting of 5, 6, 7 and 8 letters representing a basic principle each. In the Hebrew quabbalah there exist (apart from the name of God expressed by the 4 letters Jod-He-Vau-He) also names for God consisting of 5, 6, and 7, and even 12 letters which, however, can be reduced to a single basic idea by adding. The so-called Schem-Ham-Phoras of the Hebrew quabbalah, which expresses the name of God consisting of 72 letters and may be used in various directions, is reduced to number 9 by adding the figures of number 72, for 7 + 2 = 9. Also cardinal number 9 has an analogous relation to the Jod-He-Vau-He, i.e., to number 4. Its quabbalistic analogy will at once be clear to the quabbalist.

The Schem-Ham-Phoras, however, is not only of Hebrew origin; it is also mentioned in Egyptian and Indian records. This is verified in the book Toth, the book of old Egyptian wisdom which is veiled in the Tarot. Also Hermes Trismegistos, being one of the oldest sages and best initiated human beings of Old Egypt, clearly shows this in his Hermes-plates and in the Book of Laws. Likewise, the Christian hierarchy had respect for the quabbalistic at the point of its foundation and brought Christian religion with all its representations into analogous connection with the universal laws. Thus number 4, i.e., the Jod-He-Vau-He, is symbolized by the 4 evangelists, the 12 disciples and the signs of the Zodiac, by which number 3 is expressed at the same time, for 3 x 4 = 12. Furthermore, the 72 disciples of Christ are related to the Schem-Ham-Phoras and have a secret connection to the highest number of primeval divine emanation 9 (7 + 2 = 9). It would be too comprehensive if I mentioned all the religions which have existed, and are still existing, in our world nowadays, and if I tried to draw up their analogous connection to the 10 principle ideas. It is up to the quabbalist to make his own investigations, should he be interested in the details. I have just given him a hint of some importance which he should not leave out of account.

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